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Uchiha Sasuke Costume: All Outfits Best on Amazon

Uchiha Sasuke is one of the main characters from Naruto series. As a member of 7th team, Sasuke has so many fans among Naruto series audiences

That’s why, it’s not rare to see someone who cosplaying him.

And of course, if you want to try to cosplay him, too, there are several things you need to consider.

The most important one is the costume version. Sasuke has several version, starting from chunin, shippuden version, to the father version in the Boruto series.

Uchiha Sasuke

That’s why, this time My Anime Merch will try to cover up several costume you need. Make sure you choose the proper costume that suit your current personality.

Make sure you also visit Naruto Shippuden merchandise for any other great stuffs.


Main Cosplay Costumes

Main costume is necessary for any Sasuke cosplayer. There are several versions including when he was being a Chuunin, black outfit, Shippuden, and Next Generation version.

Young Blue Genin Outfit

The first costume that we recommend to you is Sasuke when was still in Chunin grade. He made an appearance for the first time in Naruto series by wearing this costume.

The costume is a hand-made and a high quality product which is made of uniform material.

The costume also includes top, shorts, and 2 pieces of elbow guards.

But please note that this package doesn’t include the headband.

Despite this costume is when Sasuke was still young, or around 12 year old, however, it’s also available for adult size.

Teenage Shippuden Version

After the first series ended, Uchiha Sasuke was still with Orochimaru in order to get stronger power. The continuation of Naruto called Shippuden, Uchiha Sasuke appears to wear this costume.

The package includes Uchiha family logo zip up grey jacket and wristbands, rope, apron, and pants. The pants with an elasticated waist.

The costume is made of a soft and comfortable cotton material.

Very well made for the price. The skirt is even lined. The belt was of high quality and plenty large enough. Very straightforward to put on and fairly comfortable to wear.

Old Sasuke Boruto Next Generation

And the last version is Sasuke in Next Generation series. At the time, Sasuke has already married to Sakura and has a daughter named Sarada. 

So, if you are an adult who wants to try to cosplay Sasuke, maybe this costume will suit the most.

The package includes cloak, vest, pants, rope, and gloves. 

The top and pants are made of high quality uniform cloth. Gloves are knitted.

So, if you are a fan of Sasuke, make sure to not miss this costume. 

Sasuke is popular character, so many Naruto fans will realize your appearance.

Black Outfit Chunin Exam Suit

Uchiha Sasuke has 3 main costumes like we have listed above, however there is still another costume that we want to recommend!

If you remember, Sasuke has the other costume in first series, that’s the black one. 

So, if you do not too attract to the previous costumes, maybe this will fit for you!

The costume is high quality hand-made. it is made of cotton twill material and plastic. 

The package includes coverall, bandages, and 2 pieeces of elbow sets.

Make sure you get this costume if you don’t like the three above. You still can be Sasuke today!

Taka Akatsuki Robe Set

After Sasuke killed Orochimaru, he formed the organization called Taka and joined the Akatsuki.

At the time, he’s wearing the same outfit as before but plus the Akatsuki robe.

You can get this one set of costume if you want to cosplay Sasuke after he fallen into the dark side.


Cosplay Accessories

The accessories only include his wig and weapon, grass cutter sword. If you look for headband and kunai, you can visit Naruto Shippuden cosplay costume.


You are not Sasuke if you don’t have a spiky black hair. Grab this wig to make you looks like Sasuke from Uchiha clan.

The wig is quite nice but you really do have to know how to cut and style wigs a little. Maybe you just need to cut and style it some.

It feels really nice and soft. I would suggest this wig for those whom can style it and or have a friend who can style it.


Grass Cutter Blade / Sword

Let’s back to the cosplay. Let’s say you want to try to cosplay Sasuke in the Shippuden version, then don’t forget about this sword. Indeed, in the Next Generation series, Sasuke keeps using the blade.

The blade is made of carbon steel, shiny brush white with hamon edge and a fuller, wavy habuchi pattern featuring differential tempering treatment.

Please note that this sword is only for toys and cosplay purpose! You can get it today through Amazon.


In case you already had the costume and only need the headband, here is for you! There’s a scratch in the middle of the logo, which means that the ninja who wear this kind of headband is anti-village, or traitor.

It’s a nice metal with the symbol crossed out. It’s not an imprint but more thin. It has the official tag and everyhing so I definitely reccommend it.




There are cute and cool stuffs here. You can get jacket with Uchiha logo on it, wearing Uchiha clothes for female, and even your kid could be Sasuke in adult version.

Costume for Kids

Alright… Let’s say your kid wants to cosplay. However, your kid doesn’t want to wear the chunin version. Don’t worry, we have another option for you!

This costume is Sasuke in the Shippuden version. For your kid, there is special size to get today!

The package includes Uchiha logo zip up grey jacket and wristbands, rope, apron, and pants.

Because of this for your son, then of course, it would be a great gift! Especially when your son is a big fan of Naruto.

I would recommend this costume and this company.

Jacket Hoodie

Let’s forget about the cosplay for a while. This time, we also want to recommend you the jacket hoodie that could be wear casually. 

The jacket has Uchiha logo on it with letter Uchiha Ichizoku, which means “Uchiha clan”.

The jacket was made of cotton and polyester. You can choose the size you want.

Also, if you want to visit the cosplay convention but not sure what character you want to cosplay, then this jacket will suit for you!

Some people will think that you are cosplaying, but actually not. So, get this jacket hoodie today!

Shirt for Female

Sasuke stuffs actually not only for men, but also for female! This time, we recommend you the Sasuke shirt with sexy design.

There are another option as well, like Akatsuki. But if really love Sasuke and Uchiha clan, just grab this shirt.

Sasuke shirt is made of 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear, fits girls in spring and summer.

The product includes one round neck crop top and one elastic waisted short pant, very fashion but cool also.

Suitable for cosplay shows, sports, running, daily wear, home, working, party, club holiday etc.


Dou you want to buy a shirt with the Uchiha Clan symbol on the back? And this is exactly what you are looking for! 

This shirt rocks! It is very high quality and comfortable. Great quality, soft material. The decal is a plasticy feel, almost like a sticker, but hasn’t faded or cracked after a few several time washes. 

I would definitely recommend this shirt and the seller to any Naruto fan!


Kimono for Girl

The Kimono costume based on the Uchiha Sasuke outfit pattern, this costume is only for girl or cross-dressing.