Barnaby Brooks Merchandise – Figures and more

Barnaby Brooks is a rookie hero who does not conceal his secret identity and the newest addition to Hero TV. Are you fan of him? Make sure you get these Barnaby Brooks merchandise.

Barnaby is logical and won’t rush off into a fight without a plan. Unlike his partner, he is only part in the hero business for the points he earned in his hero career.

This time, we will give you list of anime merchandise related to Barnaby Brooks.

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Action Figures

“I’ll never forget that you wasted three minutes of my life.”

Bandai MG Figurerise

MG Figurerise of Barnaby Brooks is no paint and no glue required. 

The item includes runner X16, foil sticker, tetron sticker, water slide, eye sticker, and instruction manual.

This figure is a MG Figurerise, meaning it is a model kit and needs to be assembled. 

Painting is optional, because it looks good out of the box.

It has great articulation (lots of poses are possible, especially if you have an Action Base) and fine details (little notches on the armor and frame), has clear parts (that glow under a blacklight), and comes with both waterslide decals and stickers for Barnaby’s sponsor logos on his armor

Written in Japanese but doesn’t matter with the step by step picture built instructions. This is a very good model, great for building experience, he is 10 inches tall with a stand, he has 286 pieces, he comes with water slide and sticker decals, and this number does not include his good luck mode.

Bandai 12 Inches PM

12 inches PM of Barnaby Brooks action figure is LED gimmick by Bandai Tamashii Nations. It includes interchageable face and hands, plus display stand.

This is an extremely expensive figure, and does not come with as many accessories as the 12″ Wild Tiger.

Bandai SH Figuarts

SH Figuarts of Barnaby Brooks action figure includes good luck mode parts. 

It also has special display stand. Corporate logos accurately reproduced including Bandai and!

He comes with a personalized Tamashii Stand that is red and says his name. 

He also comes with his “Good Luck Mode” leg that is a pain to put on but is very awesome to pose with Wild Tiger’s good luck mode. 

He also comes with an extra forearm logo that says “” like he did in the first movie.

Overall articulation is very standard like most S.H figuarts. His arms can’t go above his shoulder without moving his entire elbow. His two jetpack things on his back are on ball joints so they are easy to move to pull off some cool poses.

All the important details are crisp and sharp, especially his “bunny” ears, He stands well with other figures of this line, and if you can afford to grab him.

Excellent quality for the price. Heavy, nice paintwork, articulation is okay (although it could stand to be a little more flexible to,sit better on the Double Chaser, which is sold separately), extra parts are nice to have.

The paint and coloring is spot on, and the little details like the tiny bunny emblem on his chest, movable jetpack things on the back, and even a piece to change the logo on one of his arm guards really take it to the next level.

Normal release ver with good luck mode feet, barnaby brooks jr stand, additional arm guards n various hands. Well made figure. Fully articulated. Portray barnaby brooks jr really well from the anime.


Bandai Chibi Arts

Chibi arts of Barnaby Brooks action figure includes interchangeable faces and bangs with fride rice. Special display stand with catchphrase.

Bandai Figuarts Zero

Figuarts Zero of Barnaby Brooks action figure is fixed pose with interchangeable face parts. It is Tamashii web exclusive and includes special display stand.

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Plush Doll

-no quote is available-

Cosplay Alpaca Prime

Cosplay Alpaca Prime of Barnaby Brooks plush doll is approximately 12 inches in tall. He is cute and cuddly plush.

Very nice and soft. Just like the picture. A little smushed over the journey but only because it’s a plushie and is easily fixable. A little small but probably because the ears were measured too.

Cosplay Alpaca Hero Suit Prime

Cosplay Alpaca hero suit prime of Barnaby Brooks plush doll is approximately 12 inches in tall. He is cute and cuddly plush.