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Top Puella Magi Madoka Magica Merchandise for Fans!

Is Puella Magi Madoka Magica scary? I don’t know how to put my feeling into this, but maybe the best words to describe this series is, creepy.

Don’t judge the book from its cover, and don’t judge the anime from its characters! Yes, despite this show presented the magical girl, but it’s different from the cute loli magical girl outside.

What will you get is some eerie background and music, and creepy storyline and plot.

So, this time, we have covered up top anime merchandise for Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans!

puella magi madoka magica merchandise
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“…We understood nothing at all. Not what it meant to wish for a miracle… nor its price.” – Magica Quartet


There are so many bootleg Puella Magi Madoka Magica blu-ray out there, even in the Amazon store. But don’t ever worry, because we found the best choice for you!

This blu-ray is not bootleg, so getting this blu-ray would be a great pleasure for anime merchandise hunter, especially if you are into this series. 

But please note that this blu-ray is region 2, which won’t work well in the US that is using region 1. But it is worth enough to buy because it is an officially licensed UK release and one of the top Puella Magi Madoka Magica merchandise. 

Movie part 1 Beginning Blu-ray

You don’t have enough time to binge-watching? Then you can get this movie instead. This is a movie, but it is compressing the half of the first season, into 1,5 hours movie. 

But don’t worry, this movie doesn’t miss out on any good element on it, there is no single important moment missing.

But again, this blu-ray is for region 2, so it won’t work well in the US.

Movie part 2 Eternal Blu-ray

Let’s be honest, it’s rare to find creepy anime series with the magical girl theme. Despite the creators took a huge risk, but they pull it together beautifully! 

This part 2, Eternal, is the continuation of part 1 beginning that compiles half of the first season of the series, while part 2 covers up the rests!

So, if you don’t have much time to spend to watch the anime, you can get this two blu-ray movie instead, you can enjoy the full story of the series in only 3 hours total time.

This plus point of this blu-ray is that it looks amazing compared to the DVD. The artwork on box and blu-ray looks fantastic, the soundtrack is awesome, there are over 10 songs inside. 

Movie part 3 Rebellion Blu-ray

The movie part 3 Rebellion doesn’t compile the TV series or something, but it is a real sequel to the TV series and the previous 2 movies. And also, it’s different from the previous blu-ray above, this is totally all regions! 

So, you can play the Blu-ray disc perfectly and it will work fine in the US! But the movie doesn’t have any main title screen. 

puella magi madoka magica logo

Cosplay Costume and Stuffs

“I want to erase the tears of all those who trusted in hope. I want them to be left with a smile on their faces.” – Madoka

Madoka Kaname Costume

Do you want to perform the main character of the series? Than this Madoka Kaname cosplay costume would suit you so much! The package includes dress, underdress, hair accessories, neck accessories, socks, leg accessories, pants, and gloves.

The dress itself is made of high-quality uniform material. The costume would great for your Halloween or any cosplay or costume party!

The costume is amazing and very beautiful and well made. The bows are perfect and the gloves are absolutely top-notch, which is made of stretchy material.

The socks are gorgeous, very soft, stretchy, and expensive feeling material. The dress looks exactly the same as in the picture shown and it comes with all accessories you need. All of the material is really well made!

Totally great for any fans who seek for Puella Magi Madoka Magica merchandise. For more stuff, please visit Madoka Kaname merchandise.

Mami Tomoe Cosplay Costume

If you want to perform a cosplay as Mami Tomoe, it’s better to get this deluxe original version of outfit! It includes the soul to get. 

The full set package includes coat, hat, protecting waist, dress, underdress, oversleeve, shoe cover, leg accessories, gloves, and neck accessories.

The material is very well-made, true-to-size, and realistic to the character. 

For more stuff, please visit Mami Tomoe merchandise.

Sayaka Miki Cosplay Costume

If you want to perform a cosplay as Sayaka Miki in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, you need this awesome costume! It is a deluxe and original version that includes the soul gem. 

The package itself includes a coat, cloak, shoe cover, oversleeve, dress, socks, armlet, leglet, belt, and gloves.

The costume is made of nice fabric and looks so cute! For more stuff, you can visit Sayaka Miki merchandise.

Kyoko Sakura Cosplay Costume

For starter, how if we recommend you the best Kyoko Sakura merchandise for your cosplay needs? Here is Kyoko Sakura cosplay costume if you want to perform a cosplay as her.

This costume is a deluxe original version with a soul gem. The package itself is a full set that includes a dress, wrapped chest, skirt, socks, shoe cover, oversleeve, hair accessories, and wristband.

Please note that this package doesn’t include the wig. But it includes a soul gem as one of the special accessories.

For more, please visit Kyoko Sakura merchandise.

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Action Figures and Nendoroid

“When you decide to die for the good of the universe, call me anytime. I’ll be waiting.” – Kyubey

Madoka Kaname Action Figure

The main character of the series, now you can collect her in the action figure form as top Puella Magi Madoka Magica merchandise! 

From Good Smile Company, this Madoka Kaname action figure is imported from Japan! It 1:8 scale figure and includes the pedestal.

As a brand new figure and japan imported, sure it definitely with the original box. The box itself is bigger and the normal figure box you could find out there.

Madoka Kaname’s figure is so beautiful! There is a nice iridescent sheen to the base and the under the fabric of her dress. The wings are translucent with pink and white on the edges. 

Her face looks so cute and beautifully done! She comes with wings for her shoes, and also includes her normal wings and two bows as weapons or accessories which are her normal boy and her Madokami bow.

Devil Homura Figure

From the Rebellion Story of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, Good Smile puts Devil Homura’s figure perfectly! This figure is an import from the Good Smile Company, with smooth yet poseable joints.

The dark orb and Kyubey are included, and some accessories and articulated Figma stand also included!

The final movie called Rebellion, Homura Akemi turned into her final form called Devil Homura, and now you can get this version as an action figure form!

Everything about her is faithfully reproduced, starting from her massive wings and spiky dress, to Madoka’s ribbon in her hair. 

You will love the detail on her, especially on her diamond-patterned stockings and the purple splotchy pattern on the inside of her dress. 

Both of her size and pose-ability is great, despite she was a little stiff at first! But it shows that this figure is brand new!

Because of this, you can create so many cool and gorgeous poses on her, and make sure you stand her next to Madoka figure. 

Despite her price is a little expensive, but the product itself is worth every penny! And if you want more, you can visit Homura Akemi merchandise.

Nagisa Momoe Action Figure

Nagisa Momoe action figure is an import from Good Smile company. She includes standard and Bebe faces accessories and articulated Figma stand.

Using the smooth yet poseable joints of Figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising pose-ability.

The trumpet she uses as a weapon in the series, as well as the tray which held the Witch’s servants, are both included, as is a Figma-sized Bebe with special sitting parts. An articulated Figma stand allows for a wide variety of poses.

Speaking of which, the pose-ability is great! The faces are also very cute. She is a little difficult to move around and pose, but with a little perseverance, she is great to photograph. 

Iroha Tamaki Action Figure

Iroha Tamaki SQ figure is presented by Banpresto. The figure requires minor assembly and for ages 15 or older. 

Great size and a good amount of detail. The paint job is surprisingly good! The seam work is also surprisingly satisfactory. Since Iroha wears a hood, you don’t get typical ‘hair/fringe’ seams.

Shapes are pretty well modeled and the colors are very pleasing. The base actually is massive for its size, but if that’s not a pet peeve, it’s very worth it. 

The figure’s size itself is very good and is build in flexible plastic instead of the usual PVC, so it’s very sturdy and easy to manipulate without fear of breaking.

Yachiyo Nanami Action Figure

Yachiyo Nanami PVC made painted figure is a pre-painted complete figure from Kotobukiya. She’s standing in 1/7 scale, or approximately 230mm in height.

Her distinctive hair decorations, the spear which is her weapon and other parts are all recreated in detail. 

Sana Futaba Action Figure

Sana Futaba PVC figure is an imported product from Phat. She is posed wielding her shield with her iconic armor has been captured in careful detail.

The cape she wears is made with semi-translucent parts for a light and airy appearance.

Nagisa Momoe Nendoroid

Nagisa Momoe Nendoroid is a Good Smile import. It includes optional parts like her trumpet weapon with effect parts. Also, it has dessert familiars and three different facial expressions.

From the Rebellion Story comes a Nendoroid of the newest character in the series, Nagisa Momoe, wearing her Puella Magi outfit! 

Optional parts include her trumpet weapon with effect parts, as well as her beloved cheese! 

Dessert Familiars are also included! She also comes with three expressions: her standard smiling face, an expression with an open mouth and a Bebe expression. You can easily create cute battle scenes from the series!

She is very versatile and poseable and so cute! Since she’s one of the newer Nendos she isn’t as delicate as earlier ones and the expressions are easily changed. 

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Plush Doll

“…You’re the type who doesn’t fight alongside people who slow you down, right? You pick the one thing in the world you wanna protect, and you protect it to the end. …That’s the right answer.” – Kyoko

Kyubey Plush Doll

Kyubey is one of the characters from the series, and because he looks like a beast, it makes him be a mascot character! So, getting this plush doll is a must for any Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans!

This Kyubey plush doll is an officially licensed product of Great Eastern. It’s cute and collectible, and would be a great gift! 

Getting this Kyubey on your won, you can make a contract with him! He is a mascot character that shows cuteness and fluffy, but pretty horrible on the inside.

The plush itself is pretty large. His body is pretty firm with his tail being super soft and fluffy.

The stitching for Kyubey plush seems to pretty good quality and I couldn’t find any loose threads or rips. 

He will look so awesome sit on your shelf as He is top Puella Magi Madoka Magica merchandise! For more, please visit Kyubey merchandise.

Iroha Tamaki Plush Doll

Iroha Tamaki mega jumbo nesoberi stuffed plush doll is an officially licensed product by Sega. She is so cute and collectible, soft, and cuddly.

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Non-specific Merchandise

“Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.” – Magica Quartet


It won’t complete if you don’t hang up this Puella Magi Madoka Magica poster in your room, especially if you are a big fan of the series. This is a decorative wall poster, extremely durable, and better than a traditional poster. It includes 2 hanging hooks.

This poster is totally good quality! You will be happy to get this great Puella Magi Madoka Magica wall scroll! It has stunning color and a great image with display 5 main heroines in the series.

Furthermore, this version is cheaper than the smaller version! The colors are just as vibrant! The fabric looks solid and the size is really awesome Puella Magi Madoka Magica merchandise. 

Dakimakura (Kyouko and Sayaka)

If you love the characters from the series so much, don’t forget to get this Puella Magi Madoka Magica dakimakura! The size of the pillowcase itself is 150×50 cm. 

Please note that this only includes a pillowcase, no inner pillow, or filling. The material used for this dakimakura is a 2-way tricot, which is the best material for softness, smoothness, thickness, durability, and clarity.

The color is vibrant, just like in the picture!

Soul Gem Pattern Mug

Watching your favorite anime while drinking hot chocolate milk or coffee? Make sure you pouring your favorite beverage into this Puella Magi Madoka Magica mug with a soul gem pattern printed on it.

Especially if you are a huge fan of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, then this mug is something you want to have! The art is crystal clear and very vibrant! Very amazing for you!

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