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43+ Haikyuu Merchandise Best on Amazon!

Haikyuu! formerly known as a manga series about a group of high school students who become volleyball athletes at their school, Karasuno High School. Love this series? Then this Haikyuu merchandise would be a great collection for you!

The main character in this series is Hinata Shouyo who likes to play volleyball from a young age.

Haikyuu manga version has ended in chapter 402. While the anime is on the final arc.

That’s why, let’s talk about anime merchandise based on the Haikyuu today!

haikyuu merchandise
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Haikyuu Manga

The total number of chapters in Haikyuu manga is 402, while those that air as anime in season 4 will only last until chapter 207. But you can enjoy it on the volume version!

The manga is published by VIZ Media LLC and uses English language. The paperback has 192 pages with rating 14+.

The item weight itself is 6.4 ounces with dimension 5×0.6×7 inches. The manga has ended so you can collect all the storyline, so volume 1 would be a great start.

If you still love reading it illegally online, forget it! Just grab this manga and you can enjoy it physically! 

Haikyuu Blu Ray

This product has 2 versions, which are blu-ray and DVD. The MPAA rating is still unrated, but Japan broadcast rate it as 14+.

The Haikyuu Bluray dimension is 7x5x0.5 inches with 3.2 ounces in weight. The media format is in animated, subtitled, and widescreen.

The total run time is 10 hours and 25 minutes and has been released since December 26, 2017.

You can watch in 2 different versions, English dubbed and Japanese dubbed with English subtitles. The number of discs are 3.

Haikyuu Action Figures

Cake toppers using Haikyuu action figures are on a different level! You can add to 8 styles and characters that are made of PVC model dolls Q version.

The package includes 8 pcs of funny and cute characters in Haikyuu with different styles. The bright and cute designs will attract attention. Very good for party accessories.

The height of the Haikyuu action figure is 2-4 inches tall, so it is perfect for cake decoration and good for muffins.

But these items are only for 3+ years old, because little babies tend to put anything in their mouth so this figure could be a disaster.

But for little kids 3 years old or older, this figure is totally safe because it is environmentally friendly. The figure is using high quality PVC material and is non-toxic. 

Haikyuu Nendoroid

The Shoyo Hinata nendoroid is a chibi version of action figure and is imported by Good Smile company. The product includes 3 expressions.

There are also optional parts including volleyball in his hand and net parts. You can also stand him on special volleyball court base.

Hinata nendoroid dimension is 4x2x1 inches with weight around 9.9 ounces. It is an official product that was released on March 18, 2015.

It has a stamp that certifies its originality, also comes in the original box and every part on it.

Haikyuu Poster

The Haikyuu poster’s print is unframed wall art so make sure you prepare what it needs. The poster dimension is 12×18 inches.

It is totally high quality poster paper with dimensions in centimeters is 30×40 cm. It is never used or displayed before, totally brand new.

The brand is FatCatWall Graphics and items will be rolled with protected sheets and shipped using thick and strong art tubes.

It is perfect for your home decoration, especially in your room to give some anime touches. 

Haikyuu Jacket

Haikyuu Jacket comes from Miccostumes for men! This Jacket is Karasuno sportswear, jacket, and jersey with knee pads.

There is a zipper closure but washable using machine. The jacket itself has front zipper, functional pocket, ribbed knit cuffs and hem, and embroidery on the back.

The Haikyuu jacket is made of osft, durable, and anti-wrinkle fabric for comfortable wear. You can wear it in daily use, cosplay, theme party, and anime or manga event.

But make sure you choose the right size, since it uses Asian size. So make sure you check the size charts in the description before you order.

Haikyuu Complete Illustration Book

This is the complete illustrated book of Haikyuu. Haruichi Furudate’s first large-format art book Connecting the trajectory of eight and a half years with color illustrations from the start to the end ── Complete recording of color manuscripts!!

Completely recorded illustration manuscript! Fully drawn! Full-color Lupo manga from Brazil coverage is also included! Color manuscript includes commentary by Mr. Furudate!

I thought the price was a little high, but I’m satisfied with this size. The content is also quite rich. Manga, anime, and Haikyuu lovers should definitely buy it.

Various scenes have revived and I want to read comics again. It blew away the dark feelings of Corona.

Haikyuu Doll

The Haikyuu doll of Kenma has 2 versions, sitting down and standing up! The brand is Great Eastern Entertainment with dimensions around 3x2x6 inches.

The Kenma plush doll sitting pose is 6 inches tall with a multi-colored body. Despite his lazy and sleepy eyes, he will wish the best luck for your day!

You can play the game with him and dress him up! To make sure you get the best preferences. Perfect for gifts!

Haikyuu 10 Jersey

Hinata Shoyo and the Little Giant wearing this Haikyuu 10 Jersey which has become the icon of the anime itself.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and the package includes only Haikyuu jerseys. But make sure you check the size chart before you order it.

Because it is made of polyester, the jersey is suitable for spring, summer, and fall seasons. But beware of winter!

Overall, the jersey is made of comfortable fabric. It feels great on your skin and very light. It’s rare to give you skin irritation. 

Haikyuu 11 Jersey

The tallest from the team, Tsukishima Kei, is wearing this number! If you want to become Tsukishima, make sure you wear the glasses, too.

But the material of the jersey feels good and comfortable to wear. It uses high quality 3D printing and fine tailoring, so it won’t easily fade.

The package only includes a jersey. But make sure you check the size chart first before you buy!

Haikyuu 8 Plush

The standing up of Kenma Plush has 8 inches tall with multi-colored body.

It is produced by Great Eastern Entertainment with item dimension around 3x2x8 inches.

It is officially licensed product and released on December 17, 2019.

You can also use it as a gift for your loved ones, especially if he or she loves watching anime and haikyuu!

Haikyuu 1 Jersey

The holy captain Sawamura Daichi is wearing this number 1 jersey from Karasuma. This Haikyuu costume is made of 100% polyester and the package only includes his uniform alone.

Because the material is made of polyester, you can only wear it in 3 seasons, including Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

The number 1 attached in front of the costume is printed in high quality 3D on top of fine tailoring. The material feels great even when you are sweating up. 

Haikyuu 9 Hoodie

You can also wear this jacket with Haikyuu pattern on it. The pattern is based on the Karasuno jersey but in sweatshirt version.

But this jacket for adult size, and please check the size chart before you order it. If you get the right size, you can wear it everyday since it is washable on machine.

Haikyuu T Shirt

The T-Shirt with Haikyuu characters printed on it would be great merchandise for you! The T-shirt is produced by CosTribe and made of cotton.

But please don’t bleach it during washing, it will ruin everything.

The material is made of 100% polyester and feels lightweight. But in quality, it is thick, soft, comfortable, and air permeability. 

Haikyuu Phone Case

This Haikyuu phone case is for Iphone 7 and Iphone 8 with clear and anti-scratch! The brand is Crazy Caa and uses thermoplastic polyurethane.

The phone case is totally and specifically designed for iPhone case, with precision cutouts for speakers, charging ports, and buttons.

All of the artworks are printed with odorless and safety material. It is non-toxicity, long lasting color, and certified scratch resistant. 

Haikyuu Body Pillow

Haikyuu Body Pillow comes from Great Eastern Entertainment featuring Oikawa. This stuff is perfect for sleeping or traveling.

As you know, Great Eastern Entertainment includes authentic sellers of anime merchandise, which means that this item is an officially licensed product.

The body pillow itself is made from high quality material and graphics, so Oikawa’s full body and face looks so bright and vibrant.

Haikyuu Keychain

Haikyuu keychain includes 6 packs of characters that suit kids, girls, boys, or birthday gifts. The keychain is made from stainless steel material to give the best touches.

MosBug is the brand of the keychain and created them in dimension 6×2.5×0.4 inches in total.

The item is safe for work and children because it is made from sturdy, durable, and non-fragile material. The surface is so smooth and clear without scratches. 

Haikyuu Backpack

Haikyuu backpack is inspired by the Nekoma jersey. But in real life, you can also use it for a laptop, book bag, travel, and much more.

This backpack is equipped with 2 main pockets and very lightweight, good for someone who loves traveling around while carrying some stuff.

The item is made from safe and healthy material, it is also easy to clean because it is dirt resistant. Your item will be stored safely because it has a strong zipper around the body.

Haikyuu Outfits

Haikyuu outfits inspired from Aoba Johsai or Oikawa sweatshirts. Before you order it, make sure you check the size chart! It is using the Asian size, so please read carefully!

Regardless of the size, the outfits are suitable for Halloween, Cosplay, or theme parties. The jacket is super cute and super well made.  

Haikyuu Art Books

Haikyuu Art Books featuring color illustration for any fans! It is perfect for fans, all the illustrations are beautiful and most of them in color as well as a very nice cover.

The illustrations of the Harutaka collaboration were cool! The illustrations you see on paper are exceptional.

It is recommended for those who love Karasuno and those who like other schools! However, I wonder why the first illustration collection is comic size.

If you make it at least B5, it will be even more powerful, beautiful and cool. I wonder if it has become.

Haikyuu Costume

Haikyuu Costume is based on the Karasuno jersey, and number 4 for those who love Nishinoya. The costume is made from polyester and includes a shirt and shorts.

But please note that this costume is for females! You can wear it in daily lives, as well, because it makes you look cuter! 

Haikyuu Swimwear

Haikyuu Swimwear is based on Karasuno jersey pattern with orange and black color. The product is made from swimwear fabric and using original design.

The swimwear includes a top and shorts. The ruffles do a great job of covering the chest and I even felt safe without the bra insert pads 

Haikyuu Pins

Haikyuu pins featuring Kuroo and Kenma in mascot mode. The duo comes from Nekoma high, so the cat resembles their trait and school.

The pins could be a great gift for someone’s birthday, as well, and it is bigger than you may have expected. Overall it looks amazing and feels natural.

Haikyuu Volume 45

Haikyuu Volume 45 is about Hinata who proves that we don’t have to be tall to fly! Everyone can do that as long as they have talent and practice so hard.

Haikyuu Volume 45 is published by Viz Media LLC and released in August 3, 2021. The language is in Enlglish and has 232 pages of paperback.

The item weight is 7.1 ounces with dimension around 5×0.8×7.5 inches. I can’t believe it’s the last one, these last chapters are wonderful, I recommend it to everyone!!

Haikyuu Box Set

Haikyuu Box Set is featuring the anime show of season 1 in premium blu-ray. The format is animated, box set, subtitled, and widescreen.

The product dimension is 8×5.75×3 inches with weight around 1.76 pounds. The total run time is 10 hours and 25 minutes.

The blu-ray itself was released on December 26, 2017 and available for English dub and sub. The number of discs is 8 pieces.

A good hard case with a digipak including the entire series on DVD and Blu-ray, with postcards and a much more than complete guidebook, something to please any Haikyu fan!!

Haikyuu Plush Dolls

Haikyuu Plush Doll comes from Great Eastern Entertainment and features Akaashi with 8 inches height. The item dimension is 3x2x8 inches and rated for 15 years or older.

The material is plush with soft touch and great to hug. The plush doll is released on January 12, 2020. Akaashi Keiji is a 2nd year at Fukurodani Academy and the vice-captain and setter of the Fukurodani volleyball team. 

Haikyuu Wig

Haikyuu wig for Kozume Kenma comes from Juziviee brand with mixed black-blonde color. The hair type is short and use synthetic material.

The wig is very soft and comfortable, making your cosplay feel great! The wigh length is approximately 12 inches.

The package includes 1 wig and wig cap. You can try it if you want.

Haikyuu Coloring Book

Haikyuu coloring book for both kids and adults, and – of course – for Haikyuu fans! But please note that this book was published by an independent publisher on August 19, 2020. So it is not an officially licensed product.

But it is still fun coloring the Haikyuu character because it has 62 pages of paperback. The item weight is 6.7 ounces and in English language.

The book dimension is 8.5×0.14×11 inches.

Haikyuu Toys

Haikyuu Toys feature 4 pieces of figures good for birthday and valentine gifts. The brand is JUNG KOOK and they are made from polyvinyl chloride material.

The product includes 4 figures with height around 3.9 inches in height. You can put them all out for home decoration.

But be careful when buying this item because some detail is out of place. For example, Suga should be number 2 instead and Hinata’s face is on Oikawa. 

Haikyuu Oikawa Plush

Haikyuu Oikawa plush comes from Great Eastern Entertainment. He is wearing an Aoba Johsai jacket and is 8 inches tall.

The plush is an officially licensed product with the brand Great Eastern Entertainment. The item is high quality, cute, collectible, and has limited availability.

Oikawa plush is good for gifts because it has strings attached for easy display. It also comes with a tag containing officially licensing information. 

Haikyuu Cards

Haikyuu cards are multi-colored and are made from paper material. The brand is GEAnimation and rated for 15 years old or older.

The item dimensions are 4x1x5 inches. The cards are officially licensed products by Great Eastern Entertainment. It is one deck with a standard 52 card deck and 2 jokers.

The item weight is around 1.6 ounces and it is imported from Taiwan. The product was released on June 11, 2021 and uses the English language. 

Haikyuu Bracelet

Haikyuu bracelet features the main poster of anime including Hinata, Kageyama, and more. The bracelet is made from leather material and uses a braided chain type.

The brand is G-Ahora and it is made from alloy metal type. The size is around 7.1×1.96 inches.

You don’t have to worry about wearing this bracelet because it is made from stainless steel and environment friendly material.

The main element is using leather rope and glass gemstone, which don’t fade rust or deform. So, it is totally durable and lasts a long time.

Haikyuu Sweatshirt

Haikyuu Sweatshirt is using 35% polyester and 65% cotton material, so the jacket is breathable, soft, smooth, and very comfortable to wear.

The jacket has zip up and hoodies so it is suitable for cosplay, halloween, costume party, and other events.

There are some sizes if you want it to be looser. Just adjusting to your preferences! 

Haikyuu Shorts

Haikyuu shorts are made from polyester and spandex material, designed for female users. The item is machine washable so it is easy to clean up.

Make sure you choose the right size to get the right costume. For the 3D printed shorts and shirt, it is made from high quality material so you don’t have to worry about that.

The material ratio is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. That’s why it is so soft and comfortable.

Haikyuu Croc Charms

Haikyuu Croc Charms are designed to make your shoes look fun and cute. The charms are made from PVC and non-toxic material, so safe for your daily use.

The charms dimension are 3.15×2.56×0.87 inches and weigh around 0.95 ounces. The manufacturer is ShoesCharms and they are available from August 3, 2021.

Haikyuu Pillow

Haikyuu pillow features Nishinoya and is made from cotton material. The pattern is printed with high 3D quality ink.

The throw pillow has a vibrant double-sided print with dimension 18×18 inches. There is concealed zip for easy care.

It is recommended to use an insert or fill that is bigger than the cover itself to ensure a plump finish and comfortable touches and hug.

The manufacturer is Iuyumei and has a weight around 2.39 ounces. The item composition is using polyester material.

Hinata Figure Haikyuu

Hinata Figure Haikyuu comes from Banpresto with dimensions around 6×4.1×8.2 inches. The age rating is 15 years old or older.

The item weighs 9.9 ounces and is manufactured by Banpresto.

Haikyuu Crow Plush

Haikyuu Crow Plush is featuring Kageyama in a crow costume and comes from Great Eastern Entertainment with dimensions around 3x3x5 inches.

It is using multi-colored and age rating 15 years or older. The Crow plush’s weight is 1.76 ounces and was released on January 12, 2020.

This Haikyuu Crow plush is an officially licensed product since it is manufactured by Great Eastern Entertainment.

Haikyuu Bag

Haikyuu bag is made from canvas and faux leather material, while the lining is polyester. The bag size is 13.4×4.3×10.2 inches.

The Haikyuu bag has an adjustable shoulder strap around 26.8-50.8 inches. The design is using adjustable canvas shoulder straps, snap button closure flap over design, and flap with Haikyuu logo print.

This anime merchandise is equipped with external pockets including 2 zipper pockets, 3 side pockets, and 1 back zipper pocket.

The internal pockets including the main compartment with closure contains 1 big open pocket, 2 mini open pockets, and 1 padded compartment with snap button for 10 inches tablet.

Haikyuu bags are manufactured by Roffatide and imported from China. Bag with solid seams and conforms to the description.

Haikyuu Mouse Pad

Haikyuu mouse pad has a size around 27.6x 15.7 inches and it is made from rubber material. The item thickness is around 3 millimeters.

This haikyuu merchandise was designed for gaming because the surface is made from smooth fabrics for precision mouse control. The rubber base provides heavy grip and security.

Haikyuu mousepad uses waterproof material to prevent damages from water, liquor, or coffee spilled on. You can also wash it easily and the 3D printed won’t fade away.

The item weight is 15.8 ounces and manufactured by Toolala.

Haikyuu Mug

Haikyuu mug is made from ceramic material and has black color. The brand is COOLINKO and has a capacity around 10.88 ounces.

This Haikyuu merchandise can hold the hot beverage, which is liquid around 70°C, and compatible with hot or cold beverages.

This mug is easy to clean by using hand and cold water. It is not recommended to clean with hot water because the 3D printed isn’t so resistant to it.

The item weight is 13.1 ounces and available starting from July 19, 2021.

Haikyuu Kenma Plush

Haikyuu Kenma plush comes from Great Eastern Entertainment with dimensions around 3x2x8 inches. The age rating is 15 years or older.

This Haikyuu merchandise is multi-colored with 8 inches tall. This is a totally officially licensed product by Great Eastern Entertainment. Good for gifts and decoration in your room.

This plush weight is around 3.17 ounces and was released on December 17, 2019.

Haikyuu Banpresto

Haikyuu Banpresto features Hajime Iwaizumi action figure with dimensions around 7.24×4.84×3.66 inches and is made from plastic material.

This Haikyuu merchandise is 6.3-inches figure of Hajime Iwaizumi from the DXF series. 

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