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Tenya Iida Merchandise! Best 13+ Ingenium Product on Amazon!

The president of 1-A from Yuuei High School Academy always helping our protagonist Midoriya Izuku. Love him? Make sure you get all Tenya Iida merchandise we have listed here!

Many fans consider him as side character, but actually he is not! Tenya Iida has a great potential and role throughout the series, which is included him into one of the main character.

Today, we will cover up Tenya Iida Ingenium anime merchandise from Amazon. 

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tenya iida merchandise
My Hero Academia

Cosplay Costume

Uniform Gym Outfit

Just like the other Yuuei students, Tenya Iida is also wearing this gym uniform in PE class. Everything is the same, but maybe the size in anime is rather different.

But for you who want to become Iida, make sure you choose the best size suits for your own body.

This Tenya Iida school gym uniform outfit is made of 100% polyester and zipper closure. The gym uniform includes 1 pack top, 1 pack pants, 3 pack anime character keychains as a bonus.

The material is neat, wrinkle resistant, breathable, and comfortable. You can use it as daily wear or in several parties.

The stitching is beautiful and clean and the sizing is very accurate. The product looks legit and is very on point! And the keychains are adorable too!



Sometimes Tenya Iida has black hair, but sometimes he’s seen with blue hair. But officially he has dark blue hair which fits in this Tenya Iida wig.

Just like in the picture, the wig is short and has a blue color with length approximately 30 cm.

The material is breathable and the size is adjustable using lace net with hooks. The wig is heat resistant fiber which could stand inside a temperature up to 180°C.

Totally incredible Tenya Iida wig. Once you put on, people will recognize you as Ingenium immediately. Totally nice and highly recommended for you in a cosplay event or other conventions.


Tenya Iida is always seen wearing glasses, just like in the picture. This accessory is imported and made of metal frame plus polycarbonate lens.

It’s literally for fashion only because non polarized types of glasses, but is still featured with UV400 protection coating.

The lens width is 55 mm and lens height is 32 mm. The bridge is 18 mm and the arm is 138 mm.

My Hero Academia

Action Figures


From a Good Smile Company import, this Tenya Iida nendoroid comes with three face plates for multiple expressions.

The nendoroid faithfully recreates his unique hero costume complete with helmet. There are also kicking effect parts and a pair of foggy glasses as a bonus.

If you’re looking to buy a real nendoroid then this is it! the joints are easy to move and he is so adorable, once you buy it you wont regret it!

Banpresto The Amazing Heroes vol.10 Statue

Officially licensed by Banpresto and distributed by Little Buddy, this Tenya Iida action figure is cute and collectible.

He makes a great gift but limited availability, so grab this product as fast as possible.

Very detailed figure, Tenya Iida looks great and is extremely flexible in this action figure. Highly recommended!

Banpresto Colosseum Vol. 6 Ver. A

Officially licensed by Little Buddy or Banpresto, this Tenya Iida action figure is easy to assemble and the details were amazingly constructed.

The figure is beautiful and well detailed. Worth the price especially if you’re a fan of My Hero and Tenya Iida!

Extremely detailed, clean model that was easy to assemble & looks like far more than the amount paid. Captures the character very well.

Chibi Masters

The Chibi version of Tenya Iida action figure may catch your heart. It is sold under the brand Bandai and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polyvinyl chloride material.

The chibi action figure includes a base stand and would be a perfect stage for him.

Great gift superior product and highly recommended product for any Tenya Iida merchandise hunter.

Funko Pop

Funko Pop is one of the best action figure products on Amazon. So, for any Tenya Iida merchandise hunter, this action figure would be a great choice!

It is sold under the brand POP and is made of vinyl material.

Also, for anyone who collects the small figure, this Tenya Iida Funko Pop would be the best gift for her or him. 

Funko Pop Vinyl Unmasked

Still sold by Funko, this Tenya Iida action figure is made of vinyl material with an unmasked version.

Tenya-kun comes in a pristine box, ready to totally take the role of class rep for your funkos. He’s perfect.

The product itself is exactly what you would expect from a funko pop, and they managed the shape of his hero costume wonderfully.

The best thing from this figure is the ability to remove his glasses but that’s a fleeting dream. All in all it’s a very good product.

My Hero Academia

Plush Dool

Great Easter Entertainment Sitting 7"

Collect your all Tenya Iida merchandise along with this awesome plush doll! It is an officially licensed product by Great Eastern Entertainment.

He is high quality, cute, collectible, and has limited availability. Has string attached for easy display, and comes with a tag containing official licensing information.

Great company in your single room, for study or even sleep! 

Great Eastern Hero Costume 8"

The other option to own Tenya Iida plush dolls is with the hero costume version! He is 8 inches tall and a high quality product for you!

This was a nice keychain and it’s very well detailed and large for a plush keychain. Iida looks really cute here and his outfit is very detailed and anime accurate.

Little Buddy Dangler 6" Keychain

The last option for you today in the Tenya Iida merchandise line up, the plush doll with 6 inches and dangler from Little Buddy.

It is really nice and the keychain plush and is really cute. The quality of the plush is very good. A really cute plushie if you’re a fan of the show.

My Hero Academia

Other Tenya Iida Merch

Tenya Iida Jacket Hoodie

If you want to wear a casual jacket but cosplaying at the same time, then this Tenya Iida jacket would be a perfect choice for you!

It is made of healthy fabric material and includes a hoodie. With Tenya Iida’s hero costume texture, it would blow your friends’ mind!

High quality product with affordable price!