Durarara Game – 3way standoff, alley, V, Relay, and more

Durarara series isn’t just about light novels and anime, it’s also got some cool video game to check out. Here’s the scoop:

  • Durarara!! 3way Standoff: This game series is where it’s at, with titles like “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley-” and “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- V”.
  • Durarara!! Relay: If you’re all about that PS Vita life, you gotta check out this fully-voiced visual novel game. It’s got a bunch of characters you can play as throughout the story.
  • Prism Connect: Durarara!!: And don’t forget this card game – perfect for those strategic thinkers out there.

Plus, “Durarara!!” has teamed up with other games like “Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void”, “Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax”, and “Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker”.

So, there’s plenty of crossover action to dive into.

Just a heads up, availability might vary depending on where you are and what platform you’re playing on.

But hey, no matter where you are, there’s always a way to get your “Durarara!!” fix in!

Durarara!! 3way standoff

Durarara!! 3way standoff Video Game PSP
Durarara!! 3way standoff Video Game PSP
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Durarara!! 3way standoff Video Game PSP (Limited Edition)
Durarara!! 3way standoff Video Game PSP
(Limited Edition)
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Durarara!! 3way Standoff is where it all began for video games in the “Durarara!!” universe. Check it out:

  • New Protagonist: Meet Yoshimune Miyoshi, the fresh face in Ikebukuro who’s about to get tangled up in all the city’s craziness.
  • Gameplay: You’re in control of Yoshimune as you roam around Ikebukuro, chatting it up with the locals and checking out the sights. Plus, you can mess around with stuff like winning prizes from crane games or jumping into chat rooms.
  • Choices Matter: Depending on what you decide, Yoshimune could end up with the Dollars, the Yellow Scarves, or something else entirely. It’s all up to you!
  • Behind the Scenes: This game was cooked up by Netchubiyori Ltd. and put out there by ASCII Media Works and Kadokawa Games.
  • Release Date: It hit the shelves on September 22, 2010, for the PlayStation Portable.
  • Director’s Cut: And if you want even more, there’s a director’s cut version called “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley-” and a souped-up remake for the PlayStation Vita called “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- V” that dropped in 2014.

So, if you’re ready to dive into Ikebukuro’s wild world, this game’s got your back!

Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley-

Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- Video Game PSP
Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- Video Game PSP
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Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- Video Game PSP (Limited Edition)
Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- Video Game PSP
(Limited Edition)
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Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- is like the deluxe version of the original PSP game “Durarara!! 3way Standoff.”

Check it out:

  • Development and Release: It was cooked up by the folks at Netchubiyori Ltd. and dropped by ASCII Media Works and Kadokawa Games on August 25, 2011, for the PlayStation Portable.
  • What’s New: While the gameplay is pretty much the same as the OG version, “3way Standoff -alley-” throws in a cool “what if” scenario and some extra downloadable content. You can snag some sweet character cosplay outfits, which are available right from the get-go in “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- V.”
  • Plot Twists: The story follows the original with a few spicy additions. Izaya’s cooking up some scheme involving the three rival gangs and a politician, and our main man Yoshimune Miyoshi’s got to lend a hand with the politician’s campaign. Plus, it looks like Shizuo’s in a bit of a pickle, and it’s up to Yoshi to help him dodge some shady dudes in suits.
  • Theme Song: Oh, and the game’s got some sick tunes with “DROP” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D.

And if you’re rolling with a PlayStation Vita, there’s an even fancier version called “Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- V” that dropped in 2014.

Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V

Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V Video Game PS Vita
Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V Video Game PS Vita
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Durarara!! 3way Standoff -alley- V is like the souped-up version of the original game for PlayStation Portable.

Check it out:

  • Release Date: This bad boy hit the shelves on June 19, 2014, just in time to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. Party time!
  • Game Features: It’s the first “Durarara!!” game for PlayStation Vita, bringing all the action to your handheld device. Plus, it’s got touchscreen play, adding a whole new level of interaction.
  • New Routes and Mini-Games: Get ready for three fresh “what if” routes to shake things up, along with some cool mini-games to keep you entertained:
  • DRRRrun: Take on the role of Shizuo Heiwajima as he dashes and leaps across rooftops. PuzzDura!!: Match up three or more character blocks to clear ’em off the board.
  • Rhythm de Perestroika: Step into the shoes of a sushi chef and follow along as the narrator guides you on how to serve up that tasty tuna or squid.

And hey, the excitement spilled over into the real world too! Places like Mai:lish, a maid and cosplay cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo, even hosted a “Durarara!!” cosplay event to amp up the celebration.

Durarara!! Relay

Durarara!! Relay Video Game PS Vita
Durarara!! Relay Video Game PS Vita
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Durarara!! Relay Video Game PS Vita (Limited Edition)
Durarara!! Relay Video Game PS Vita
(Limited Edition)
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Durarara!! Relay is a game you can dive into on your PlayStation Vita. Check it out:

  • Game Announcement: It was all the buzz during the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival back in 2014. Exciting times!
  • Fully-Voiced Fun: This game’s a fully-voiced visual novel, so get ready for some immersive storytelling.
  • Characters Galore: You’ve got a bunch of characters to choose from in each chapter of the story. Mix it up and see what unfolds!
  • Gameplay Basics: It’s all about picking the right dialogue options and chatting with the right characters in the overworld. Just make sure you manage your action points and relationship points – run out of action points, and it’s game over!

The story’s set in January in Ikebukuro, where the gang’s all up to their usual shenanigans.

Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri are kicking it at school, Simon’s doing his leaflet thing, Shizuo’s tossing vending machines like it’s nobody’s business, and Celty’s out making deliveries.

Just another day in the city, you know?

Durarara!! x 18

Durarara!! x 18 is a game app you can snag for iOS and Android. Check it out:

  • Game Features: It’s all about diving into this wild mix of roleplay narrative and puzzles. Plus, it’s teamed up with some other awesome anime series like “Bungo Stray Dogs”, “Kagerou Project”, “Re:Zero”, and “Attack on Titan”. Talk about a crossover party!
  • Dreamy Storyline: Get ready to explore this mysterious dream world that’s like a mix of unconscious dreams and real-life modern vibes. It’s split into nine areas with over 100 stages to conquer. And watch out for those enemies lurking around – you gotta strategize and solve puzzles to take ’em down.
  • Saving Hearts: There’s this crazy “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” wreaking havoc, trapping young women’s hearts in dreamland. You gotta team up with your crew, follow clues from a wise cat, and use a key to unlock the mysteries of number 18. All to save these girls’ hearts from a witchy fate.
  • Puzzle Play: It’s all about connecting gems of the same color to clear ’em out. The more you clear, the more powerful moves you can unleash. Plus, there’s no time limit, so take your time and strategize like a boss.
  • Game Modes: You’ve got three modes to dive into: Quest mode, Dream Master mode, and the Special mode where all those cool anime collaborations happen.

And speaking of collaborations, the first “Durarara!!” mash-up went down from September 16, 2016, to October 6, 2016.

During that time, you could snag some of the series’ main characters through the gacha dive – talk about a sweet deal!

Prism Connect: Durarara!!

Prism Connect Durarara Deck Game
Prism Connect Durarara Deck Game
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Prism Connect: Durarara!! is a cool Japanese collectible card game packed with anime goodness. Check it out:

  • Game Basics: This game’s all about collecting cards featuring your favorite anime scenes and characters. And hey, “Durarara!!” isn’t the only series getting the Prism Connect treatment – you’ve got “K”, “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, “Uta no Prince Sama”, and more joining the party!
  • Card Types: You’ve got three flavors of cards to collect: character cards, event cards, and scene cards. Each card’s type is labeled in English up in the corner. Plus, you can tell character cards apart from the others ’cause they’re vertical, while event and scene cards are horizontal.
  • Artwork Vibes: The cards are decked out with all kinds of artwork – from stills lifted straight from the anime to some cool original studio creations. Think beach scenes, fantasy vibes, and summer festival fun.
  • Deck Building: Put together your dream deck with 40 cards, and you can toss in up to three copies of any card you want. Just remember, all the cards in your deck gotta be from the same series.
  • Game Setup: Grab a buddy ’cause this game’s best played with two players. You’ll each need your own deck, a play mat, and a life counter to keep track of your game.
  • Play Mat Layout: The play mat’s got five spots – Deck, Discard, Front, Back Areas, and the Connect Gauge. Front and Back Areas are where the action goes down, so keep your eyes peeled there.

So, if you’re itching for some card game action with your favorite anime pals, “Prism Connect: Durarara!!” is where it’s at!

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