How to Mikado Ryuugamine Cosplay from Durarara – Costume, Wig, Pants, and Shoes

Mikado Ryuugamine, a high school student, relocates to Ikebukuro at the beginning of the series. 

He is a co-founder and the leader of the Dollars, previously led the Blue Squares, and is affiliated with the Saika Army.

Mikado is characterized by his short black hair, grayish-blue eyes, gentle expression, and slight build.

Here are some stuffs you need to cosplay as Ryuugamine Mikado from Durarara anime:

Cosplay Costume

Mikado Ryuugamine Cosplay Costume

Mikado Ryuugamine’s unassuming appearance blends seamlessly into the crowd, typically adorned in a green and white jacket paired with jeans. 

For those interested in his complete look, a full Mikado Ryuugamine costume is available online, comprising a jacket, shirt, pants, and tie.

Cosplay Wig

Mikado Ryuugamine from Durarara!! sports a simple yet neat hairstyle, characterized by his short black hair. 

This understated look complements his overall character design. 

For cosplay enthusiasts aiming to capture Mikado’s essence, opt for a wig that is short and black, mirroring his signature style. 

The key to successful cosplay is to personify the character, so selecting a wig that you feel best represents Mikado’s appearance is crucial.

Cosplay Pants

Outside of school, he’s usually seen in jeans, offering a more casual appearance. 

In crafting your cosplay, select either option based on the look you aim to achieve—his formal school attire or his relaxed off-duty style. 

Keep in mind, a truly remarkable cosplay transcends the outfit; it captures the essence of the character’s spirit and behaviors.

Cosplay Red Shoes

For your cosplay, consider selecting shoes that are:

Vibrant Red: Opt for a pair of shoes in a striking red shade that matches Mikado’s as seen in the image.

Simple Design: Mikado’s character is understated, so go for shoes with a minimalist design, free from excessive adornments.

Comfortable: Ensure the shoes are comfortable, particularly if you plan to wear them for long durations at a cosplay event.

Remember, the essence of an impressive cosplay lies not just in precision but also in personalizing the character. Confidence and comfort in your cosplay are the real game-changers.

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