Durarara SH Light Novels – Sequel to the Original Series

Durarara!! SH, Vol. 1 (light novel) (Durarara!! SH (light novel), 1)

Durarara SH light novels, the sequel to the original Durarara!! series, picks up the wild tales of Ikebukuro where they left off. 

Written by Ryohgo Narita and spruced up with illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda, it’s your ticket to another round of urban legends and enigmatic occurrences. 

Set a year and a half post the first series, it introduces fresh faces like Yahiro Mizuchi, the Headless Rider hunter, Kuon Kotonami, shadow-wielder extraordinaire, and Himeka Tatsugami, the self-proclaimed sister of the Headless Rider. 

With four volumes already in the bag and the fifth around the corner, the excitement is far from over. 

Dive into the world of Durarara!! SH for a wild ride and collect them as one of your Durarara merch collections!

Volume 1

Celty’s absence hasn’t dimmed her impact on Ikebukuro. In volume 1 of Durarara!! SH, we meet Yahiro Mizuchi, a seeker of urban legends like the Headless Rider. 

Kuon Kotonami has profit on the brain, eyeing Celty as a potential goldmine. Himeka Tatsugami seeks her vanished sister, lost to the same urban legends. 

Mysterious disappearances add to the chaos. When this new trio enters Raira Academy, you can bet on even more bizarre adventures unfolding. 

Dive into this urban legend-filled world where nothing is as it seems, and the Headless Rider’s legend lives on in unexpected ways.

Volume 2

Durarara SH Light Novels Volume 2 continues the wild ride in Ikebukuro! With Celty back in the spotlight, the mysteries of the city deepen. 

As Yahiro Mizuchi, Kuon Kotonami, and Himeka Tatsugami uncover the truth behind the disappearances, they find themselves drawn deeper into the urban legends that haunt the city. 

With each revelation, they come closer to understanding the enigma of the Headless Rider. 

Get ready for more twists, turns, and surprises in this thrilling installment of the Durarara SH series!

Volume 3

“Durarara SH Light Novels Volume 3” brings more chaos to Ikebukuro! As Yahiro Mizuchi, Kuon Kotonami, and Himeka Tatsugami continue their adventures, the city’s mysteries deepen. 

From costumed assailants to anime-inspired frenzies, Ikebukuro remains as unpredictable as ever. 

With the Headless Rider making her presence felt once more, obsessions, extreme fans, and haters collide in a whirlwind of events. 

Prepare for more thrilling encounters and shocking revelations as the story unfolds in this third volume of the Durarara SH series!

Volume 4

In the heart of Ikebukuro lies Sonohara-dou, a shop brimming with curiosities. Saika, the cursed sword in Anri’s possession, draws many curious visitors. 

However, one night, the shop falls victim to a break-in. Anri, unsure if anything was stolen, receives support from her friends Yahiro, Kuon, and Himeka. 

Meanwhile, Celty, back in action as a courier with a new mysterious job, learns of Anri’s plight. 

Her visit to the shop reveals a web of Saika-related individuals, including Akabayashi. 

What secrets lie behind this sudden rush to control Saika? Dive into the mystery in “Durarara SH Light Novels Volume 4”!