Celty Durarara Motorcycle Cat Helmet – An Iconic Collectible for Anime Fans

Celty Durarara Helmet is this badass-looking headgear from the anime “Durarara!!“.

It’s worn by Celty Sturluson, this mysterious character who’s also a Dullahan, a headless horseman from Irish folklore.

The helmet is sleek, all black, with a wicked design that adds to Celty’s enigmatic vibe.

It’s not just for show either; this thing serves a purpose in the anime, helping Celty zip around the city on her motorcycle like a boss.

Fans love it for its unique look and the intrigue it adds to Celty’s character.

It’s like the cherry on top of her whole mysterious persona.

What is Celty Durarara Helmet?

Celty Sturluson, a character from the anime series Durarara!!, rocks this cool helmet and rides a badass motorcycle.


Celty’s helmet is this funky mix of yellow and blue, kinda shaped like a cat’s head.

It’s a key part of her all-black biker getup, which she can summon whenever she wants.

You can snag yourself a replica of Celty’s iconic helmet from various online stores.


So get this, Celty’s motorcycle is actually a supernatural creature called a Cóiste Bodhar in disguise.

It used to cruise around as a headless horse, but now it’s this sleek black motorcycle.

Rumor has it that the model she rides in Durarara!! is a Honda Super Cub C100.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Celty Sturluson’s helmet in “Durarara!!” is a crucial part of her look and adds a lot to her overall vibe.

Here’s the lowdown:


  • It’s rocking this yellow and blue color combo.
  • Shaped like a cat’s head, giving it a unique flair.
  • Part of her slick all-black biker outfit that she can summon at will.

Contribution to Style:

  • This funky helmet adds to Celty’s whole mysterious and supernatural aura in the series.
  • The cat-like shape adds a playful touch to her otherwise serious demeanor.
  • It fits perfectly with her “Black Rider” or “Headless Rider” image.
  • Plus, it’s practical too, hiding the fact that she’s, well, headless.

All in all, Celty’s helmet is a standout piece that defines her character in “Durarara!!”.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Making a replica of Celty Sturluson’s helmet from “Durarara!!” is all about mixing materials and getting crafty.

Check it out:


  • In the anime, Celty’s helmet is this shadowy stuff that pops up whenever she wants.
  • For real-life replicas, folks use all sorts of stuff. Think base helmets, painters tape, cardboard or tagboard, gesso, sandpaper, clay, and wood glue.

Craftsmanship and Detail:

  • People handcraft these helmets with serious attention to detail, trying to match the anime version.
  • They nail the cat-like shape and the yellow-blue color combo, going the extra mile.
  • Each helmet gets a bunch of paint and sanding rounds to look smooth.

Keep in mind, everyone’s got their own spin on this process, so it might vary.

And hey, safety first when you’re messing with these materials and tools!

Functional Features

Celty Sturluson’s helmet in “Durarara!!” isn’t just for show; it’s got some serious functional and storytelling mojo.

Functional Stuff:

  • This helmet’s made of this cool shadowy stuff that she can summon whenever she wants. Super handy!
  • It helps her fit in with us regular folks by hiding the fact that, well, she’s headless.
  • She even uses a bit of her shadowy goodness to track down someone’s bike. Talk about resourceful!

Storytelling Vibes:

  • It’s a big part of Celty’s whole “Black Rider” deal, adding to her air of mystery and magic.
  • With that unique design and her all-black gear, she’s definitely a standout character.
  • This helmet isn’t just an accessory; it’s a key player in defining Celty and her role in “Durarara!!”.

Popularity and Fan Appeal

Celty Sturluson’s helmet from “Durarara!!” is a hit among anime fans for a bunch of reasons:

  1. Iconic Design: This thing stands out big time with its cat-like shape and bright yellow-blue combo. You can spot it from a mile away!
  2. Character Connection: Celty’s already a fan favorite, and her helmet is like her trademark. It’s part of what makes her so cool.
  3. Story Impact: The helmet’s not just for looks; it’s a key player in the anime, adding to Celty’s whole mystical vibe.

Now, for the fan buzz:

  • One fan raved about how the helmet totally nails Celty’s vibe and is super versatile. But they did mention it could be more consistent with realistic models.
  • Another fan loved a plush version of the helmet, saying it’s so spot-on, you might even try wearing it!

These reviews show just why Celty’s helmet is such a big deal among “Durarara!!” fans.

Collectors’ Item

The Celty Sturluson helmet from “Durarara!!” is seriously a hot item for anime collectors. Here’s the scoop:

Collector’s Dream:

  • It’s all about that unique design and its link to everyone’s fave character, Celty Sturluson. People go nuts for it!
  • This helmet is like a badge of honor for “Durarara!!” fans. If you’re serious about the show, you gotta have it.

Where to Find:

  • You can snag one of these babies on eBay or Etsy, usually listed as cosplay gear or a sweet collectible.
  • And get this: there are all kinds of versions out there, from 3D models to plushies and beyond.
  • Some crafty sellers even offer custom-made pieces, making them even more special.

Prices and Availability:

  • Prices? Well, they vary. So it’s smart to shop around and compare before diving in.
  • And remember, availability can change, so keep your eyes peeled and hit up different sources.

Just a heads up: Prices and availability might shift, so always be sure to buy from legit sellers and double-check those collectibles. Happy hunting! 😊

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