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Overlord Light Novel Complete List Review

Overlord light novel is an excellent story that satisfies both the desire to feel ‘good’ through the main character, which is a bit malicious, rational, and sometimes ‘good’.

Since 2010, the light novel written by Maruyama and illustrated by Sobin has been serialized on the novel publishing site Arcadia.

As August 10, 2022, there are 16 volumes published on Japan and 14 volumes published in English version. 

overlord light novel

Little fact about Overlord Light Novel:

  • Overlord light novel was uploaded to the publishing website Shousetsuka Ni Naoru in 2012, before it was acquired by Enterbrain.
  • The Volume 1 released on July 30, 2012 by Enterbrain.
  • Yen Press announced the licensing of the series for North America in October 2015 and began publishing the novel in English, with the first volume released on May 24, 2016.

And here are the complete list of Overlord Light Novel review and direct link to buy the products!

Volume 1 - The Undead King

This novel was in excellent condition when I received it! There were no dents or scratches and the packaging was in a box that looked like cardboard wrap (sorry). 

There’s a small drawer art page with the main characters on it, and on the back you can see all the different underground levels of the Great Tomb of Nazarick! Cool! 

There are several pages with illustrations throughout the book, and at the end there are several pages with character profiles showing what they are wearing.

It was the price that got me interested in this seller. The quality of the product and the fast shipping of the seller are the reasons I keep coming back!

This series is addictive! I love anime! It’s a good story and definitely a good read for us gamers.

thank you very much! I love this book!

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Volume 2 - The Dark Warrior

I really enjoy the series. The story Kugane Maruyama set for this second volume is.

Ainz embarks on a journey to obtain information and knowledge about the suddenly teleported New World, and infiltrates as a mysterious Black Knight. He also assigns roles to most of his Guardians on the floor while he is away. And let’s just say it’s great.

Ainz isn’t as omnipotent as the Floor Guardians think, but he must maintain his omnipotence for the sake of the guild while battling his inner struggles of loneliness and confusion.

Volume 3 - The Bloody Valkyrie

I am a fan of the series. I picked up the light novel for several reasons. For example, I am an older reader and he played some online RPG called Dragon Nest (retire) and Genshin Impact (still playing). 

So growing up, I had a huge impression of dungeons, dragons, etc. This series is nostalgic to me for a variety of reasons. 

Seeing a character go from the real world to another world and take on his character, I think we all want that when we watch a hero…but I watch anime more than read light novels is much more immersive and first person. 

I know they aren’t top notch reading or anything like that. But like playing your favorite game over and over, there’s something comforting and soothing about reading this particular series… like a warm blanket, your favorite drink. 

Like a child in an endless story reading a book and becoming part of the story. Something along those lines I guess. Anyway, it’s worth your time. And it’s always good to support these types of venues by buying rather than piracy.

Volume 4 - The Lizard Man Heroes

The story of Overlord follows Satoru Suzuki, who was transferred into the body of Momonga, a former video game character.

But the thing about this volume is… well, that’s a bit away from Momonga. He quickly changed his name to Ainz Ooal Gown. 

However, this volume focuses on one of his henchmen, Cocytus, an insect-like warrior. 

All in all, it’s a good read, although the Lizardmen arc drags on a bit in some places, but the readings up to that point and after are very nice and attention-grabbing.

Volume 5 - The Men of the Kingdom (Part 1)

If you’re looking for more Ainz sausages in this book, you won’t see it. This volume instead concentrates on the development of several minor characters in the Overlord universe. 

And more information about lesser characters, which many writers fail to include in their stories, turned out to be very interesting. 

He’s very good at fleshing out second- or third-order characters in a way that gives them a gritty feel – a rare talent for most writers. 

This only increases how much I can recommend this series to others.

Not to mention, I love the fact that this series is published in hardcover format, which looks beautiful sitting on my bookshelf. 

My only complaint is how lagging the series is for English readers, especially since Volume 16 has just been released in Japan. 

At least Yen Press wants it to come out sooner, although it releases an English version fairly regularly, about one every four months.

Volume 6 - The Men of the Kingdom (Part 2)

I was amazed when I got this book. The printing quality is high, especially the color illustrations. 

I am very happy because I am a big fan of Soubin. If you’re watching this Vol 6, you already know something about Overlord. 

All I can say about this volume is that it is not only the volume with the most pages (up to vol 6, vol1 3 will have the most pages overall), but it is also the most interesting volume ever. 

This volume pretty much shows the first play of Nazarick dealing with the mainstays of the New World. 

Most of the kingdom setup is done. The battle of the inhabitants of the new world becomes fierce. 

So if you like the Overlord series, this is definitely worth reading. And the story only gets more interesting later, so read on.

Volume 7 - The Invaders of the Large Tomb

Reading this volume makes me wonder if Ainz has always been the main character of the series, or if villains like him were pulling the strings. 

Like Volume 4, Volume 7 basically portrays the main character as the main villain, but the development is even more brutal and gruesome. 

If you read it from the perspective of characters other than Nazarick, you’ll see that Ainz is getting worse and worse. 

His minions and his NPCs are acting exactly like him because he allowed them to do unspeakably horrible things to these characters. 

If anything, throughout volume 7, I’ve come to reevaluate Ainz in a way that’s different from the average protagonist of other Isekai series.

Volume 8 - The Two Leaders

This is a very nice series. Publishers should make this one of their major releases to focus their resources.

The Overlord series stands out among the many cookie cutter anime, money, and novels. I love how the author doesn’t go to great lengths about the fact that the Tomb Dwellers of Nazarick are evil (hehe). 

They’re not bad guys, but they’re definitely evil, LOL. And Momonga as Ainz doesn’t even realize how evil he’s become as she grows into her role as Ruler. 

So many series trying to break into their niche have helped after Overlord came out, but Overlord has a lot to live up to. 

Anyway, pick this series up if you haven’t already. If you’re thinking of dropping it, don’t! There’s some fun excitement in store for the next volume.

Volume 9 - The Magic Caster of Destroy

The battle was a one-sided battle, or something spectacular.

He also mentions that Ainz recognizes that he is Lexington by “being human”. He no longer feels almost nothing towards humans.

Ainz has a character that is pretty true to what he is. He’s not trying to be a hero. His goals are selfish, driven by loneliness and his desire to protect Nazarick. 

And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to do it. The story keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait for more.

Volume 10 - The Ruler of Conspiracy

I love anime and picked it up as soon as I heard the release. This volume begins almost immediately after the events of Season 3 and continues from there. 

Excellent writing that gives a good idea of the thoughts and motivations of the characters. 

There are some down areas, such as the secondary characters introduced, which are of little use in a few chapters, but beyond that, the book cannot be put down, effectively allowing the book to run in one sitting. 

I devoured the whole thing. Recommended for those who enjoyed the previous work and anime. 

The anime season 4 is on airing in Summer 2022, but it still be a great anime merchandise collection for you!

Volume 11 - The Craftsman of Dwarf

I love this book and the story. I’m so into it. As someone who doesn’t read much, I was hooked. 

There is a typo in Chapter 5 Feeling instead of Feeling, but it does a very minor drawback. 

I didn’t want to bring it up in my review, but I didn’t know where else to send feedback. 

Just Ainz’s Mugen God Mode makes me feel like other players don’t want to show up

Volume 12 - The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 1)

I pre-ordered this book as soon as it came out and got it today! 

I’ve already read the first chapter…it’s so gut-wrenching! I don’t even know if an anime can even show this! 

Overlord is by far the best light novel. I can’t wait to finish this book and can’t wait for the next one!

After I read the entire series. I have to admit that the first chapter was probably the best. 

Obviously, readers will have to wait for part 2 as it is part 1 as the title suggests. 

It wasn’t bad, it was still good, but I don’t think it was as well done as his two previous novels. but I can’t wait for the next one

Volume 13 - The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Part 2)

Overall a great read and a great continuation of the Sacred Kingdom arc. It gives the world so much depth and the people who live in it.

On the minor downside, I still think the translation feels a bit forced, especially for some key terms that appear frequently. 

Now that the term “magic king” is used even in anime, it feels offensive to always read it as “king of darkness”. 

Phrases like “weakness is evil” feel wrong to native English speakers. The “weakness is a sin” alternative found on fan wikis feels much more natural.

Still, for fans of the series (what else are you reading about volume 13?), this is a must-read.

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Volume 14 - The Witch of the Falling Kingdom

I became addicted to reading thanks to this light novel series. I started reading about Ainz (Momonga) conquering the world. 

Like all light novels in the series, this light novel brings with it some very funny moments and interactions between Ainz and the main characters. 

I’m getting deep into it. A lot of times in this light novel I had to take a step back and sympathize with Ainz’s thinking and logic, but he’s still the Lord of Darkness and the enemy of all living things, unless you swear absolute loyalty to him.

Overlord fans who have read all the previous light novels will be pleasantly and horribly surprised by the contents of Volume 14. 

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