Yuru Yuri Merchandise – Nendoroid, Poster, and much more

So this anime is basicly Japanese lesbian middle-schoolers doing cute and entertaining stuff (the yuri stuff never gets past sort-of unintentional kiss). For anyone who love this anime, the collecting Yuru Yuri merchandise is a great idea!

If this sounds entertaining or fun to you, then congratulations. You will probably find this anime very enjoyable.

This time, we will give you a list of anime merchandise related to Yuru Yuri series.

yuru yuri merchandise
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Season 1 Complete Collection

For any Yuru Yuri fans, the anime blu-ray should be the first item you need to collect! It is the first season of the series and complete collection and standard edition.

Do not be judgmental about the name “Yuri” being in there. I feel like it’s more leaning towards Slice of Life/ Comedy. 

It does, however have SOME Yuri moments, but it’s really manageable. The Yuri really only comes from the fantasies from a couple of girls. Again, I say “Fantasies”, not Reality.

Silly and pointless, this show is great if you’re looking for light and cheerful stuff. The characters don’t grow, but they’re middle schoolers so who cares? 

The series is a about as funny as it gets anime gets and any fan would be happy to own this. The box is as good looking as the second season. The translations are hit and miss honestly, but not too intrusive.

Season 2 Complete Collection

If you like the first season of the series, then you need to grab the second season of Blu-ray.

Don’t let the name fool you. Just because it has “Yuri” in it, doesn’t make it a Yuri anime. Yes, it has Yuri moments, but when looked as a whole, I consider Yuru Yuri to be more Slice of Life/ Comedy. Really funny! 

A good time to be had by all. The characters all have their unique quirks and over and above all else, you can’t go wrong with watching this show.

This series is fantastic and one of the best of the genre. The box is very sturdy and good looking including many extras for big fans. A good addition to any anime collection.


Despite it’s not a TV series, but Nachuyachumi acts as sequel. You can have this special episode as one of your Yuru Yuri merchandise.

No series is better. Feel blessed to know you live in a time you can love it. We are the chosen.

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Action Figures

Akaza Akari Action Figure

Akaza Akari action figure in swuimsuit version is an imported product by Alphamax. The figure itself stands around 7 inches in tall.

Great figure, good details and beautiful paint the tube accessory is really cool too. Fits well on stand and looks beautiful. All together a great figure.

Mirakurun Action Figure

Mirakurun action figure is an imported product by Alter. She stands around 8 inches tall.

Has 3 interchangeable hands, one connected onto the figure inbox and two tucked behind. She can either be spinning or just holding out her wand otherwise will be doing a cute hand pose pointing downward.

The cute swirl and one foot up balancing at a crooked angle pose is a favorite of mine with figures and done amazingly well here on a cute stopper type thing (with the star and icing) itself.

Toshinou Kyouko Action Figure

Toshinou Kyouko action figure is imported product by Wave. She is in Beach Queens version. She looks great, you will love her.

Toshinou Kyouko Action Figure Pureneemo

Pureneemo character of Toshinou Kyouko action figure is imported product by Azone International. Kyouko is so cute in this moveable figure.

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Funami Yui Nendoroid

Funami Yui nendoroid is a Good Smile import. She includes three different expressions, optional book, and cushion parts. 

There are also interchangeable hand and long-sleeve parts allow for different pose. She is very detailed and parts fit very well! Such a cute figure, and good price

Akaza Akari Nendoroid

Akaza Akari nendoroid is a Good Smile import. She includes numerous optional parts, removable hair buns, and numerous posing options.

she is so cute!! The paint job is very nice and the paint does not chip off. I received all the correct pieces and she sits very nicely on her stand. All the pieces fit well together and are not loose. Her emotions are very Cute! All the parts are Cute too!!! 

Especially her cannon hair buns. This figure is amazing, cute, durable, and a VERY well made figure. I would probably recommend this to any fan of this anime.

Toshinou Kyouko Nendoroid

Toshinou Kyouko nendoroid is a Good Smile import. She includes three expressions, optional parts for multiple poses, and long sleeves to recreate her winter uniform.

Kyoko’s box was delivered without an imperfection, and Kyoko herself was delivered without an imperfection. If you’re a fan of YuruYuri or just looking for a cute Nendoroid, look no further!

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All Characters in Ofuro

All characters in ofuro of Yuru Yuri poster is a decorative wall poster. It is extremely durable, better than a traditional poster. 2 hanging hooks are also included.

Super cute! Good quality and great size! Makes the room it’s in so cute!

Main Characters

All characters in standard pose of Yuru Yuri poster is decorative wall poster. Just like above, it is extremely durable, better than a traditional poster. 2 hanging hooks are included.


Akari and Chinatsu

Akari and Chinatsu of Yuru Yuri poster. Colors are perfect, and the scroll seems to be of a good quality. 

Watch out when unpacking, the hooks are not built into the top part and I almost lost one when they fell out! You remove the side caps of the scroll to slide them in which is very easy. 

Overall I would recommend this over any regular poster, really easy to hang and feels very durable.