How to Celty Sturluson Cosplay – Costume, Helmet, Scythe, Boots, and more

Celty Sturluson, also known as The Black Rider or The Headless Rider, is an intriguing character from the anime “Durarara!!“.

Below are some steps to guide you in creating a Celty Sturluson cosplay:

Black Catsuit

Celty Sturluson Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

Celty is renowned for her signature sleek black catsuit.

To emulate her look, seek out a snug black jumpsuit or bodysuit. 

Yellow Motorcycle Helmet

Celty’s signature yellow motorcycle helmet is a must-have accessory. 

You have the option to buy a similar helmet or get creative and make a custom one with foam, paint, and various crafting supplies. 

Just ensure that the helmet fits snugly, covering your head completely without any gaps.

Scythe Prop

Celty brandishes a scythe as her weapon of choice. 

To craft a prop replica, consider using materials like foam or cardboard for a lightweight version. 

Then, give it a coat of silver or metallic gray paint to mimic the look of her iconic scythe.

Black Motorcycle Boots

Discover the perfect pair of knee-high black boots that will complement your ensemble. 

They must offer comfort for prolonged walking and standing, especially at conventions.

Optional Accessories

To enhance the look further, think about incorporating gloves, a belt, or additional accessories that complement Celty’s distinctive style.

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