Yagyu Jubei Figure – 7 Greatest Collections

What happened to Jubei Yagyu in the Hyakka Ryouran series? Well, I don’t want to spoil it anyway. Better you watch the series yourself. But in case you love her so much, maybe you don’t wanna miss Yagyu Jubei figure here.

Jubei is an airheaded, innocent, and acts very much like a child, which is reinforced by the fact that she refers to herself in third-person.

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yagyuu juubei figure
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This figure is absolutely beautiful! It is very detailed and the coloring is perfect. 

Since it is an Alter figure, there are no visible seams and the form is very appealing. Yes, these aren’t cheap as they usually ship from Japan, and yes, it is terrible waiting for them, but the product is more than worth a little extra patience in my opinion. 

There’s not much negative to say about this figure. Alter by my opinion it is one of the best Japanese figure companies that I know. 

Attention to detail, the paint quality, the quality control is top notch. I know they can be a bit pricey but when you get the product then you realize that’s why.

I would say this is the best representation of Jubei Yagyu in my opinion. There are other Jubei PVCs such as the swimsuit ones, but I still liked this one over those. 

I would recommend this if you’re collecting Hyakka Ryouran figures. Specially, when you have the alter ones. 

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Yagyu Jubei in the chibi version of Nendoroid. Great for your additional characters.

The other two faces are nice though! I love nendoroids that come with a versatile face so I can apply them to other nendoroids, Jubei having the excited face compliments that! 

I love the Japanese-aesthetics incorporated into the design of this nendoroid! Very faithful to Jubei’s original design. 

Jubei came with a lot more parts including 2 scabbards for her dual-wielding, short and long bladed katanas, 2 unsheathed blades, and a sheathed small blade. 


If you don’t like the Alter version, maybe you want to choose this one from Uart.

The price is little higher than the above, but it is still worth purchase and to owned.

Her pose looks great and awesome. I highly recommend this version to any Yagyu Jubei fans, especially if you love the series Hyakka Ryouran so much.

Q-Six Polystone

Another version of Yagyu Jubei, this time from Q-Six. Maybe this version is the most pricey than the others.

While holding her katana with action pose, along with her sexy clothes, Yagyu Jubei in this figure stands approximately 10 inches tall.

No cast off unfortunately but the figurine was worth the price. High levels of detail and looks great.


Penguin Parade Statuette

The Penguin Parade brings the Yagyu Jubei figure with a high quality texture. Paint job is very well done and comes with a lot of details. 

It is very tall and the box is big. But nothing special about the box. Clothes are removable.

But you have to be careful to remove the clothes because it is very hard to remove them and you may broke a couple of pieces in the process. 

But it’s awesome figure overall.

Mega House

First thing first, you have been warned. This particular figure is her Queen’s Gate representation from Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos

Normally, Jubei wears her dual swords strapped to her legs and she wears a little more clothing. 

For the Queen’s Gate representation Jubei is totally naked below the waist, nothing to provide cover for her privates. 

The little clothing that Jubei has is cast-off. Lack of clothing aside, Jubei’s likeness is very well portrayed by this figure. 

Very nicely painted, detailed hair, very nice facial features, and garments. My only beef is that she does not have a skirt to wear provided. Would have been nice. Still a very good quality figure.

Good Smile

From Good Smile Company. The master samurai of the True Shadow maid cafe as a gorgeous figure! 

Her hair accessories, the huge rope tied on her back and the swords on her thighs have all been sculpted in great detail for fans to enjoy. 

She also comes with parts that allow you to pose her in her underwear instead of her standard outfit – simply select the pose you prefer and enjoy the company of the innocent Jubei whenever you please!