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Todoroki Shoto Merchandise! 33+ Best Products on Amazon!

At the beginning of his appearance, Todoroki Shoto did seem like an antagonist. But not now. For those of you who like him, maybe the following selection of Todoroki Shoto merchandise on Amazon can help you get the best stuff.

Now Todoroki Shoto is one of the main characters and has a lot of fans.

For this reason, we provide the best Anime merchandise based on Todoroki Shoto for any fans.

If you’d like to see other characters, make sure you visit My Hero Academia merchandise.

Because on this page, we will only focus on Todoroki Shoto, and here is the list.

todoroki shoto merchandise
My Hero Academia

Cosplay Costume

Hero Costume Outfit

The blue fabric of the clothes is surprisingly comfy and has some stretch, so this is very forgiving if you end up buying a smaller size. It was extremely easy to work with when I was altering the whole thing.

The pants have a TON of stretch between the elastic waist and the material itself. The shirt was comfy enough and also had a bit of stretch.

It’s a wonderful cosplay for the price!!! It fits according to the sizing chart measurements and the material is really nice and comfy.

The back metal plate is very movable, it’s a very sturdy styrofoam. You might have to wear a shirt under the jacket, because someone could unzip it very fast, and easily.

Gym Uniform

Todoroki Shoto gym uniform is made of 100% polyester and zipper closure. The material is machine-washed so you won’t have any trouble when cleaning it.

Pants are super nice. Good quality. Fabric is like a real uniform. Would be good to wear something under it since it’s a bit scratchy but very happy and ready for Halloween and everyday cosplay.

School Uniform

Todoroki Shoto school uniform includes a coat, skirt, pants, and tie. The material is using the uniform cloth. This school uniform could also be worn for other characters from My Hero Academia.

It fit very nicely and was a perfect material. It looks just like the show and is super comfortable, great for cosplays!

Cosplay Wig

Todoroki Shoto wig is a comfortable Korean rose net and feels so soft. The wig cap included.

But please note that sometimes you need to redesign it to create a style you may love.

It’s a really good wig and it’s very soft. There was a wig cap with it which is good. 

Boots Shoes

Todoroki Shota boots or shoes are a custom made and need foot length, calf, and gender. If the size over than 45, then can’t make it in high heel.

For this reason, you need to contact the seller first before you purchase the item. Your data is necessary to receive the right item for the cosplay stuff.

My Hero Academia

Cosplay Costume for Female

Female Hero Costume Cheerleading

Todoroki Shoto female hero costume cheerleading is made of 100% cotton and a crop top dress using cotton blend. The package includes a top and skirt.  

The quality feels like a pair of basketball shorts but it’s comfortable and the skirt is a very good length.

It is a Jersey type material and is stitched well. Super fun and cute for cosplay!

Female Hero Costume Dress

Todoroki Shoto’s hero costume’s female dress is made of 100% polyester. The complete set includes dress, srap, belt, and necklace.

The main fabric component is polyester fiber. Several sizes available from S to XXL.

The pattern is totally same with the male hero costume version, so if you want to create Shoto in his female form, you need to get this stuff! 

Crop Top

Todoroki Shoto crop top is made of spandex and hand wash only. The spandex itself is a breathable and comfortable material for your skin.

The pattern is similar to the Hero Costume in male version, but was designed for crop tops to create a sexy appearance.

Make sure you grab this Todoroki Shoto merchandise if you love him so much.

Female Wig

Todoroki Shoto female wig is half white and half red in color from the Beauty Flag brand. The type of the wig itself is long and straight.

The wig is made of synthetic material and heat resistant fiber up to 160 degrees. It is smooth and soft to touch ,which is very suitable for long-term use.

This wig is super soft and doesn’t get super tangled like most wigs definitely worth the buy highly recommend!

My Hero Academia

Action Figure

Nendoroid Chibi Figure

Todoroki Shoto nendoroid is a Good Smile import. It includes 3 faceplates for multiple expressions. Fire and ice effect parts along with ice floor effect parts to recreate his ‘half-cold half-hot’ Quirk.

He’s super super cute and perfect! Looks great with my Deku and Ochaco! He was in tip top shape and actually came with everything included.

The Amazing Heroes Movie Version

Todoroki Shoto action figure is from The Movie World Heroes’ Mission. It is the Amazing Heroes version of the official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto.

Perfect stealth suit trio. Excellent quality and shipping. Definitely recommend. Little pricier than the others but still a great figure.

This is one of the best Todoroki Shoto merchandise you need to own!

Banpresto Colosseum Vol 3

Todoroki Shoto action figure is in colosseum version of volume 3, which is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto.

Good workmanship and beautiful design. The price is fair, the figure is worth the money but you don’t get more than you pay for.

There are a few spots that aren’t painted perfectly and the stand looks a bit cheap. Compromises you have to make with the price.

Selvgee Age of Hero

Todoroki Shoto action figure is in the Age of Hero version from SELVGEE. The figure is made of polyvinyl chloride material and stands just over 6 inches tall.

The figure is really made of high quality materials and good design. The figurines itself comes from China, but in modified versions and different from others. 

Q Posket Ver A

Todoroki Shoto action figure is in the Q posket version A with multiple colors. The figure is an official product of Banpresto distributed by Little Buddy.

It would be a great addition to your shelf, especially if you stand him next to other characters like Deku and Ochako. Overall, highly recommended product.

Banpresto Age of Heroes

Todoroki Shoto action figure is in Age of Heroes version with multicolor. It is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto. The base stand is also included.

Love it! Great quality for an accessible price. I really recommend it, it’s an amazing gift for any fan of the character and the Hero Academia series.

Bandai Spirits Ichibansho Next Generations Smash Rising

Todoroki Shoto action figure is from Bandai Spirits Ichibansho, the Next Generations featuring Smash Rising with 7 inches in tall.

This statue is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted to look like Shoto Todoroki (Next Generations! Feat. Smash Rising) from their respective anime.

Standing at approximately 7″ tall, Shoto Todoroki (Next Generations! Feat. Smash Rising) is seen in his popular pose.

Pocket Pop Keychain PFP

Todoroki Shoto action figure is a pocket poop keychain version from Funko Pop. But the brand is from Entertainment Earth Inc.

His face is accurate unlike a lot of funko pops. It looks really cool when you have it in the dark but it does not look like how it glowed in the amazon picture.

The ice and fire both glow and it was a good feature for it. It does fit in your pocket and it also does hang on things.

Overall it’s pretty cool and if you are an out of the box collector then I recommend it more than I would for an out of the box collector.

Enter the Hero

Todoroki Shoto action figure is in the Enter The Hero version. This My Hero Academia Enter The Hero Shoto Todoroki Statue measures about 6-inches tall and comes packaged in a closed box.

For his pose, this Todoroki Shoto merchandise is one the best out there, make sure you grab him as fast as possible before it is sold out.

SFC Super Figurine

Todoroki Shoto action figure is a figurine with 17 cm tall. It is made of copper and 100% official product from SFC Super Figure Collection.

The basic material is using polyvinyl chloride while the outer material is using copper. The measuring scale is 1/10.

One of the best Todoroki Shoto merchandise on Amazon. 

Banpresto The Amazing Heroes vol 2

The Amazing Heroes volume 2 of Todoroki Shoto action figure is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto.

The bottom of the item will have a little buddy sticker, but not an Authenticity sticker on the top of the box.

The figure itself is 7.5″ tall and just shy of 8″ with the stand. The quality of the material seems good. The figure comes in two pieces, and the stand in three. Assybles nicely.

Funko Pop Vinyl

The Funko Pop vinyl figure of Todoroki Shoto action figure is bundled with a compatible pop box protector case. Stylized collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any My Hero Academia fan!

This figure is multicolored and uses vinyl and plastic as its core material. One of the best Todoroki Shoto merchandise out there!

Banpresto Texture

The texture of Todoroki Shoto action figure is from Banpresto and is made of 50% cotton. The base stand included.

The details are amazing. The figure is smaller than other statues from the same line but still a God like figure. Very detailed figure, Tents Shoto looks great and is extremely flexible.

McFarlane with Light & Sound

The 12 inches figure with light and sounds of Todoroki Shoto action figure is from McFarlane Toys. The figure is made of plastic material.

Press the belt buckle button to have the fire and ice in Shoto’s hands light up and to hear the fire and ice sound clips from the Anime My Hero Academia. Designed with 5 points of articulation for standard action figure movement.

Good Smile Pop Up Parade PVC

The pop up parade PVC of Todoroki Shoto action figure is a Good Smile Company import. He is on the way to U.A. prestige high school for heroes. Confident pose fits his personality.

The description is exactly as described and, in my opinion, pop up parade remains the best anime figure series.

Bandai Ichiban Fighting Heroes One's Justice

The fighting heroes featuring one’s justice of Todoroki Shoto action figure comes from Bandai Ichiban.

The hair looks a bit rough, but besides that the sculpt and the colors are great. The flames and glass are translucent, and light passes through them.

He’s absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful quality. It’s so nice. Worth the money.

The Loyal Subject Vinyl

The loyal subject of the Todoroki Shoto action figure is made of vinyl material. The figure includes multiple points of articulation, accessories, and collector’s card.

Please note that this figure may be smaller than you think. It is designed for a mini version of a figure with several poses. But it is still be a great purchase for any Todoroki Shoto merchandise gatherer!

Funko Pop Metallic Exclusive

The metallic and exclusive Todoroki Shoto action figure comes from Funko Pop! He is made of vinyl material and stands around 3.75 inches tall and comes in a windows display box.

The pop figure itself looks awesome. The metallic sheen looks great. There was a little piece of bubble wrap in the box to mitigate some potential damage during shipment.

My Hero Academia

Other Merch

Todoroki Shoto Hoodie

Todoroki Shoto hoodies is a sweatshirt costume zip-up jacket from Jaycon Men and is made of 100% cotton with polyester material.

It’s very nice quality, well made, and fairly heavy for a sweatshirt. This hoodie is a quality garment. It’s not one of those cheap, poorly sewn, weird sized things you get when you order clothing that’s based around anime.

It’s soft, the seams are well done, the print is high quality, it fits the way it’s supposed to.

Todoroki Shoto Body Pillow

Todoroki Shoto body pillow is a zipper body with dimension 150cm x 50cm. The dakimakura is made of 100% real peach skin fabrik, double sided high quality image printed with the finest skin-friendly ink.

it is what it is best non revealing one for son who loves anime. Family safety is number one!

Todoroki Shoto Plush

Todoroki Shoto plush doll is 15 cm tall and comes from Lixinya. He is made of plush material and crystal super soft plush.

It was honestly smaller than you may expected but the material is good and everything in the picture is what the plushie looks like.

Was not super soft, but is well made and looks great. A great gift for any MHA fan.

Todoroki Shoto Shirt

Todoroki Shoto shirt comes from TiwBski and is made of polyester and cotton, elastic closure. The size is available starting from M to 4X-Large.

The shirt is comfortable and fits true to size. The colors are bright and vivid. Quality and print were very good. Like that it’s thin. So on hot days you don’t mind having a thinner shirt on.

Todoroki Shoto Jacket

Todoroki Shoto jacket comes from NoveltyBoy is a battle suit zip up jacket for both female and male. It is made of 100% healthy fabric, stylish, and high quality costume.

Awesome jacket. Much better quality than the reviews have said. Looks good. Washes really well with no piling or fading.

Todoroki Shoto Neko

Todoroki Shoto neko in a pillow version comes from Mattheo Klug. It is made of plush material and only designed for adults.

The softness is good, he is great to cuddle and sleep with. Its squishy and soft (as in the fluff inside) The print quality is great, nice and crisp lines and the colors are perfect.