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Izuku Midoriya Merchandise! Top 40+ Items on Amazon

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is a quirkless superhero from the My Hero Academia series. If you are a fan of him, make sure you get Izuku Midoriya merchandise today!

But after attempting to save Katsuki from a villain, Izuku is chosen by All Might to become the ninth holder of One For All.

Today, we will cover up the best Izuku Midoriya anime merchandise from Amazon! 

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izuku midoriya merchandise
My Hero Academia

Cosplay Costume

Hero Costume Uniform Outfits

Izuku Midoriya hero costume is made from soft cloth, uniform cloth, leather, spandex, ordinary lining, and fluorescent lining material.

The hero costume includes bodysuit, gloves, knee pads, elbow protectors, belts, hats, eva masks, and socks.

Please select the size according to your body. Choose carefully! There are small, medium, large, and x-large option.

Izuku Midoriya hero costume is made from very nice material. One of the best Izuku Midoriya merchandise on amazon you need to grab!

The one set costume uniform would be a great choice for halloween, cosplay show, costume party, dressing up, and themed party! Make sure you get this one!

Gym Uniform

Izuku Midoriya gym uniform includes top and pants. It is made from cotton and cloth material. There are several sizes you need to choose before order, including x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, 3x-large, and 4x-large.

Besides for halloween, theme party, cosplay event, and on stage, this gym uniform is also perfect for daily wear.

Quality wise and fairly decent. The fabric is obviously polyester, or at least a polyester blend, so it’s thicker than cotton, but it isn’t flimsy like a knit.

The top is lined with satin, so it’s a little warm. The pants have elastic in the waist band, and close with a zipper and a button, so even if you’re a bit thick in the pooch, it has plenty of wiggle room for your jiggle room.

School UA Uniform

Izuku Midoriya school uniform is a full suit, except the wig and shoes. There are several sizes you need to consider of, including x-small, small, medium, large, x-large to 4x large.

This school uniform literally designed for men, so please consider about the size. Especially the pants, it would be a problem for a curvy girls.

Well, Izuku Midoriya himself is a male, so it’s obvious if he wears a male school uniform. If you are a girl who want to wear UA high school uniform, make sure you visit the My Hero Academia merchandise in different page. There are some options for girls’ stuff there.

Girl Costume Cheerleader

Izuku Midoriya girls costume cheerledar is specially designed for girls who want to wear costume based on the main character of the series.

The uniform is made from cotton blend fabric, and it includes top and skirt. The costume is perfect for halloween, theme party, cosplay event, on stage, or event daily wear.

Its cute. It’s a decent fabric. Not cheap or thin. Polyester feeling. You could add some black leggings under and maybe a petticoat to make the skirt stand out more.

The shirt is a crop top style. For busty people it may left the shirt higher exposing your middle. For less busty it will allow the bottom of the shirt to just come to the waistband of the skirt with occasional middle peekage.

Halloween Cloak

Izuku Midoriya halloween cloak includes cloak, bowtie, and hat decoration. It is made of great quality polyester material, which is durable and comfortable.

It has unique patterns and were printed on the cape and. The hood is attached to it. You can wear it during a Halloween party to have fun! It is also suitable for cosplay parties, comic cons, Christmas parties, stage performance, or even daily wear.

Looks just like Deku’s. Quality material.


Izuku Midoriya sportswear is a zipper closure. The package includes top, shorts, hat, leg covers, gloves, bags, belt, and neck accessory.

The crop top has a front zipper for easy wearing. The hat with airbags can be pinched to lift the ears. Shorts have slits for making the legs longer from the sight, and the use of bright leather on the leg covers has a sense of sports and strength.

The sportswear is perfect for cosplay shows, stage performances, comic cons, theme parties, halloween, and much more.

Overall, the costume is super comfortable and is great for someone who is new to cosplay. 

Cosplay Wig

Izuku Midoriya cosplay wig is made from high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, makes it feel like real hair and touch very well.

The wig itself is adjustable size, so it fits for most adults. It is also easy to wash and care. Spikes very well and holds shape once styled. With a little work it’s a good wig. Would recommend.

The wig was comfortable and looks like the character’s hair. But please note that it does need some styling to get it to the proper hairstyle.

Overall, great product for the money. You won’t regret it buy this item for you cosplay stuff!

Red Shoes

Izuku Midoriya red shoes are made of PU and synthetic soles. The material of the shoes is artificial leather, and the main component is pu leather. The sole material is plastic!

Cosplay Shoes

Izuku Midoriya cosplay shoes is a robber sole and made from faux leather material. It’s using US male size, starting from 5.5 to 15. The seller need 7 to 10 days to finish right after you place the order.  

The shoes are the last touch for your perfect Izuku Midoriya cosplay! If you buy these, you can be a part of My Hero Academia family as a main character.

These shoes are fighting boots version, which is perfect with hero costume. So, don’t try to put on when you wearing school uniform or gym uniform. For the quality itself, it feels comfortable on feet.

Gloves Gauntlet

Izuku Midoriya gloves gauntlet is made from EVA and composite leather, it is lightweight and easy to hold. The package includes 1 pair gloves and 1 pair cuffs.

hese gloves are INCREDIBLY cool! They come as two pieces, the cuff which is an OKAY foam-like material (for the price) – and then of course the glove which is a leather material.

These gloves are absolutey huge though – so don’t expect them to fit very well unless you have huge hands!

Overall these gloves are the most affordable and in my opinion nicest looking gloves on the market! If you’re a MHA fan, or potential Deku cosplayer, these gloves are for you 100%!


Izuku Midoriya mask is made from hard PVC material. There is a hole in the front, there is a sponge inside the mask, and an elastic cord on the back.

The item itself is made out of good quality materials. However, this mask is not designed for big guys or big faces. It’s for cosplay only.

It is made durable and of high quality. Appears to be made of a sturdy rubber. And the interior is lined with a firm crafting foam to help it hold its shape.


Izuku Midoriya notebook is a journal that has a hardcover with Japanese text and no.13 on the front side and reads All Might on the backside.

This exclusive My Hero Academia merchandise provides you with a wide ruled notebook, perfect for taking notes.

This Izuku Midoriya notebook is an officially licensed product and features an elastic band to close the notebook easily.

They both looked great. The pages have izuku’s suit on them and the back has All Might’s signature on it. It’s a nice journal. Evidently there has been an attempted theft at school because it is such a desirable object and children are jerks.

My Hero Academia

Action Figure

Nendoroid Smash

Izuku Midoriya nendoroid Smash is a Good Smile import. He includes three face plates for multiple expressions.

He also comes with special glove parts to pose him using his “one for all” quirk, also smash sound effect plate.


He is so so cute! Easily posable and fairly simple to change out his face. Definitely recommend! Absolutely adorable! Everything fits into place, the colors are great and it’s well packaged.

McFarlane Wave 4

Izuku Midoriya action figure wave 4 from McFarlane is incredibly detailed figure with 7 inches in scale. He is designed with ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing.

Deku is also featured in his Gamma upgraded hero suit which includes his improved bracers and iron soled shoes. He comes with a flight stand, as well.

The stand is great for posing and like like that you can put the stand piece on and off.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes vol.1

Izuku Midoriya action figure heroes volume 1 is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto. He is cute and collectible, makes a great gift, but limited availability.

This figure is a great addition to any My Hero Academia and Izuku Midoriya merchandise collection. The dynamic pose really captures Deku’s fighting spirit. It’s easy to assemble after unboxing and the paint on this figure is very good.

This Deku figure is amazing. The paint is great. It’s very well made, easy to put together, the paint job is on point, there’s no defects. It’s also a great pose for him to see him in action.

Bandai Styling

Izuku Midoriya action figure styling from Bandai is following the smashing popularity of My Hero Academia merchandise in Japan and overseas.

Deku is approximately 5.3 inches in tall, and features a dynamic battle pose from the anime. What you don’t see is a size reference though, so be sure you know that it’s less than 6 inches tall, which is pretty small.

Explains the cheap price though and the quality is still pretty good. It’s not breathtaking but it is a good collectible and worth the price you pay!

While it’s nothing astounding, it makes for a great piece of Izuku Midoriya merchandise for any collector or fan of the series. Detail is pretty good for being so small and the base is pretty cool too.

Banpresto Colosseum vol.1

Izuku Midoriya action figure colosseum is an official product by Banpresto. Izuku is cute and collectible, and makes a great gift. But you have to grab it as fast as possible since it is limited availability.

Banpresto keeps making bangers! This statue is great, a wonderful memento of season one Deku VS Bakugo. The detail is amazing, his expression is spot on, and the outfit looks amazing next to other MHA figures.

Deku in his original hero costume, ripped mask, and striking attitude represent his unrivaled passion to be the number one hero.

Nice quality, and very detailed statue. A must have to your Izuku Midoriya merchandise collection!!

Grandista vol.1

Izuku Midoriya action figure grandista volume 1 is from Banpresto and use plastic material. It looks amazing! Its able to stand on its own without the small foot stand.

Probably best to use the stand in case for the extra support though. It feel great and the details look so good! Amazing figure! Super tall and super detailed.

This is definitely worth all the money. The pictures that you see do not do it justice. It’s a great size, just a bit smaller than a ruler. The detail is great. I definitely recommend this brand for these figures.

McFarlane 12

Izuku Midoriya action figure has 12 inches in scale. If you love MHA then you will like this and it’s not some 3rd party knock off.

The sculpting, action, and size of the figure made it a perfect addition to your Izuku Midoriya merchandise collection!

The figure includes the stand, but you can even Stuck him up on the wall for a great look.

Banpresto Texture

Izuku Midoriya action figure texture is a really good figure and tons of texture. The details, color, and build are amazing.

His clothes are textured and very detailed. The box was cool and had a base to slide on his feet to make him stand sturdier.

This figure is for sure worth your money, the figure comes in at a big 8 inches! That’s pretty big for a figure, the figure’s paint job and texture is also amazing.

The texture is amazing! His mouth guard looks like real metal and it’s incredibly shiny.

Bandai Spirits Ichibansho

Izuku Midoriya action figure spirits ichibansho is amazing! The paint job to his popular pose is amazing. As you can tell by the pictures he’s pretty big.

Good size and great details. Definitely worth it. He is approximately 9.44 inches in height. Incredible sculpt and totally high quality. One of the best Izuku Midoriya merchandise sold on Amazon. 

Funko Pop Vinyl

Izuku Midoriya action figure is made from vinyl and comes from Funko Pop. The toy is beautifully colored, and there are a lot of details.

This is a really cool version of Deku from when he first met All Might. Cool little guy looks great on the shelf. Actually decent paint work for a change, and a surprising level of detail. 

Tamashii Nations Ichibansho

Izuku Midoriya action figure Tamashii Nations Ichibansho comes from Bandai. The figure design is beautiful, despite the price being a little high but the figure is very good.

Totally worth the price and would be a great addition to your Izuku Midoriya merchandise collection. You can put it on a desk or shelf.

Good Smile Pop Up Parade

Izuku Midoriya action figure pop up parade is an imported product from Good Smile Company. Deku is on the way to UA High School.

It’s a figure that looks like a scene from an anime. PUP seems to be three-dimensional in the setting of going to school in the morning, and it is interesting that the character’s individuality is firmly shown while the sense of unity is tremendous.

Banpresto Rising vs Villain

Izuku Midoriya action figure rising vs villain is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto. The work on it is quite amazing and the details are great.

The figure itself is in a very dynamic and expressive pose that is not too common to find other than him standing or kicking.

Kotobukiya ArtFX J Statue

Izuku Midoriya action figure ArtFX J Statue is joining Kotobukiya’’s lineup as a scale figure. Izuku’s pose portrays the protagonist turning to face an enemy.

Although simplistic, the statue’s straightforward posing captures the aspiring hero’s strength and determination while showing off all of the subtle details in the statue sculpting.

Banpresto Enter the Hero

Izuku Midoriya action figure enter the hero is an official product by Banpresto. He is cute and collectible, and makes a great gift.

But because he is limited availability, make sure you grab him as fast as you can. The bottom of the item will have a “Little Buddy” sticker, as a prove that you bought the authentic product.

Funko Pop Metallic

Izuku Midoriya action figure metallic from Funko Pop. Such a bargain! Great pop to add to any MHA collection.

This FYE Exclusive Vinyl Figure is a must have for any MHA collector. Comes in a window box to display and keep your vinyl figure in mint condition. 3.75 inch tall Vinyl Figure that makes a great addition to any Funko collection.

Banpresto King of Artist

Izuku Midoriya action figure king of artist is really cool. The action pose Deku is in looks great. I will say the scale of this “King of Artist” line is just slightly larger than the “Amazing Heroes” line.

You would be really surprised how amazing he looks! The colors are all perfect. The quality is outstanding. His face looks really good too.

Banpresto Colosseum Super Master Star Piece

Izuku Midoriya action figure colosseum super master star piece looks absolutely amazing in your collection.

This boy is bigger than you think and also heavier. They’re easy to assemble and will light up your whole collection to look more expensive. Highly recommend!

Has lots of little details and was bigger than I expected. Needs to be assembled but it was very simple to do. Definitely worth he money, highly recommend for any fan of MHA and Deku!!

DXF SP Ver. Prize

Izuku Midoriya action figure DXF SP is a prize version figure. Deku figure came in 4 parts; head, mask, body, and stand. It is a very easy assembly, only took a minute. It also disassembled easily.

The sculp and paint job are very good. Very nice quality figure. He comes in four pieces: legs, torso, head, and mask so he ends up being taller than people had expected.

Bandai Ichiban Fighting Heroes feat. One's Justice

Izuku Midoriya action figure fighting heroes feat. One’s Justice is a Bandai Spirits Ichibansho product. Deku statue is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted to look like Izuku Midoriya from their respective anime.

You will love this figure because it has great and high quality detail. It would a perfect item on your desk!

Banpresto the Amazing Heroes vol.13

Izuku Midoriya action figure amazing heroes volume 13 is a figure from Banpresto. The base stand is included, and it is totally offical licensed product.

He looks so cool, and make sure you get him as fast as possible. Many people is trying to pre-order, but luckily it’s still available on Amazon right now!

Funko Pop Glow in the Dark

Izuku Midoriya action figure glowing in the dark is a Funko Pop creation, and it is made from vinyl standard.

The pop itself is so detailed! Funko graphic designers always go PLUS ULTRA! Would be a great addition to your Izuku Midoriya merchandise collection, especially it glow in the dark.

Max Factory Figma

Izuku Midoriya action figure figma is a Max Factory import. He includes three face plates for multiple expressions.

Optional parts include a special hand part to pose him makin guse of his special move, the Delaware Smash.

The sculpts of the cloth look fantastic, the shoes look great, the faceplates are incredibly detailed, even the hands it comes with look really well sculpted.

The figure is easily posable and has nice detailing, and it’s Deku, you gotta have Deku. Awesome figure!

Bandai Next Generations

Izuku Midoriya action figure next generation is from Bandai Spirits Ichibansho. It is featuring Smash Rising.

This Deku statue is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted to look like Izuku Midoriya from their respective aime.

He is standing approximately 3.9 inches tall. Be sure to collect him and enhance your display with other incredible Ichibansho figures.

Banpresto Q Posket ver.A

Izuku Midoriya action figure Q Posket version A is from Banpresto and includes base stand. Really cute, and well made. Assembly it just you putting on the head and connecting it to the stand. Easy.

a must for any my hero fan, and would be a great addition to your Izuku Midoriya merchandise.

Bandai Chibi Masters

Izuku Midoriya action figure chibi masters is tabletop game product type. It is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polyvinyl chloride.

So cute perfect for any deku fan. The figure is surprising really well made, typically not much of a buyer of these items but definitley gonna get some more.

My Hero Academia

Other Deku Merch

Jacket Hoodie

Izuku Midoriya jacket hoodie is made from cotton and velvet material. There are several sizes you can choose, starting from small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

It seems very high quality; thick cotton with a soft feel. This hoodie is so soft on the inside, and it’s really well made. The back design is awesome. The fact that these pockets zip is awesome.


Izuku Midoriya keychain with helmet as a stylized keychain from Funko Pop! It is collectable and stands 2 inches tall, perfect for any Izuku Midoriya merchandise fans.

Great attention to detail and very nice! Any fan of the series would like this and even people that don’t watch the series can find this Keychain cute! Great for gifts, get a lot of compliments when they see it.

Plush Doll

Izuku Midoriya plush doll includes 1 free rubber keychain. It has a size around 6 inches and weighs around 2.5 oz. The plus doll is made of high-grade plush fabric, filled with high quality PP cotton.

You can hang an Izuku Midoriya plush doll on your backpack or put it on your bed. It would be the best gift for any My Hero Academia fans.


Izuku Midoriya backpack features an internal padded pocket which fits up to a 15-inch laptop. Compact your load for easier transport with this backpack compression buckle.

This Izuku Midoriya backpack is officially licensed and 100% authentic. Organize your gear, athletic clothes or any other valuables with this backpack, multiple organizing compartments and zipper closures.

It’s literally just like the picture, that’s a rarity, feels and looks great, lots of storage. Definitely worth the buy!

It was very well made but not huge in size. It would be good for a younger kid’s backpack or something to use casually.

Not only is this a great themed backpack, it is absolutely functional! Room for a laptop, books and extra pockets for everything.


Izuku Midoriya blanket is made of micro fleece polyester material. There are three sizes including 50×40, 60×50, and 80×60.

It is suitable for children, adults, parents, and event grandparents. This ultra plus blanket is designed for thoughtful caring personal gifts to loved ones.

It is lightweight, durable, compact folding, super soft, and feels great. Complete resistance to shrinkage and wrinkling. 


Izuku Midoriya wallet is a bifold wallet small enough for comfort, but big enough for storage. Recommended for both men and women of all ages. Premium design with 8.6”x3.5”.

Really amazing wallet, works well and is really cute. Most of the cards fit great, the quality of the materials is great. A great wallet well made durable, easy to fold compact. 


Izuku Midoriya socks are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex. It’s easy to care, which is using machine wash cold, do not bleach, and tumble dry low.


Izuku Midoriya pillow is made of crystal velvet and filled with PP cotton, soft, and comfortable material. The size is 13.7”x11.8” or 35cmx30cm.

Double-sided high-definition printing, clear patterns, bright colors, no fade, no lint; Izuku Midoriya pillow plushies can be cuddled to sleep or used as a cushion for sofas and chairs. Can be used for living room, bedroom, car decoration, etc.

Awesome!! Very accurate and it is amazingly soft. Such a cute pillow is of great quality. Super soft just be sure to check sizing.


Izuku Midoriya dakimakura is made of high quality material, which is 100% real peach skin texture, soft to the touch, and authentic durable fabric. The package is just the pillow case, no inner included.

Hassle-Free Hidden Zipper. For the zipper, is uses YKK material, different from ordinary zipper, it is durable and not easy broken. Vivid colors, clear image, excellent stiching, and workmanship.