Durarara Helmet Black

Personalized Cool Cat Ear Electric Motorcycle Helmet Winter Full Helmet Men and Women Racing Shaped Motorcycle Helmet (M, Black)

Durarara helmet black is a variation of the durarara helmet that has a black color scheme instead of the original yellow and blue. It is also inspired by Celty Sturluson’s helmet, but it has a more stealthy and cool appearance. Some fans prefer the Durarara helmet black because it matches their motorcycle or outfit better. … Read more

Durarara Helmet

Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet Cat Helmet with Ears Neko Cat Ears Helmet (XX-Large, Yellow)

Durarara helmet is a helmet that resembles the one worn by Celty Sturluson, a character from the anime and manga series Durarara merchandise. Celty is a headless rider who works as a transporter in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. She wears a black helmet with yellow cat ears and a yellow stripe on the front. The helmet also … Read more