The Best Place to Find Anime Merchandise Online

The Best Place to Find Anime Merchandise Online


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Anime Merchandise

For Anime Enthusiasts, Here is the Anime Merchandise Recommendation for your Collection

It’s no secret that Japanese cartoons (anime) are very popular throughout the world. 

The popularity of anime has become a promising business field, because fans love to hunt for their favorite anime merchandise. 

For those of you who claim to be anime enthusiasts, your taste and confession are incomplete if you don’t have your favorite anime merchandise or equipment. 

No half-hearted, anime lovers are willing to hunt for merchandise abroad, to the country of origin where the anime is produced. 

Understandably, anime merchandise sold in various countries are indeed incomplete and not the latest.

In its home country, Japan, there is one shop that has become a haven for anime lovers, of course, providing almost all anime merchandise. 

It’s name is Akihabara which is located in front of the Electric Town exit, Akihabara station. 

Any model anime merchandise can be found here. 

This shop also sells limited edition items. 

There is also a merchandise shop on Nakano Broadway, a very famous shopping center in Japan. 

You can find merchandise with various forms such as miniature characters, comics, video games, to small souvenirs of various shapes and benefits.

One of the most widely collected anime merchandise fans is the action figure of their favorite character. 

Action figures are merchandise in the form of small sculptures that resemble a certain anime character. 

Anime fans often display action figures on their desks or cupboards. 

Action figures are available in many types, ranging from inexpensive to expensive. 

The better quality and the smallest details of the action figure, the price will be more expensive.

Anime Cosplay

Anime fans often want to make themselves resemble an idol or character in an anime.

Whether it’s cutting his hair with a model or using clothes that are often worn by their idol.

They also did not hesitate to buy cosplay equipment to be more similar, and even to their own extreme level they did not hesitate to undergo plastic surgery or body shape changes to really resemble the coveted character.

But one of the most popular is cosplay.

This cosplay equipment will give you the exact appearance of a certain anime character, from head to toe.

There are hair wigs, clothes, and shoes in accordance with the characteristics of the desired anime character.

In various countries that enter the anime market, cosplay festivals are included in events that are quite popular, can bring in many people, often even the character behind the presence of an anime and the characters are directly involved.


Dakimakura is a kind of pillow case that depicts anime characters. 

Dakimakura literally comes from a combination of words from daki which means “to hug or cling to” and makura which means “pillow”. 

For a really huge fans of anime, Dakimakura is a must-have anime merchandise. 

In addition to showing how your love for anime characters, Dakimakura can also be your nighttime companion.

Anime T Shirt

Although it has become very common, anime fans are very rare to not have anime shirts or anime pictures. 

This makes Anime T-shirts one of the most sought after anime merchandise. 

One Piece and Naruto are examples of famous anime characters. 

Anime shirts were born as a form of love for this animated character. 

Anime shirts are usually produced by distros specializing in anime shirts. 

These distros that differentiate are in terms of the design of the shirt, apart from the fabric used and the printing technique.

Maybe this is an anime merchandise that is classified as the mainstream but it becomes one of the most popular collected by anime lovers, especially after you know what kind of jacket is meant. 

How not, Saitama the main protagonist of One Punch Man often exhibits this jacket in his anime. 

Especially with a unique design, namely oppai which means large breasts. 

Even though it’s strange, but many fans, especially fans of One Punch Man, who are eager to have this typical bald Saitama jacket.

If you want to collect something unique and anti-mainstream from anime merchandise, ATM cards and credit can be the right choice. 

The shape is simple and small, making it easy to carry anywhere. 

You can even pocket your idol at any time. Currently, there are banks that provide ATM cards with images of anime characters. 

One of them, J-Trust Bank, which provides Moe savings. They provide ATM cards with pictures of Mion, Lily, Sora, or all of three. 

You can choose an ATM card with a Mion picture if you like cool, logical characters.

Meanwhile, if you like cheerful and free characters, Sora can be the right choice. 

For characters who are diligent and mature, there is the character Lily. 

There is also a picture card of the three characters, symbolizing their joy and dynamism as a singing group. 

If you want to have Moe Idol Group ATM card merchandise, immediately register yourself as a Moe J-Trust Bank savings customer.

Anime Cosplay

Some of the most imitated anime in Anime Cosplay Festivals

Japanese pop culture is unlikely to die for review, you who are already a fan of Japanese culture will definitely be interested in learning Japanese and some of the trends that are developing at this time. 

Among the most popular pop cultures is anime, which later became an anime cosplay

Anime is a word to refer to a typical Japanese animated film. 

Anime is an abbreviation of animation which means that moving images are created from a collection of objects. 

Generally, anime is a form of visual manifestation of manga stories. 

Anyway, there are also anime which are made even without having to create a manga first. 

So, anime is a designation of an animated work or cartoon that made in Japan, one of the fun countries in East Asia.

So in short the meaning of cosplay is a costume game (costume play) where people will use clothes and costumes such as game characters, anime, cartoon films, and also musicians or idol artists. 

The author is sure you have seen anime cosplay shows. 

Even more many new anime have emerged that have unique characters. 

Because they like the characters, that could be the main reason why they still choose to play the same characters.

Who is not familiar with the Sword Art Online anime or commonly called SAO Which is an anime with 25 episodes. 

SAO is an anime adapted from light novels made by Kawahara Reki and illustrated by Abec which began in 2002 and has been adapted into anime, manga and video games. 

Anime which tells about gamers who are trapped in the game world (virtual), where the only way to get out of the game is to finish it without dying. 

Because if the user dies in the game, then they will also die in the real world.

In terms of the story it is indeed quite fresh and interesting, because of that there are two cool characters from Sword Art Online that are also often used as anime cosplay for cosplayers, namely Kirito and Asuna. 

That character is the dream of this Sword Art Online anime. 

Moreover, they are often cosplayed by a pair of cosplayers who originally paired up. 

With enough swords and robes to spend, you can be the handsome and mysterious Kirito or Asuna who is a charming, beautiful and agile woman.

naruto cosplay

This anime is a very popular one, loved by generations, children, adolescents, and adults. 

Why not, the plot or story offered by Naruto is very complex and seems to represent some part of human life today. 

An adventure-themed ninja anime named Uzumaki Naruto, who later dreams of becoming a Hokage (a great ninja and leader of a village). 

With a strong determination and unyielding spirit, one anime with a very long number of episodes is still relevant to be watched and discussed by forums formed by otaku and Naruto lovers. 

There is something interesting in the context of anime cosplay itself, believe it or not, some characters from Naruto are always present at every anime cosplay event. 

To the extent that the cosplayer community deliberately made all the characters from the Naruto anime stick together. 

Not surprisingly, the characters from the Naruto anime are the most widely displayed. 

From those very similar to the original characters, to those that are not the same even though they are present at every event.

one piece cosplay

Just like Naruto, One Piece anime is also not out of public attention to the anime, by making it an anime cosplay for cosplayers. 

Not without reason, One Piece is a manga and anime that tells about the adventures of a group of pirates in search of the legendary treasure, One Piece. 

One Piece was made by Eiichiro Oda in August 1997 in Shonen Jump published by Shueisha and is still continuing. 

The anime version began in October 1999 and has now reached more than 897 episodes. 

Until now, One Piece is the best-selling manga in Japanese history with sales of more than 320,866,000 copies. 

In addition, One Piece also broke the record as the most printed manga. 

One Piece received a lot of praise from readers, especially in terms of image, character, humor, and story. 

On the basis of having a lot of fans, coupled with the artistic touch of the settings, the characters make One Piece to be the most watched anime to date. 

Not surprisingly, cosplayers make this anime as a cosplay material. 

In addition to costumes that can be made with a low budget and are also easy to make, the character’s appearance is quite realistic, the characters in One Piece are also easier to find in cosplay clothing sales stores. 

Like being a Luffy character, by wearing clothes that are not too expensive and a straw hat, you can change into Luffy.

Kuroko no Basuke or commonly called Kuroko no Basket is a manga created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. 

This manga debuted in December 2008 which tells about the school with a miracle generation named Kiseki no Sedai. 

This manga then got an anime adaptation in April 2012. 

One of the anime characters most often encountered at cosplay shows is Kuroko no Basuke, an anime that focuses on basketball. 

If you see someone wearing a basketball costume with colorful hair, it’s definitely an anime character from Kuroko no Basuke. 

Many anime cosplay shows with this anime character because the costumes used are simple, requiring only basketball clothes, wigs, and basketball and a little polish on your face, you can become one of the Kurobas characters.

Anime Action Figure

List of the Best Anime Action Figure Brands of All Time

The term action figure itself was first popularized by toy manufacturer Hasbro from the United States. 

Hasbro is a manufacturer of toy holder brands for a number of well-known products, such as the characters GI Joe and Transformers. 

The action figure itself is a miniature character either anime or superhero with various poses made of plastic or other materials. 

Characters taken are usually from characters in movies, comics, video games, and so on. 

Well, this article will discuss specifically the brands of anime action figure that are classified as the best characters or characters of all time until now.

In our lifetime, maybe we have watched Japanese anime even once. 

Both anime that aired on television such as Doraemon and Crayon Sinchan or anime intentionally downloaded on each personal computer that accompanied your childhood journey, for action anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and others who accompanied your teenage years until adulthood. 

If you like some of these anime, or other than those mentioned above, surely you will like, buy, and collect anime action figures as a form of love for the anime.

anime action figure

For some people, action figures are everything. 

As a hobby, collecting action figures not only gives inner satisfaction. 

Far from it, there are coffers of money that can be won. 

Usually the collectors are willing to spend a lot of money and energy to hunt down and complete the collection of action figures or anime action figure. 

They don’t care what people say. 



However, nothing can replace the happiness of an action figure collector when holding his latest collection, also the moment when he saw how handsome human imitation when displayed on a shelf full of collections. 

In the following, some brands of action figure anime that you might not know about are part of your collection.


Megahouse is a toy manufacturing company with a variety of different products under the company’s project.

Some are dolls, anime action figures, and others.

This company is located in Kashiwa Japan.

Not much different Megahouse is one of the most original anime action figure producers.

Megahouse focuses on anime characters based on Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Gintama, and other anime.

This brand is still a part of Bandai Namco.


The company first started as a toy store for doll types which was operated in 1947 by Jusaburo Shimizu.

In 1951, Shimizu reinvented his private ownership into a limited liability company, together with his brothers.

Although it always continues to focus on the retail sales business.

The Kotobukiya brand in the world of numbers is an old brand because now they have been in the business world for more than 70 years since it was founded until 2017 now.

max factory

This brand focuses on superheroes and anime action figures and Figma.

Max Factory Factory also produces high-quality PVC sculptures with famous anime characters, games or the like.

The company was first founded in 1987.

Making them one of the original figure companies, Max Factory also has a close relationship with Good Smile Company.

good smile company

This company, known as GSC or Good Smile, is a manufacturer of hobby products from Japan, especially for Nendoroid and Figma types, as well as PVC figures.

In addition to production and manufacturing, its business includes design, marketing and distribution.

This product is based on anime, manga or game characters that are currently popular in Japan, although the company has also produced other media-based products such as Vocaloid voice synthesizer software.

Good Smile Company was founded by Aki Takanori in 2001 as an event and talent management company.

After that, start working with Max Factory on hobby products which then become the company’s main focus.

Good Smile Company is now focused on producing action figures, including anime action figure and toys, but also markets a number of accessories and other items.

This brand is very famous for Nendoroid type figures.


From the Asian market, Bandai is a Japanese manufacturer that is directly under the big names Hasbro and Mattel and has a fairly large market share in the character toy industry or action figure anime.

Bandai penetrated the United States market by bringing Power Rangers toys and various derivatives.

However, there are also quite a lot of Bandai collections that are not glimpsed by collectors because generally they only know Bandai characters who have cartoon series in the United States alone.

Bandai also took a sales strategy by taking the ThunderCats and Lion-O licenses.

In addition to these lines, Dragon Ball Z and Gundam lines also become their own coffers of money for Bandai. 

hot toys

You could say Hot Toys are sultan’s goods for the collection of superhero action figures to the current anime action figure.

These Hong Kong toys company creates and becomes the best character toys in the world today.

Although priced at a very high price and with a scale size that is rarely collected by collectors, toys manufactured by Hot Toys are the best and the best quality on the market today.

Most of the toys they make are based on characters in a film, anime, comics, and are made as closely as possible to the original characters, both the shape of the face and the clothes they wear.

If indeed you have more money and want the best character toys available today, Hot Toys is an absolute choice. 


This character toy might never have been until now if it wasn’t for Hasbro’s influence in creating G.I. Joe in the 1960s.

Their influence grew rapidly in the mid-1980s when they released the G.I series.

Joe has been revised and introduced the latest series, namely Transformers.

Aside from these two lines that catapulted his name, Hasbro is also known for having licensed toy brands such as Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

Thanks to these four brands, Hasbro’s character toys have become one of the most popular character toys or anime action figure to date.

And at the same time side by side with toys and board games they have dominated before.