Ultimate Guide for Gintama Cosplay Costume

Do you want to become one of the characters from the Gintama series? Why not? By getting Gintama cosplay costume we provided here, yes you can!

We have listed Gintama merchandise before, so make sure you also check the post out! Because in this post, we will only talk about the cosplay costume, and several accessories needed!

And here we go, the ultimate guide to cosplay as Gintama’s character by My Anime Merch.

gintama cosplay costume

Sakata Gintoki Cosplay

In this section, we provide you several cosplay material needed for Sakata Gintoki cosplay. They include costume, kimono, wig, and wooden sword.

Sakata Gintoki One Set Costume

The first thing you need to have to become Sakata Gintoki is this costume. This is the very core material you need to get and wear.

The costume itself made of polyester material. The package include white coat, black top, trousers, waist seal, and belt.

But please note that this costume would be use Asian size, so make sure you send email before buying it.

This costume make by professional and exquisite workmanship, fine close stitches. 100% brand new and high quality.

Sakata Gintoki Kimono Dress

Let’s say you don’t want to do a cosplay, but still want to feel a comfortable Japanese traditional dress like this Kimono, sure you can have it and wear it in your house.

This dress is made of chiffon. It is truly soft, lightweight, and designed as sun protector.

You can wear it in the warmer weather like Spring or Summer.

Could be wear as cosplay or daily lives as well.

Sakata Gintoki Wig

Another vital point to cosplay Sakata Gintoki is this gray-colored wig. Despite in some anime Gintoki often seen has blue-light hair color, but as the name suggest, Gin, he should have silver hair color. That’s why we chose this wig for you.

The wig is nice quality, almost lifelike. It is definitely great for Sakata Gintoki cosplay.

But please note that it doesn’t come styled, but that’s not a big issue here, as the quality is top notch!

Sakata Gintoki Wooden Sword

This is could be an optional, but still has high impact for your cosplay. As we know that Sakata Gintoki always carrying this wooden sword around.

It’s really hard to find this replica out there with a great price, and this is the best we can find for you!

There are also 3 characters of kanji in the holder of the sword, just like in the series. 

Kagura Cosplay

Kagura cosplay includes main costume, pink-colored wig, headdress, and umbrella or parasol.

Kagura Cosplay Costume

Not all alien races has ugly monster face, the fact that Kagura has cute face, but still dangerous power and nature.

It’s the best option for cute girl like you who want to become Kagura from Gintama, then grab this costume as your main material!

The costume is made of polyester, and the package includes top and trousers. 100% brand new and high quality.

Kagura Wig

It’s really rare to have pink haired color in natural, so you need a wig to become Kagura from Gintama.

This wig would be the perfect material for your cosplay as Kagura cosplay! The wig itself is made of high quality synthetic fiber and heat-resistant fiber.


Kagura Headdress

In case you already have the pink-colored wig, you can also stylized it and put these headdress.

They’re made out of a really soft fabric, are sturdy, and the perfect size!

Kagura Umbrella Parasol

The umbrella, or the parasol, this is the additional material, but indeed has huge influence to show you that you are a truly Kagura from Gintama.

It’s gorgeous and your Kagura cosplay would be a perfect! 

But I definitely don’t recommend using it in an actual rainstorm like a certain Kagura would, it’s just for cosplay only!

Shimura Shinpachi Cosplay

Shinpachi is one of the main characters from the series! Get the costume to become as *ehm cool as Shinpachi.

Shimura Shinpachi Cosplay Costume

If most of the characters from Gintama has odds nature, Shinpachi doesn’t. He is serious one that make the series becomes balance.

If you love to become one of the Yorozuya’s members, maybe you can choose Shimura Shinpachi.

This cosplay costume would make your cosplay looks perfect as Shinpachi.

It’s very easy to become him. Just wear this costume and put on the black wig (you don’t need it if you already have black haired color), and use the eyeglasses!