Durarara x2 – A Journey through Chaos, Identity, and Supernatural Mysteries

Durarara x2 is an electrifying anime series renowned for its unconventional storytelling and vibrant character ensemble.

Employing a rare “vantage point” narrative structure, the show diverges from traditional linear storytelling by interweaving interconnected tales in a seemingly disjointed manner.

Despite the inherent complexity of this approach, “Durarara x2” adeptly navigates the intricacies, delivering a captivating and coherent narrative experience.

Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the series propels the storyline forward with relentless energy, akin to a skateboarder navigating the winding streets of San Francisco’s Lombard Street.

This amalgamation of eccentric characters and unpredictable plot twists creates a thrilling viewing experience, distinguishing “Durarara x2” as a trailblazer in the anime landscape.

Durarara x2 Plot Synopsis

Durarara x2 is a sequel to the initial television series “Durarara!!“, continuing its narrative trajectory.

The storyline is divided into three distinct segments known as “cours,” each representing a quarter of a year and subtitled Shō (Understanding), Ten (Motion), and Ketsu (Conclusion) respectively.

Set in the vibrant district of Ikebukuro in Tokyo, the series resumes approximately six months after the tumultuous events involving the Yellow Scarves gang.

Ikebukuro, now returning to its regular hustle and bustle, sees the resumption of high school activities, Izaya’s manipulations, and the continued escapades of Celty, the enigmatic headless rider who remains a target of police attention.

However, this semblance of normalcy is shattered with the emergence of a new threat known as “Hollywood,” a serial killer who adopts a different persona with each crime.

The urban landscape of Ikebukuro plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Durarara x2.

Known for its peculiar rumors and local factions, the district sets the stage for a series of interconnected events.

The city’s atmosphere is laden with mystery and intrigue, with odd occurrences becoming a common sight, adding depth to the storyline.

Despite a brief period of tranquility, the fabric of Ikebukuro is soon torn apart once again as the various plotlines intertwine, plunging the city into a new wave of chaos and conflict.

Character Profiles

Durarara x2 presents a diverse cast of characters, each contributing their unique roles and personalities to the narrative.

Here are some of the pivotal characters:

  1. Izaya Orihara: A cunning and manipulative information broker renowned for inciting turmoil in Ikebukuro.
  2. Shizuo Heiwajima: Known for his extraordinary strength and volatile temper, he works as a bodyguard in Ikebukuro, often conflicting with Izaya.
  3. Celty Sturluson: Dubbed the “Headless Rider,” she traverses the city on a black motorcycle. Celty, a Dullahan from Ireland, searches Ikebukuro for her misplaced head.
  4. Mikado Ryuugamine: A high school student who relocated to Ikebukuro and initiated the Dollars gang. He frequently becomes entangled in the city’s bizarre occurrences.
  5. Anri Sonohara: A reserved high school girl harboring a secret – she wields the cursed sword, Saika.
  6. Shinra Kishitani: An underground physician infatuated with Celty, and a longtime acquaintance of Izaya and Shizuo.
  7. Masaomi Kida: Mikado’s closest companion and former leader of the Yellow Scarves gang.

Each character is propelled by distinct motivations and traits that propel their actions.

For instance, Izaya revels in creating chaos and observing its aftermath, contrasting with Shizuo’s aversion to violence despite frequently engaging in skirmishes due to his short fuse.

Mikado initially appears naive but gradually unveils a multifaceted and darker side as the series unfolds.

The dynamic interplay between these varied characters enriches the complex and captivating narrative of Durarara x2.


Durarara x2 delves into several themes that intricately weave through its storyline:

  1. Identity and Self-Discovery: Many characters embark on a quest for self-discovery, grappling with their true identities. This theme is exemplified by Mikado Ryuugamine, who undergoes a transformation from a newcomer in Ikebukuro to the enigmatic leader of the Dollars gang, revealing deeper layers to his personality as the series unfolds.
  2. Urban Legends and Supernatural: Set in the enigmatic city of Ikebukuro, renowned for its peculiar rumors and local factions, the series intertwines supernatural elements and urban legends into its narrative fabric. The presence of entities like the Headless Rider, such as Celty, adds an air of mystery and fascination to the storyline.
  3. Interconnectedness and Chaos: Ikebukuro emerges as a bustling urban landscape where seemingly disparate events and characters are intricately linked. The series thrives on depicting the chaotic interplay of these connections, showcasing how the city’s pulse influences the lives of its inhabitants.
  4. Power and Control: The struggle for dominance and control forms a recurring motif within the series. Various factions and individuals vie for power in Ikebukuro, leading to a dynamic landscape of conflict and intrigue.

These themes manifest vividly through the characters and their interactions.

For instance, Mikado’s evolution from a timid high schooler to a figure of authority within the gang illustrates the theme of identity and self-discovery.

The intricate relationships among the characters mirror the theme of interconnectedness, while the supernatural elements embodied by Celty breathe life into the urban legends theme.

Lastly, the power struggles among factions in the city epitomize the theme of power and control, portraying Ikebukuro as a battleground for dominance.

Animation and Art Style

Durarara x2 is renowned for its distinctive art style and animation quality, setting it apart from its predecessor.

The series adopts a rougher art style, adding a unique flavor to its visuals.

However, some critics have pointed out occasional lapses in animation quality, where scenes lack cohesion and fluidity.

Despite these critiques, Durarara x2 boasts memorable visual elements and scenes that captivate viewers.

One standout feature is the character of Celty Sturluson, known as the Headless Rider, who traverses the city on her iconic black motorcycle, creating striking imagery.

The series also showcases diverse and vibrant settings and backgrounds that authentically capture the essence of Ikebukuro, the bustling city district where the story unfolds.

While specific standout scenes weren’t identified, Durarara x2 is acclaimed for its intricate plot twists and character dynamics, resulting in visually arresting moments.

For instance, the ongoing police pursuit of Celty and the introduction of the enigmatic murderer “Hollywood” contribute to visually engaging sequences that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Reception and Reviews

Durarara x2 has garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike.

On MyAnimeList, the series boasts a score of 7.98 and holds the impressive rank of #644 in popularity.

Similarly, on IMDb, it maintains a commendable rating of 8.2/10.

One review on MyAnimeList lauds the series for its innovative storytelling approach, describing it as a vantage point narrative structure seldom seen in anime.

While acknowledging the abundance of quirky characters and entertaining escapades, the review also acknowledges some recurring issues that were present in the first season.

Another critique from The Anime Critic hails Durarara!!x2 Ten as a captivating continuation that skillfully expands upon the enigmatic world of Ikebukuro, its eccentric denizens, and their interconnected lives.

The review applauds the series for its gripping storyline, intricate character development, and impressive audio-visual presentation.

These reviews and ratings underscore the series’ acclaim for its unique storytelling style, well-developed characters, and compelling plotlines.

However, like any work of fiction, it’s not without its flaws.

Nonetheless, Durarara x2 has resonated with a broad audience, earning praise from viewers and critics alike for its engaging narrative and richly developed universe.

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