Durarara Light Novels – Your Ultimate Guide to Ikebukuro’s Secrets


Hey there, fellow bookworms! Ever heard of Durarara Light Novels? This Japanese gem, penned by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda, is taking the world by storm!

Yup, Yen Press grabbed the rights for North America. So, what’s in this literary buffet?

You’ve got the OG Durarara!!, a 10-year masterpiece by Narita from 2004 to 2014. 

Ready to dive into this epic world? Here are the list of light novels that could be the best part of your Durarara merch collections. 

Volume 1

Yen Press nailed the Durarara Light Novel Volume 1 translation! Trust me, fan translations can’t compete. It’s your gateway to the series, whether you’re new or a seasoned anime fan.

This gem mirrors the anime’s early episodes, introducing you to teen gangs, supernatural beings, and a city where all this jazz happens. Way cooler than it sounds!

Major shoutout to Yen for bringing this to us. The book is rock-solid – sturdy binding, just-right pages, and crisp text. Even the illustrations pop in black and white. It’s a tad wider than expected, but hey, more Durarara goodness! Totally worth it, and the pre-order hype was real. Get it on your shelf, pronto!

Volume 2

Durarara Light Novel Volume 2 packs a punch! If you loved the anime, this one’s a must. It dives deep into Celty and the complex theme of love. The writing is on fire, and the chat logs at the end of each chapter? Genius! The anime didn’t do it justice, but this book? It’s a rollercoaster of excitement. Get your hands on it pronto! 

Volume 3

Durarara Light Novel Volume 3 is a game-changer! 

The anime might have added some spice, but even in its purest form, this arc is gold. 

This book takes the crown as the best in the series. 

If you’ve been riding the Durarara wave, you can’t miss this one. 

Trust us, it’s lit! 

Volume 4

Volume 4 of Durarara Light Novel is where the plot thickens, just like your favorite milkshake! 

It kicks off the Durarara!!x2 Shou arc, and let us tell you, it’s a wild ride from the start. 

Ryohgo Narita’s storytelling genius shines through, and the English translation? 


If you’re into Dollars, Saika, and the Yellow Scarves, you’ll devour this like your go-to snack. 

Bottom line: it’s lit, and you need it on your bookshelf. 

Volume 5

Volume 5 of Durarara Light Novel is like an extra scoop of your fave ice cream on a sunny day. 

It’s packed with more character depth and backstory than you can shake a cellphone at. 

If you thought the anime was cool, this novel cranks it up a notch, diving deep into the characters’ inner workings. 

Totally worth every penny, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and plot twists. 

Don’t miss out!

Volume 6

Buckle up, readers! Volume 6 of Durarara Light Novel is a wild ride. Shizuo’s on the run after getting framed by that sneaky Izaya. 

Mikado’s finally waking up to the chaos his pals are in. Anri’s fleeing her house, clueless about the craziness outside. 

Akane’s in for some surprises, and Shinra’s just waiting at home, being Shinra. 

Aoba’s plotting, Chikage’s out for revenge on the Dollars, and there’s a mysterious figure who might just save the day. 

Ikebukuro’s turning upside down again, and you won’t want to miss a second of it! 

Volume 7

Hang on tight because Ikebukuro’s still buzzing in Volume 7 of Durarara Light Novel! 

Even after Izaya’s stabbing, the city’s far from calm. 

Odd couples roam, sisters watch over brothers, and two ladies are on a strength quest, eyeing the town’s toughest guy. 

Twins do their thing, a yakuza’s stuck in the past, and an underground doc just wants a quiet vacation with a headless dullahan. 

Ikebukuro never sleeps, and this volume’s a wild ride! 

Volume 8

Volume 8 of Durarara Light Novel serves up more Ikebukuro drama! 

The aftermath of Izaya’s stabbing lingers in the city, but something bigger’s brewing. 

Classmates explore, siblings watch over each other, and a girl aims to take down Ikebukuro’s strongest. 

Mischievous twins do their thing, a Russian gal contemplates life, a yakuza dwells on the past, and a doc just wants to chill with a headless dullahan. 

Ikebukuro’s hustle and bustle never stops, and this volume’s a rollercoaster! 

Volume 9

Volume 9 of Durarara Light Novel delves into the murky world of Izaya Orihara, the master manipulator. 

While helping the Awakusu-kai with a drug problem, he ends up in a tight spot. The roots of his troubles trace back to his youth. 

Meanwhile, Shinra spills about his middle school days with Izaya and the peculiar connection to his car. 

Amidst the chaos, can Izaya keep his grip on Ikebukuro? 

Volume 10

In the vibrant streets of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, something’s amiss. The enigmatic Dollars and their allies are vanishing, one by one. 

Are they ditching the gang for solo adventures, or is a grand scheme brewing, courtesy of the Awakusu Group, black market players, and info brokers? 

The city’s never been crazier! 

Volume 11

In the chaotic labyrinth of Ikebukuro, the plot thickens! 

The enigmatic Dollars keep vanishing, like socks in a washing machine, all ending up in a mysterious spot. 

Meanwhile, Anri’s playing nurse to the unconscious Kadota, but guess who crashes the party? 

None other than our trouble-stirring information broker. 

Brace yourselves, because what he’s got to spill is bound to ruffle some feathers!

Volume 12

Ikebukuro’s spiraling into chaos, folks! 

Kujiragi’s pulling some Saika strings to control Shinra, turning our beloved Headless Rider into a true monster. 

Ran Izumii, Masaomi’s old nemesis, resurfaces for a rematch. 

Romance brews as Saki chats with Anri about Masaomi. 

Kadota mysteriously vanishes, Celty’s noggin is on the line, and Shizuo’s gearing up for the ultimate showdown with his arch-nemesis. 

Amid this epic whirlwind, what’s Mikado’s game-changing power move, and what chaos does he plan to stir up next? 

Buckle up, Durarara!! fans, it’s about to get wild! 

Volume 13

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the epicenter of chaos, where friendships fracture and rivalries reach a boiling point. 

Former allies now stand as foes, their paths colliding. Bitter enemies, long on edge, teeter on the brink of confrontation. 

A girl once confined by her circumstances seeks acceptance. Love, once sweet, now faces its toughest trial. 

And amidst this turmoil, the Headless Rider reveals her true self. As the Dollar’s story began, all converge at its birthplace. 

Brace yourselves for the finale of this twisted love saga!