Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume – From Child to Adult

Do you want to become Uzumaki Naruto? Then you are in the right place.

Uzumaki Naruto is one of the best main characters in the anime world, so it’s not strange if he gains so much popularity.

Because of this, many fans want to try to cosplaying him, including you, right?

But before that, you need to know about the cosplay costume properly, and also take a peek to the Naruto merchandise list.

Uzumaki Naruto

As we knew that Naruto story started from his 12 years old until becomes a good father in Boruto series. 

That’s why, you need to try to find out which version will suit you the most by looking at his cosplay costume list below provided by My Anime Merch!


Main Cosplay Costumes

The main costume includes Chuunin version, Shippuden version, and Next Generation version.

The other main staffs including sennin mode and hokage robe.

Ninja Genin Young Child Costume

Remember this costume? Yes, Naruto shows up for the first time in the anime by wearing this anime, right in the first series of Naruto.

That time, Naruto is still in Ninja Academy, graduated and become Genin, and then pass the Chunin exam. All the events Naruto was still wearing this costume.

So, the chunin costume is great for anyone who want to cosplay Naruto but still has young age.

The costume is made of 65% cotton and 35% rayon. The package also includes coat rubber pants and Konoha headband.

It’s totally brand new for you!

Teenager Black Costume Full Set

And then after he come back after his journey with Jiraiya, the Shippuden series started. That time, Naruto has changed his clothe’s pattern style.

This is 2nd costume of Naruto and perfect for adult. This full set of 12 pieces including coat, oak trousers, wig, bitter, white bitter, red bitter X3, accessories, white bandage, black and white endurance bag, black protection, black Ninja shoes, and also frog wallet.

If you are not sure about your size, you can also ask the seller directly and you will get the great answer for that.

Very recommended if you want to cosplay Uzumaki Naruto as an adult and teenager.

Hokage The Last Cloak Costume

Uzumaki Naruto has a dream, that’s to become Hokage someday. However, it’s not only regular dream that many people have, because Naruto actually can make the dream come true.

After Naruto become Hokage, he’s wearing more plain and simple costume, along with Hokage hat and cloak.

So, this package includes Naruto hokage cloak, hokage hat, orange jacket and pants. 

Instead of buying separately, it’s easier to buy them in a single click right? That’s why this costume is recommended for anyone who wants to try cosplaying Naruto as Hokage.

Sage / Sennin Mode Robe Adults

Let’s say you already get the Naruto Shippuden 2nd costume. However, you still want more! 

You want to become Naruto in stronger version, like Sennin or Sage mode for example.

Actually, there’s no special thing to do, the only think you need is your make-up and get this cloak.

Despite the costume has different size, but please note that the costume is only for adult, not for kid, except if you children are big enough to wear this costume.

However, in the quality, we highly recommend it to you!

Jacket and Pant

If you don’t like one set package, this is another option for you! 

This is for anyone who want to cosplay as Naruto Uzumaki from Shippuden series – not in the first series.

This package only includes jacket and pant. The costume is made of soft material, cotton.

This one is a great fit, good quality, it uses the perfect orange and is well designed.

The jacket is well made and more like a real jacket than a costume. 

You will probably need to wash it on gentle because of the patches.

Kurama Jumpsuit Costume

Do you remember when Naruto and Kurama has become one? Naruto turns into Kurama mode, a completed version of nine-tail chakra mode.

During that time, Naruto is seen wearing this kind of suit, looks like a jumpsuit.


Shippuden Costume for Kids

In the Shippuden, Naruto Uzumaki has grown into a teenager. However, you still can find the costume in the Shippuden version for kids, just like what I’ve shown you here.

This packege only includes jacket and pants, shoes are separate. It is made of cotton and soft material.

Because of its style, it’s great for cosplay event and Halloween. Great gift for your kids who love Naruto series so much. 

It’s almost like regular pants and jacket. It’s the perfect cosplay. The sleeves a little long but I think it’s better than being short.

The Jacket itself is really nice and can probably be worn outside of cosplay/Halloween. 

Costume Baby / Toddler

You’re looking at your average baby romper so definitely far from costume material; which in my opinion is a plus for baby’s comfort.

100% Cotton, soft and comfortable, quickly dry and breathable. A perfect birthday gift idea for baby boys. Fun design and great artwork. Make your baby the most attractive presence in the party


Costume Pants

For you who want to buy the pants separately, here’s for you!

It is made of polyester and spandex. Soft comfortable and high quality, plus 100%brand new.



Main Accessories

The accessories includes wig and necklace. For kunai and shoes, you can see in the Naruto Shippuden cosplay costume.


Naruto Uzumaki has golden yellow hair, which makes this wig would be a great choice for you who want to become Naruto.

Just give a little style and you can become Naruto. But please note that Naruto Uzumaki has 3 different version of hairstyle.

The first one is in chuunin 12 yo, Shippuden version, and in the Next Generation.

This wig would be suit the most for Shippuden version.



Naruto received the necklace from Tsunade as a gift. It’s because the necklace has become real charm from the first Hokage.

By wearing this necklace will make your cosplay looks more real. 

You can also wear this in your everyday life. There’s nothing odd with it. 


Costume Shoes

This is also for you who want to buy the ninja Naruto shoes separately. There’s one set costume above, but in case you already have one without the shoes, you can get this.


The headband is officially licensed by Great Eastern. It looks great and seems very sturdy! The leaf symbol is more visible than in the picture and, because it’s laser-etched, it isn’t going to chip off. 

The plate is bigger (about 1.75”x6.25”) than other headbands you see online, so it looks closer to the proportions in the manga/anime for an adult-sized head.

The minus point, the plate comes flat, so you will need to form it to your forehead to keep the rivets from tearing through the cloth.

These aren’t a huge deal for me, and the headband is an overall great product!



There are additional Naruto cosplay stuff you can choose, including jacket, hoodie, and girl version of Naruto.

Jacket Hoodie

Sometimes, you just want to get Naruto costume that could be wore in the daily lives, right? That’s why we also recommend you to get this Naruto jacket hoodie.

In addition to this design, there are also a huge numbers of another hoodie with different images. You can choose your favorite!

The jacket is made of amazing material, thick enough to keep you warm in the winter. 

It’s not exactly a silk hoodie, its more like a mix of cotton and something else, not cheap material.

With all that said, it is honestly a perfect gift for an Anime fan.

Dress Costume Girl Version

Naruto a male character, but how if we show you that there’s a design for female cosplayer?

Yes, that’s right! For the girl version you will look like more gorgeous while cosplaying as Naruto.

The design and the feel of the fabric is fantastic and you feel super kawaii with the length of the sleeves.

The costume set includes kimono, skirt, and waistband.

It’s totally brand new and highly recommended for any female Naruto fans who want to try cosplaying as him.

Female Outfit T-Shirt

Inspired by the Naruto Uzumaki costume, this is kind of a new design for any female fans. 

This sexy outfits is made of high quality polyester. It is soft and breathable, conmfortable, and use the environmental friendly material. It will great outfits in spring and summer.

The item includes 2 pieces, round neck crop top and elastic waisted short pant. It’s so fashionable and cool at the same time.

Because of its style, you can’t only wear in cosplay event, but also you can wear it for sports, running, or daily wear at home.

The great thing about this outfit is the color is nice, and the price is fair.

Zip up Jacket Hoodie

For anyone who loves Shippuden series, then this jacket of Naruto Shippuden-based hoodie would be a great for you!

Not only for cosplay, but you can also wear it in the cold place, like in fall and winter season.

You can also wash it in the machine.

The jacket hoodie is made of cotton poly mix.

 Simple worth every penny! You will love its durability, its accurate design, how soft it feels from the inside and how well done it is! Not cheap looking at all.

This has pockets with zippers, very nice touch. Zippers all around are legit if you take care of your sweater. Material is good enough to keep you warm but i wouldn’t recommend it to wear this by itself in real cold! You’ll need to layer up. The stitching is professionally done and patches are thick. 

Seal Hoodie Jacket

Another jacket hoodie with Naruto costume-based, this time with the seal icon on it. 

This jacket is made of polyester, all hand-made and has high quality material.

I highly recommend this jacket for any Naruto fans, especially if you love the scene where Naruto Uzumaki in sage mode.

Hokage Jacket Hoodie

In the series, the 7th Hokage of Uzumaki Naruto wear this kind of costume, however, without the hoodie. 

For anyone who wants to wear the jacket with the hoodie while become Naruto in Boruto series, this jacket would be a great item for you.

Dog and Cat Costume

The design comes from the Naruto anime. The difference is that the character’s clothes are made into a cloak, which is convenient for pets to wear clothes, suitable for most small dogs and cat pets.

The cloak is made of high-quality plush fabrics cotton . It is ultra-soft, durable, lightweight and warm. no irritation to pet skin, no harm. It has anti-wrinkle and anti-fading properties. anti-drop artificial plush and can be used for a long time.

Not only satisfied the love of Naruto fans, also great Halloween or Christmas gifts for friend’s pets.

The little cloak is not just a decoration for the character. It can also be used as a warm blanket for pets, easy to use, small and cute.

The fabric is soft and thick. The Velcro at the collar makes it easy to take on and off and it’s so cute.