Durarara Blu Ray Complete Series in Order

Durarara Blu-ray - season 1 complete series

Durarara Blu-ray is a fantastic way to enjoy this thrilling anime series in high definition. If you’re a fan of the series, you won’t want to miss out on this great addition to your collection.

Keep in mind that availability and prices may vary, so it’s a good idea to check with your preferred retailer for the most up-to-date information. Whether you’re revisiting Ikebukuro or diving into this urban supernatural tale for the first time, the Durarara!! Blu-ray sets are a fantastic way to experience the excitement and mystery of this unique anime series.

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Season 1

Hey there, fellow anime aficionados!

Ready for an adventure that’s equal parts thrilling and mysterious? Say hello to the “Durarara!!” Season 1 Blu-ray!

So, picture this: Ikebukuro, the heart of Tokyo’s urban jungle, where the streets buzz with rumors of the enigmatic Black Rider.

This headless wonder cruises on a motorcycle, and trust us, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our protagonist, Mikado Ryugamine, is a high schooler looking for a taste of the big city. With his buddy Masaomi by his side, Mikado dives headfirst into the chaos. From supernatural urban legends to a whirlwind of eccentric encounters, Ikebukuro’s got it all.

And here’s the cool part: this Blu-ray comes with both English and Japanese audio, plus English subtitles. 

So you can pick your fave way to enjoy the show.

As for extras, you’ve got a reversible cover for that personal touch. Want more? How about clean openings and closings, plus bonus episodes 12.5 and 25? Yep, it’s a real treat.

So, if you’re up for a rollercoaster of a time in Ikebukuro, grab that “Durarara!!” Season 1 Blu-ray and join the adventure! 

X2 Shou

Part 1

Get ready to dive back into the wild and mysterious world of Ikebukuro with “Durarara!! x2 Shou Part 1” on Blu-ray!

So, here’s the scoop: Six months have passed since the chaos that shook Ikebukuro, and now it’s all about that sweet, sweet peace. High schoolers are soaking up their youth, and the city’s toughest guy is back to business as usual.

But, you know it can’t stay calm for too long. The city’s infamous informant is cooking up a new scheme, the headless rider is on her nightly escapades, and the cops are hot on her tail.

Buckle up, because the ordinary life these folks have been enjoying is about to get a major shake-up. 

This Blu-ray comes loaded with episodes 1-6, a 16-page deluxe booklet, and some cool illustration postcards. Plus, there’s a pre-air special talk show with the Japanese cast, textless openings and endings, and you can choose between English and Japanese audio with English and Spanish subtitles. 

So, if you’re up for more Ikebukuro adventures and all that extraordinariness, grab your copy of “Durarara!! x2 Shou Part 1” and get ready for the ride! 

Part 2

Hold onto your seats, Durarara fans, because “Durarara!! x2 Shou Part 1” on Blu-ray is here to deliver some serious urban chaos!

In this wild ride, Shizuo gets tangled in Izaya’s wicked web, becoming a fugitive hunted by the fearsome Awakusu Group.

Meanwhile, rumors about Dollars members clashing with the Toramaru gang ignite the fiery wrath of Chikage Rokujo, Toramaru’s top dog.

Mikado’s stuck in a web of frustration, unable to mend Dollars’ predicament, while Aoba floats a tempting offer for him to lead the Blue Squares.

Mikado’s choice could strain his friendships with Masaomi and Anri, and the city’s filled with tension and mystery. 

Grab this Blu-ray, packed with episodes 7-12 and an OVA episode, a 16-page deluxe booklet, and cool illustration postcards. 

Choose your audio adventure with English or Japanese audio and enjoy subtitles in English and Spanish. 

Get ready for a thrilling urban rollercoaster with “Durarara!! x2 Shou Part 2”! 

X2 Ten

Step into the whirlwind of Ikebukuro, a city where oddballs thrive, and chaos is the norm. 

In the wake of the assault on the info broker, new trouble brews like ripples on water. A young man, armed with the might of the Dollars and Blue Squares, walks a dangerous path. Friends fight to save each other, while a psychopath lurks around a beloved idol.

Amid this tangled mess, a fresh threat emerges from the shadows. Paths cross, conspiracies thicken, and trouble is on the rise in this thrilling saga.

Get ready for episodes 13 to 24, complete with English and Japanese audio, English subtitles, and collector’s packaging.

X2 Ketsu

Get ready for a rollercoaster of chaos and twisted love in Durarara!! x2 Ketsu!

Ikebukuro is a ticking time bomb, with chaos erupting all over. In Shinra’s apartment, a diverse group with their own motives gathers. On the streets, the Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Saika’s Army prepare for a showdown. 

As Celty’s secret is unveiled to the world, the stage is set for an explosive, unpredictable finale!

Get your hands on episodes 25 to 36 on Blu-Ray, complete with both English and Japanese audio, along with English subtitles. And yes, it comes in cool collector’s packaging!

Durarara!! x2 Ketsu: Where chaos meets its twisted love story ending!