Overlord DVD Blu-ray

Overlord DVD and Blu-ray – Most Complete Season and Review!!!

Overlord DVD and Blu-ray is something different from the other Isekai anime because its contemporaries by giving us protagonists who play the role of the antagonist and love it.

As this post was created, Overlord has already produced 4 seasons of TV anime series, along with other versions such as OVA, movies, and others.

So, through this post, we would give you the information related to the Overlord anime and its DVD/Blu-ray as complete as possible. 

But before that, please take a look at the Overlord important facts, to make sure you won’t get confused about everything we provide here.

And here are Overlord important, interesting, and fun facts:

  • Overlord has 4 seasons of TV Anime Series, at least when this post was created.
  • Overlord is an anime adaption from the light novel with the same name, created by Maruyama Kugane as the writer and Soubin as the illustrator.
  • All anime adaptations were created by Madhouse studio.
  • The limited edition 11th volume of the light novel series released on September 30, 2016, included a 30-minute original video animation.
  • There are 2 compilations movies for the first season.
  • You can check out the first three seasons of Overlord and the airing episode of the 4th season on Crunchyroll. The best way to watch Overlord legally.
  • Medialink holds the rights to the series in South and Southeast Asia.
  • Overlord’s chibi characters show up in crossover anime series called Isekai Quartet.
  • As a crossover anime, Isekai Quartet also includes characters from KonoSuba, Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil.
  • Isekai Quartet was published by Kadokawa Corporation.

That’s for the facts! And, let’s dive right into the Overlord DVD and Blu-ray, and the reasons why this anime merchandise is worth the money!

Season 1 DVD

I know you’re thinking “trapped in another game series”, but this one takes that theme and spins it in new directions until it’s dizzying. 

You’re not locked inside a video game either. 

Although based on a video game, he’s trapped in another world. 

I’m biased for reading the light novels (you can’t fully understand this series without reading the light novels, by the way), so you probably won’t understand everything in the series, especially it’s last three. 

An episode of Shalltear without the novel assist, but still great.

Be prepared for his first two episodes to be lengthy. 

But this show after that is great. Again, heroes aren’t heroes, and they aren’t heroes if they do “heroic” things, so be prepared.

Season 2 Blu-ray

It sucks…!

At least that’s what I thought when I first started watching it. 

But by the third episode, anxiety turned to enjoyment, knocking him through the rest of the first season’s nine episodes at once. 

This is the second, there is a third, and at the end of the third, it states that the story continues.

Animation wise it is well done and the story never gets bogged down or lingers. 

There is blood and some gore, but I don’t remember any language issues. 

In the first few episodes, the protagonist tries to understand how strong he is in this world and learn how to coexist in this new world.

I don’t want to give much but I thought this was more interesting than Sword Art Online, which did a great job of explaining how they got trapped, but Overlord No, but this is a minor issue for me.

Many of your favorite characters and their stories that you follow fit nicely with the main story.

Highly recommend this series.

Season 3 Blu-ray

This is an exceptional series that seems to have it all. 

It shines, it’s compelling, it’s audience-engaging, and it’s a lot of fun. 

Naturally, exploring new worlds is part of the fun, and you learn as much as the characters in the story learn.

Good directing, good (Japanese) voice acting, catchy music, good openings and endings, great storytelling, editing, pacing, and very good animation.

Overall, these stories feature a lot of characters, but since many episodes are dedicated to isolated groups (story arcs), they give you enough time to grow up. 

Some characters die or have other tragic endings, and while it makes sense overall, it’s often disappointing to see it. 

90% isn’t about the Overlord character, it’s about what the main character moves. There are some slow spots with dunce “Climb” characters.

I have to say that the villains are also attractive and all of them are interesting. 

It’s an amazing, wide-ranging spectacle, a wide and diverse group of characters that would normally be difficult to keep together.

Isekai Quartet Season 1 Blu-ray

The Isekai Quartet is simply a parody of four different shows including Re: Zero, Konosuba, Overlord, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. 

For those who don’t know, all of these anime are stories that revolve around someone getting stuck in fantasy land, and each story is different in how they got stuck. 

Starting with each of the main cast of each show, they are sent to another world again (i.e. another world within another world), but this time it is school and people are told to go to regular school life. 

That’s what the show is all about, going through activities, working in groups, class introductions, and all sorts of common things that happen in anime school.

The important thing to know before buying this is that you need to watch the first season of each show to understand the various punch lines and inside jokes. 

As someone who has watched at least the first season of all four shows, I was able to understand almost all of the jokes mentioned.

That said, Isekai Quartet is a really fun and surprisingly hilarious show, but only if you’ve seen the first season of each of the four aforementioned shows. 

Chances are you haven’t seen them all. It is low, I would say the show that got more jokes/mentions was Konosuba, followed by a tie between Overlord and Re: Zero, with Tanya getting the fewest (sadly).

Isekai Quartet Season 2 Blu-ray

If you know anime characters, this is a good laugh. It’s okay if it’s not.

However, I thought the first one was a little better because it seemed to have more character quirks. 

But it’s still a good watch. 

If you’re looking for a light and fun anime, this is it.