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33+ Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Merchandise – Costume, Action Figure, and More!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the best anime so far, that’s why we listed the best merchandise for you to own!

As the hero overcomes various walls, which is often seen in shounen manga, he gains new power and shoots at even stronger enemies! 

Instead, it was quite refreshing to finally defeat the enemy with the feelings of the bonds between the characters. 

Edward didn’t have any particular skills from start to finish, but he grew up differently and it was fun to watch.

And here is the best anime merchandise related to the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood for you!

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood merchandise

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Media

First thing first, let’s talk about the media including manga, anime Blu-ray, theatrical films, light novels, audio dramas, video games, art and guidebooks.

Manga Box Set

As long as I’m crazy about anime, I’m crazy about Fullmetal Alchemist. When someone asks me what I think is one of the best series ever, my answer is always Fullmetal Alchemist and Hunter X Hunter, but that doesn’t matter.

I think this series is something that everyone can experience. It’s always an absolute pleasure to come back, and even more than half a year after I first witnessed the series, I’m still emotional from thinking about it.

Now, I’ve been looking at this box set for quite some time now. Maybe since 2013? It was the first time I saw a manga box set and it surprised the hearts of young people. The idea of buying the entire series in one package didn’t come to my mind. Of course, I didn’t make any money at the time, so I had to wait.

Six years later, I thought about it and decided to buy this box set. The shipment was very quick. It was in a relatively large box, much larger than the box set itself. To be honest, I was surprised because the edges were not damaged. As soon as I opened it, I went to see the attached poster. It’s not shown in any of the photos, but it’s so cute that I’d like to hang it on the wall next time. Light novels are a great addition just to fill that extra space. I have to read it someday.

The volume itself is absolutely beautiful. The manga collector side of my brain had excitement. Because there is nothing better than seeing the entire series lined up like this. There was no damage to the volume and it was of amazing quality. I took out each of them to admire the covers, and they all looked great.

Now I haven’t read all of Fullmetal Alchemist, but I’ve seen both the 2003 anime and Brotherhood. I’m reading a series with a large volume from a library with missing pages. Now that you’ve set this box, you can easily read the rest of the series.

Anime Box Set 1 Blu-Ray

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Set 1 includes episodes 1-30 of Yasuhiro Irie’s anime and a booklet in a hard box drawn by the original author Hiromu Arakawa. 

Alchemy: The science of understanding, decomposing, and reconstructing matter. But it’s not an all-purpose art. It is impossible to make something out of nothing. 

If you want to get something, you have to pay something of the same value. This equivalent commutative law is the basis of alchemy. 

There is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation. That is something no one should commit. But… Edward and Alphonse Elric broke this taboo in the hope that they could revive their beloved mother. 

As a result, Edward lost his right arm and left leg, and Alphonse was robbed of his entire body. Elric’s brothers set out on a journey to find the “Philosopher’s Stone” to regain his body. 

Featured: Two OVA episodes. 4-Panel Comic Theater; Textless Opening and Ending for Seasons 1 and 2.

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Live Action DVD

If you’ve already seen an anime (either version) or read a manga, this may be a fun movie for you to watch. However, suppose you are not familiar with the series. In that case, we recommend watching this first Fullmetal Alchemist: Season 1 (Viridian Collection). However, if you are not interested in anime, don’t watch this movie.

This disc is available in Japanese and subtitles are available in Chinese, English, and Malay. Hope they can get a voice actor from the anime when this is dubbed. The plot is very similar to the anime/manga until the end of the Shou Tucker story. There, it begins to deviate considerably, incorporating elements of manga and both anime (“original” and “brotherly love”). (The story of Cornello is very much omitted.)

Light Novels

There is a world of alchemy somewhere between magic, art, and science. And Edward and Alphonse Elric traveling into this world-two brothers looking for the philosopher’s stone, the ultimate alchemical treasure!

The mining town of Xenotime is in a better era. Once famous for its skilled goldsmiths, it is now forgotten by the sea of sand, the mines are empty and the fields are barren. The townspeople’s only hope lies in the talented state alchemist Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse. 

But who is the real Edward Elric? When Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother arrived in Xenotime in search of the Philosopher’s Stone, they discovered that two strangers had stolen their name and reputation! 

Will the real Elric brothers set things up correctly, or will the battle between the true and fake brothers shatter Xenotime’s only chance of survival?

In addition, a bonus story, Warehouse 13 Phantom!

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Video Game: Broken Angel PS2

The characters, the voices, and the gestures are all there, but something is different. 

The story was done by Hiromu Arakawa and deviates from the original plot to Millersville, where we meet new faces and conflict. 

This means newly designed environments that haven’t been seen in the story yet and unique enemy designs (mostly with chimeras). 

What I enjoyed about these places was the variation in appearances. 

For example, Reminisce Gorge offers us an exploration of elevated railway tracks and abandoned stations as the sun sets.

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Art and Guidebooks: The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist

After reading various reviews of the three art books, I decided to buy the first two art books. 

As some other reviews have already said, you can see the brushstrokes of the illustrations in the book (I like to see such details, and Arakawa’s comment on her paintings. Made me laugh) And the last postscript of the book gave me a good laugh. 

I knew the books would be expensive, so I reserved space on the bookshelf, but it’s a little over an inch higher than my Nausicaa box set.

Here are the related art and guidebooks:

Cosplay Costume

First of all, I’ve seen the original FMA, and it was very popular and original, but the pace and conclusions didn’t go very well with me. 

“Brotherhood” is intended to be a remake of the original, and this time I’ve been sticking to manga, but some people thought it would ruin the franchise. 

There is only one word to describe this series, so that myth should be dispelled-EPIC.

If you love the series, let’s become one of the FMA family by choosing the right cosplay costume below!

Edward Elric Cosplay Costume

Ed’s trademark is wearing a bright red long-sleeved hooded cloak with a tail hanging down to the upper calf. Decorated in black on his back is Flamel, which represents his guidance under the alchemist Izumi Curtis.

Ed’s outfit varies throughout the series, but he appears to be particularly partial in black, most often wearing black trousers and some sort of black shirt under the coat. Ed wears his usual outfit, mostly a sleeveless black shirt, a black jacket with a silver / white lining on the edges, and a red trench coat-type jacket.

The most common version has a buttoned top on the jacket, indicating a slight shortage of waist-length, and you can see his black shirt. He also wears a wide brown leather belt and a silver state alchemist’s pocket watch.

As part of his attempt to make him look taller, Edward is rarely seen without elevator shoes-black leather boots with thick red soles. In addition, he often wears white gloves in public to hide the fact that his right arm is artificial.

Since these three colors (and the gold of his hair and eyes) are considered important in traditional alchemy, his common outfit is intended to convey red, black, and white motifs.

Read more about Edward Elric Cosplay Costume.

Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume

A big fan of the smart dress, Roy Mustang is rarely seen out of uniform (and even when in uniform, he often wears other accessories, such as a long black coat and white dress gloves), but when dressed in civilian clothes, seems quite partial to the three-piece suit and black tie (often paired with classic scarves, polished dress shoes, and the aforementioned coat and gloves). 

It may be interesting to note that Roy tends toward dark or neutral colors in his clothing, such as subdued dark blue, brown, and black with a minimum of white.

Get more Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume!

Winry Rockbell Cosplay Costume

When working as an engineer, Winry Rockbell wears a beige (sometimes portrayed as green) jumpsuit that is normally pulled down and cinched at her waist, revealing a black tank top. 

She also wears brown gloves, common sandals, and a green scarf that covers her bangs and her hair is tied in a long ponytail. 

After moving to Rush Valley to work with Garfield, Winry wears a black zip-up crop top with a white stripe down the center. 

Winry has her ears pierced in an edgy style with two pairs of identical hoop earrings on each earlobe and two additional cuff earrings are worn vertically on her right ear, above the others.

When she travels to Rush Valley, she is seen wearing a dark blue jacket with a white shirt under it, along with a dark blue skirt and brown boots. Sometimes, she is seen without a jacket.

After the Promised Day, Winry is seen with her hair down and wearing a pink jacket with a black shirt and blue jeans.

At the end of the series, she is seen with her hair down and wearing a white jacket with a long magenta dress, along with blue jeans and light sandals.

Here is more about Windy Rockbell Cosplay Costume

Envy Cosplay Costume

  • Including Full set costume
  • Size: Please select your size according to our size chart As the Product description shows. please select Custom Made If you can’t find the right size. then send your measurements to the seller.
  • Fabric: Uniform
  • Shipping: Standard Shipment: 15-30 days Expedited Shipment: 3-7 days (DHL).
  • Due to the lighting effect of photography and the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. Hope your understanding

Lust Cosplay Costume

She is constantly seen wearing a low-back, strapless, body-hugging black dress, high-heeled black boots, and elegant black gloves with red lines running the entire length to end with circles.

Izumi Curtis Cosplay Costume

Izumi normally wears a long white collared button-down blouse that reveals her cleavage on her loose butt, tight gray pants that reach her ankles, and open-toed sandals that have the letters “W.C.” in them.

Riza Hawkeye Cosplay Costume

She frequently wears a short-sleeved black turtleneck under his military uniform and often wears it with casual clothes as well. 

Although Riza Hawkeye has pointed out (in Perfect Guidebook 2) that skirts restrict movement and are therefore not welcome in a military office, while in civilian clothes, she is mostly seen in long skirts and boots with her hair down.

Get more Riza Hawkeye cosplay costume

Olivier Mira Armstrong Cosplay Costume

In keeping with her lineage as a naturally-born Amestrian and a descendant of Armstrong’s long-standing bloodline, Olivier is a beautiful, pale-skinned woman who bears the family’s trademark features, as she has waist-length blonde hair that is noticeably curly – on the tips – despite being relatively straight with parts of her hair covering her right eye while she is sometimes seen with a lock of hair resting on her left shoulder, light blue or dark blue eyes with long eyelashes and her lips are clearly defined and depicted as quite complete, which makes her one of only three characters in the series (the other two being Lust and Martel) with such a characteristic. Although she is slender, Olivier also sports a fairly muscular build, which gives off a distinct air of legality and command.

Fullmetal Alchemist Uniform

A costume based on the character Riza Hawkeye from the hit anime Fullmetal Alchemist!

Accurately crafted from the Amestris State Military uniforms from the series.

Perfect for cosplay conventions, photo shoots, or Halloween!

It is recommended to dry clean or hand wash this garment with a mild detergent and air dry.

Action Figure

I hate stories that don’t end properly. The works and writers who are generally highly evaluated and enjoyable to read and watch, but do not finish the story properly (cannot finish) are personally below. Specifically, Dragon Ball and Evangelion are good examples. Perry Rhodan and Guin Saga are also dung. In that respect, this work is very wonderful in both the original and the anime.

Profound themes such as the view of life and death, family love, the growth of immature young people and the story of adults who should watch over and guide them, and hate are linked to the struggle of the persecuted ethnic minorities.

Various stories are mixed and united, everything becomes hints and excites the story, converges to one point and finally, everything is collected and a big circle from the catastrophe of great excitement.

After all, the story must be like this with great characters! For this reason, let’s collect some Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood action figures below!

Edward Elric Action Figure

Buy him!!! buy 2 if you can because I can tell you that you won’t find a better Ed or Alphonse figure for this reasonable price. It is a 1:6 scale figure. Easily possible.

For me, Ed and Al were my grail as a collector if they are for you to get them before they go to eBay resellers who will want up to 300 each. Just buy it. You will be happy.

The detail and articulation are so advanced. The clothes are made like there are designer clothing boutiques made for action figures.

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Alphonse Elric Action Figure

For the price, this is not a bad figure at all. However, it should be noted that the one I received is not the same color as the one in the photos. 

It’s a bit closer to a flat gray color and next to my other Alphonse Elric figures it looks a bit off. On top of that, the brushed metal finish isn’t as noticeable and can make the figure look flat.

For the price, the figure size and overall quality are good. You can’t get much better than this at this price, so there’s no reason for me to give it less than 5 stars. 

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Roy Mustang Action Figure

From “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” comes a 1/8 scale figure of The Flame Alchemist “Roy Mustang”. 

Sitting proudly in a chair draped with the military flag, Colonel Mustang, who fights for his beliefs, exudes confidence and determination. 

The Amestris State Army uniform jacket is detachable. Chess pieces and hand gloves are included. 

There are also two interchangeable faces to create various scenes with different accessory combinations.

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Winry Rockbell Action Figure

It will be shipped from Tokyo, Japan

It will take 10-17 business days until your goods arrive since your payment.

Here is more about Windy Rockbell Action Figure

Ling Yao Action Figure

I’ve been looking for a high-quality Greed figure for a long time so I bit the bullet when this came out. 

It is a good quality figure, but I wish it was a little cheaper.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Figure from Megahouse!
  • Base Stand included
  • Official Licensed Product
  • Fullmetal Alchemist

King Bradley Action Figure

  • FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Figure from Megahouse!
  • Base Stand included
  • Official Licensed Product
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST figure from Megahouse! Base stand included. Officially licensed product. Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 8 inches.

Envy Action Figure

For some reason, Amazon thinks it’s a blanket, so it asks me about warmth and thickness, two things the Envy doesn’t have.

In any case, we bought it as a Christmas present. It’s a nice Nendo and it came with all the necessary parts. It’s fairly easy to customize and came with no noticeable blemishes. It’s a good collectible, especially if you can score the other FMA characters on the set.

This price is one of the cheapest prices I can find for a new, unopened Envy, so I’d suggest buying it if you’re on the fence.

Overall a great Nendoroid. It has some joint issues that make it a pain to stay in place, but once it’s in, you can set it up nicely.

Lust Action Figure

This figure is another beautiful addition to the FmA Pop! line, very similar to the character we know from manga and anime. 

The details are on point, the colors are perfectly in tune and match the source material, and the figure is sturdy and very well modeled. 

She has no problem standing on his transparent stand. I recommend it to any fan of the series.

As a side note, since I suppose some might be interested in keeping the figure in the box, mine came with the exclusive Hot Topic label. 

But if you want to take it out of the box as I do, it looks just wonderful on a shelf.

Riza Hawkeye Action Figure

From the popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood comes a Pop Up Parade figure of Colonel Mustang’s aide, Riza Hawkeye! 

Riza has been created in Pop Up Parade form in a dignified standing pose. Be sure to add her to your collection along with the other Pop Up Parade figure from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood receives a lot of praise in the MAL community, it is the #1 show and is constantly mentioned as a masterpiece and the best show ever made. 

I’ve seen a lot of fans preach about how it “lives up to the hype” and “can never get too much praise.” 

Now, this is just one guy’s opinion. I’m certainly not the law of the land or anything. However, I feel that calling FMA:B a masterpiece and the champion of all shows is a bit of a stretch. 

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it or that it’s not a very solid addition to the ranks of notable shows; I would like to start this review by saying that I think FMA:B is a very good show and I wouldn’t be so hard on it if it weren’t for the God status the show has achieved in America. 

I’d happily return “greatest show ever made” to “best full-length shonen ever made if you haven’t seen 2011’s, Hunter X Hunter.”

We also listed several Fullmetal Alchemist apparels for you!

Fullmetal Alchemist Hoodie

  • Fabric: high-quality polyester, soft and comfortable fabric, pullover hoodie, long sleeve hoodie, with two front pockets.
  • Occasions: Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie perfect for daily wear, theme parties, costume balls, family gatherings, Halloween, clothing parties, cosplay, role play photography, etc.

Fullmetal Alchemist Jacket

The hoodie is made of high-quality polyester fiber, which is comfortable and breathable, available to wear no matter in spring, autumn, and winter.

This hoodie is perfect for beautiful spring and fall! Whether it’s shopping, sports, vacation, party, dating, or work, it’s a good choice, perfect to match with your favorite jeans or pants.

Fullmetal Alchemist Jewelry

This is a very durable and well-made necklace. My friend has acid skin, which makes it very difficult for him to wear jewelry. 

This necklace has been worn every day for months and still looks brand new.

Fullmetal Alchemist Jacket Symbol

This hoodie is awesome! Looks great! The sleeves aren’t actually in the picture but it says Fullmetal on one sleeve and Alchemist on the other! 

I was expecting more of a cotton feel from the product image, but it is more of a polyester. That doesn’t bother me so I’m still happy!

It’s made of slippery material and is very nice, but not effective against cold weather, although it’s great to wear when it’s cold!

Fullmetal Alchemist Necklace

The pocket watch is beautiful, although the pendant on the necklace could be a bit thicker as I can easily bend it, I don’t see any situation where it could bend out of place or even break. 

I can’t say much about the ring, although I do wish there was an option to go one size larger. 

There are no real complaints, no flaws that I can see, nothing that detracts from its quality. 

Also, for anyone wondering what the ring is, I think since this is Ed’s watch, this is Winry’s engagement/wedding ring.

Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch

The watch works as expected, and the design looks great. 

If you are looking for cosplay, it is worth buying. If you are looking for a completely authentic watch, there are some inaccuracies. 

The “Don’t Forget” message isn’t engraved, but it’s technically in the wrong direction. 

Another thing is the crest on the watch face. Not only is it not manga/anime accurate, but you also have to squint a bit every time you look at the time, as it can often obscure the hands of the clock. 

These complaints are only minor though, I think you get more than your price is worth.

Fullmetal Alchemist Ring

The bezel of the ring measures 16 mm in diameter. The image is created using a professional printer and is encased behind a glass dome. 

The ring is adjustable so it fits most adult fingers. Glass dome width – 16mm / 0.63″ Total ring width – 16mm / 0.63″ Adjustable ring base, this ring is brand new and handmade. 

Packaging: Your jewelry will arrive in a gift bag, making it ready for gift giving.

Fullmetal Alchemist Shirt

100% cotton, pull-on closure, and machine washable.

This cotton t-shirt has a special design and unique structure, a popular item. It is designed to remember the moment of the lucky encounter that brings you together, the unique 3D printed design is a great gift idea for you and your family, lover, or friends.

Other Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Merch

FMA Brotherhood is an anime that needs no introduction. This is the highest-rated anime in all of MAL. This is the anime that the current generation of anime fans holds above all others as the greatest anime ever made!

And here are some Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Merch for you!

Fullmetal Alchemist Keychain

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • US Company – Ships from the USA
  • Measures 1.25 inches wide

Fullmetal Alchemist Poster

All of the posters were amazing and exactly what I was told they would look like. The paper has a nice texture that is better than regular paper but not shiny like a photograph, and I like that. 

Overall, this product was a great purchase, and I would buy from them again.


Below are the core information related to the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. We also cover some FAQs!

What is Alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Alchemy is a science in which one understands the structure of matter, breaks it down, and then rebuilds it. However, it is not an all-powerful technique, as you cannot create something from nothing.

If one wants to win something, he must present something of equal value. This is the concept of equivalent exchange, the fundamental basis of alchemy.

However, there is a taboo in alchemy, Human Transmutation. One should not commit this act.

Philosopher's Stone

A heavenly stone that destroyed Xerxes overnight. The great elixir that had been sealed away by a sage from the west. 

There are many names for it, but to put it simply, it is something that reinforces alchemy. That is the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Who is Truth in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Truth is an existence that people call the “world”. In other words, the universe. In other words, God. In other words, the “Truth”. In other words, entirety. In other words, “one”. And, he is ourselves.

What Caused the Ishvalan War?

Ishvalans were a tribe of people in the East who worshiped Ishvala as their sole creator and God. There were some cases of disputes after the annexation of the country, but thirteen years ago, when a military officer mistakenly shot and killed an Ishvalan child, the situation turned into a civil war.

A riot sparked more unrest, and civil war eventually spread throughout the east. The order given from the highest military level after seven years of battle was the extermination of Ishvalan.

Many state alchemists were bound to act as human weapons. And the state alchemists produced remarkable achievements.

That’s why one of the Ishvalans’ survivors, Scar, has a legitimate reason to want revenge.