Ultimate Guide for Fairy Tail Cosplay Costume

Why Fairy Tail is  bad? For people who don’t like it, sure it’s bad. But for fans, it’s great. But nor fans or haters can’t resist to see the cute cosplayer! That’s why in this post we list Fairy Tail cosplay costume for anyone who want to participate.

It’s different with the Fairy Tail merchandise we published in the previous day, in this post, we will only focus on how you to become one of the characters from the series.

It’s not too hard if you can find an right costume and other stuffs.

Without further ado, My Anime Merch has covered up the cosplay costume for anyone who want to jump into Fairy Tail world.

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Natsu Dragneel Cosplay

Natsu Dragneel is the main male character from the series. In this section, you can be Natsu Dragneel by wearing the cosplay costume, pink-haired color, the scarf, and the sandals.

Cosplay Costume

Natsu Dragneel is one of the main characters from the series. For fans, maybe you really want to become him, right? Then, it’s time for this cosplay costume.

The quality for the price is fantastic. The material is one of the better quality costumes – thicker than most – and the zipper seems a good quality. The scarf is quite thick.

If you love Fairy Tail and Natsu you cannot go wrong with this.

Natsu Dragneel Wig

Natsu Dragneel has pink-haired color, so this wig would suit your cosplay perfectly. The package include wig and free wig cap.

The wig is made of high quality synthetic and high temperature fiber.


Natsu Dragneel Scarf

Natsu Dragneel is always wearing this scarf around his neck. So you have to get this accessory if you want to become the real Natsu Dragneel.

This product is a hand-made with high quality product. It is made of tartan material. It is well sewn, heavy, and will make you warm.

It’s excellent quality and despite it being for cosplay purposes, I find it so nice if be wearing it with many fall outfits.

Because of it, this accessory could also be a great gift for any Natsu lover.

Natsu Dragneel Sandals

One more stuff for Natsu Dragneel cosplay is his sandals. These sandals are made of PU leather with good quality material.

They are actually custom made sandals! If you have request about the shoes, such as change color or change style, or if you want other cosplay shoes, you can contact the seller.


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Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay

For Lucy Heartfilia, you can choose 2 type of costumes, whether the first series or seven years later. Both costumes are cute anyway.

Also, don’t forget about another stuffs like blonde-haired wig, whip, and also the key set.

Lucy Heartfilia Costume

This hand-made cosplay costume will make you look like real Lucy Heartfilia. It is truly high quality product.

The product itself includes top, skirt, and headwear, and the materials are used include 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

Lucy Heartfilia x791 Arc Costume

Seven year later from the story, Lucy Heartfilia wears this suit. For x791 arc, you can choose this cute and sexy costume.

The costume is made of 65% cotton, and the package includes tube top, jacket, sleeves, skirt, belt, waist bag, and a whip.

A lovely costume, it just needed a little work. The belt is not the one that come with the costume because that belt was quite flimsy and cheaply made but i’m sure it would do the job. 

The pouch however that come with the belt is stunning. The whip is as pictured, a little cheap but again, completely manageable. But if you want another whip, maybe you can buy it separately.

Lucy Heartfilia Wig

One other necessary item to make you look like Lucy Heartfilia is this wig hair.

It’s a good quality wig, the hair is nice and soft. It is easy to style and hasn’t tangled much since it was opened. It works great for Lucy Heartfilia cosplay. 

Though one thing the length of the hair on the clip looks a little bit longer in the picture than it actually is, but it is not very noticeable since it’s still a good length.

This wig was amazing for the low price! It’s also soft and comfortable even after wearing it for hours in a row! 

It’s really yellow, which I really liked about it! Perfect for conventions and other cosplay events! 

The ponytail was easy to attach and remove, which really came in handy and wasn’t too heavy! 

It goes about 4 inches over my shoulders and has a clip on ponytail. The ponytail takes a little bit of styling to hide the clip, but otherwise is lightweight and in perfect condition.

Lucy Heartfilia Whip

In case you don’t like the whip included in the costume set above, you can also buy this whip separately with better quality.

This is a good whip for the Lucy cosplay, but it is a bit small in the context of the handle and the overall thickness of the whip. 

It fits well around the belt and I don’t really have it out but rather resting on my side. I do recommend it if you need a Lucy whip.

Lucy Heartfilia Key Set

These keys are fantastic. They have weight to them and are beautiful. I love that they have individual key rings and one giant one with a clip. 

The two necklaces and key chain are an added bonus. The presentation box is beautiful with its graphics and the box lid is magnetic. 

I love the shiny gold and the ebony dark colors of the keys. They were made of real metals, not like plastics, that being said, they are strong and not easy to bend or brake.

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Erza Scarlet Cosplay

Erza Scarlet is also a magic sword user. There are 3 version of costumes as well. Don’t worry, we have all stuffs you need below. Starting from costumes, wig, sword, to the boots.

Erza Scarlet Costume

Want to be Erza Scarlet? Don’t miss out this costume. This costume is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

But please note that this costume doesn’t include the short. You have to buy that separately.

Instead, the costume includes a long overcoat, armbands, arm guards, gloves, belts and hair piece accessory.

Erza Scarlet Costume ver. 2

Erza Scarlet costume version 2 is a hand-made and high quality product. The costume uses the uniform material. The costume itself is use a sleeveless shirt, pleated mini skirt, and blue tie.


Erza Scarlet Samurai Armor

This is the other version of Erza Scarlet costume. This time is a samurai armor. This armor is 100% polyester build. The package includes the wrap top, pants, and belt.

The bandage is really long and stretchy which is great for anyone who want to cover up their belly.

It is comfy but of course, not suitable for winter and fall season. But overall, very well made costume and looks exactly like the anime.

Erza Scarlet Wig

After you got the costume, don’t forget to wear this red-haired wig. You can use this wig for any costume versions above. The wig has length approximately 100 cm.

A bit brighter than the picture, maybe it is because the light effect, but overall a great quality wig for the price!!! Doesn’t get messy too easily but you can keep it on a foam head.

Erza Scarlet Heaven's Wheel Sword

Erza Scarlet is also talented user of sword magic. Her sword’s name is Heaven’s Wheel and it is gonna be an necessary additional accessory for Erza cosplayer.

The sword is made of carbon steel. The package includes leather sheath and nylon backstrap. The sword has 108 cm total length.

The guard is made of stainless steel, I believe, and I am not entirely sure the tang of the sword but I think that the sword is mostly one piece with the exception of the guard and the blue jewel on the pommel.

Erza Scarlet Boots

The last stuff to get in order to become Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is this boots. The boots themselves are made from PU leather with good quality pleather.


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Wendy Marvell Cosplay

Do you want to be a young female dragon slayer? Then you can be Wendy Marvell! Just choose the costume you want, whether the uniform version, or simple dress! Don’t forget to also grab the indigo blue colored of wig!

Wendy Marvell Costume

Who want to be Wendy Marvell? And grab this cute costume! The costume is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. You can wash it in the cold water, too.


Wendy Marvell Dress

The other version of Wendy Marvell costume. It is kind of dress, so you can also wear this costume in daily lives.

The dress is made of 100% cotton. Cotton strap sleeveless dresses, close to Wendy Marvell dress, comfortable and skin friendly. The package includes halter backless strap dress, and armbands.


Wendy Marvell Wig

This dark blue colored of wig is a great item for your cosplay as Wendy Marvell. Just tied up and done! The package includes wig and free wig cap.

The wig is made of high temperature resistant fiber material. Top quality and brand new.

The color is so beautiful. In daylight/bright lighting, it is a beautiful, vibrant, indigo blue. In the nighttime/dark lighting it appears as a dark, navy blue color. 

Needless to say, it is a beautiful color no matter what lighting your in. Also, the quality of the wig shocked me. It is so soft, and bouncy, it actually basically looks like real hair! 


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Juvia Lockser Cosplay

Juvia Lockser is a Mage of Fairy Tail and is a former S-Class Mage of the now-disbanded Phantom Lord guild where she was a member of its elite team, the Element 4, with her corresponding element being water. Here is the costume, dress, and wig to get if you want to be Juvia Lockser.

Juvia Lockser Costume

Juvia Lockser costume is made from uniform fabric. The package includes dress, hat, belt, and cape.

I expected it to be made out of a different type of material but it’s not too bad, there’s just no stretch to it and it’s a little shiny. The material it isn’t bad quality, though.

The dress and the little cape? Wrap? Thing are actually two separate pieces which is nice. The dress has an invisible zipper down the back which is longer than I originally thought.

The belt is also a lot better than I expected. It feels like a good pleather, very sturdy. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the buckle, maybe plastic but was very surprised to find out it’s a good study metal? Buckle. 

Like a normal belt buckle instead of some kind of cheap one. I might poke another few holes into it to make it tighter. It comes with a loop to put the strap though so it’s not just dangling about

Juvia Lockser Dress

Julia Lockser dress is made of polyester and cotton. The package includes top, skirt, 2 pieces of oversleeves, and neckpiece.

I’m actually blown away by the quality of the fabric. I expected cheap Cosplay material but this fabric is very thick and so nice.

This outfit good for cosplay, but it’s also good for a fancy dress at home!

Juvia Lockser Wig

Juvia Lockser has the blue-haired color so I think this long wig with the same color of Juvia’s hair would suit you the most.


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Other Characters Cosplay

You can also choose the other characters on the series, including Happy.

Happy is a cat, with sometimes spread his wings. But it doesn’t mean that you have to become cat! There are several ways to become Happy!

Happy Pajama Costume

Let alone you can be a cosplayer, you also can wear this as pajama in the winter or fall season.

Loved how it has a longer torso, makes it so you don’t look as ridiculous wearing a onesie as an adult. The picture in post is pretty accurate

Fabric is very soft, somewhat thin, but overall pretty well made and doesn’t make you over heat.

Grey Fullbuster Cosplay Costume

I really like the costume that I received, both quality and the fit. 

I am a little disappointed it didn’t come with the Fairy Tail Emblem on the jacket, though that may have been overlooked by whomever made it as I had mine rush ordered. 

If you are wanting boots that would go with it, I actually couldn’t find male one’s at an affordable price, so at payless shoes I got women’s for a previous costume and looked up the male to female shoe size. 

I’ll probably print out the emblem and sew it on myself, but I would buy from them again. One little mistake doesn’t ruin something overall that is well done.

Carla Human Form Costume

Carla has the human form? Sure, she has! Also, she is very cute! So, for anyone who want to become Carla from Fairy Tail, you can grab this costume!

The package includes jacket, shirt, skirt, tie, stocking, and tail. The costume is made of uniform cloth, imitated silk fabric, and acrylic.

Zeref Dragneel Cosplay Costume

Zeref Dragneel costume is using uniform cloth and PU leather fabric. The package includes pants, coat, cloak, shawl, and belt.

Jellal Fernandes Cosplay Costume

Jellal Fernandes costume is made from high quality uniform fabric. The package includes shirt, long jacket, pants, and belt.