To Love Ru Merchandise and Action Figure

Are you huge fan of To Love Ru anime series? 

Let’s see… we have huge lists of merchandise and action figure of To Love Ru specially for any fans of it.

To Love Ru is anime TV series based on the manga series written by Hasemi Saki and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou with the same name.

The anime itself is remained follow the original manga series. And of course, adding several stuffs in order to fit with the length of a single episode.

The opening is great and lots of fan service inside.

To Love Ru merchandise


That’s why, My Anime Merch this time will cover up the best selection of To Love Ru merchandise and action figure for you!

Blu-ray and DVD

The first thing first, let’s see the best merchandise on Amazon.

It will cover up the blu-ray, artbook, and other stuffs you could collect as the fan of To Love Ru.

To Love Ru Season 1 DVD Collection 2

To Love Ru DVD of the season 1 could be the most recommended merchandise for any new lovers.

How could you buy the merchandise if you don’t know about the anime or manga?

This DVD is in Japanese language with English subtitle. Released on December 15, 2019, it runs up to 325 minutes and could be played in A/1 region only.

If you are a fan of the manga version, then this is a good DVD to buy. If you’re just picking up on the story now, then it probably isn’t a good investment.

It would be hard to understand and most of the story is different/shortened to fit into 13 episodes. 

You can see how unpopular it is in America because there is no English Dub, it is in Japanese with English subtitles. 

Plus, there was next to no promotion for this collection so most people have little knowledge about its history and background.

Season 1 DVD Collection 2

This DVD is a continuation from the above. It consists of episode 14-26. 

Released on February 16, 2010, it runs up to 325 minutes long.

Now this set is only in Japanese audio and English subs, so if you only like anime in English dub then this is not for you.


Season 2 Blu-ray

Motto To Love Ru complete collection, now in high definition. Released on May 27, 2014,, the Blu-ray runs up to 300 minutes long.

Firstly, this is not really a sequel to the first one; it is instead a series of skits, three per episode, with virtually no continuity between episodes, or even the skits themselves. 

There is no narrative flow. On the plus side, the skits themselves are often quite funny, with plenty of fan service to liven up the show.

Darkness (Season 3) Blu-ray

This was season 3 of an awesome anime series. Like the other seasons it had a terrific story. I recommend it to all who enjoy an excellent anime.

Like the To Love Ru series. Not as much focus on Lala & Yuki but still everything you expect from the first two seasons is still there (a lot more Momo in this season).

Released on July 15, 2014, it runs up to 300 minutes long.

Darkness 2 DVD

The DVD came to me at a fast pace, mint condition, and all uncensored. Nothing’s wrong with censored; I just don’t want blinding white lights constantly blocking half of the screen. I know it’s for obvious~ reasons, but still…

Honestly, if this series had half of the fanservice than it already offers, it would still be a solid Anime. The back stories to Golden Darkness and the Devilukians (if I’m saying that right) has a snugly fit to this series.

This was season 4 of the anime called To Love Ru. It was fun to watch and I recommend it to all who love anime.


Darkness Art Book Harem Gold

The artwork itself is very well done. However, what takes the cake is the creativity of how some of the pages are put together. 

It’s hard to explain, but you just have to pick one up yourself to understand. Any To Love Ru fan would be happy to have this one.

There’s also special function where you can see some of pictures in X-ray vision with this mobile app you can get for Android or iOS!

Darkness Art Book Venus

It is an incredibly well put together hardback book with a great, solid stock of paper. 

There are also fold out images and even an image that is built out of transparencies. 

The size of the book benefits the art very well, and it is very thick and full of images.

Nice book it has all the characters from the show very good art book full color and sketches.

Art Book Rabukara Love Color

Great to see the older art styles in here. Not as lewd as the newer art books but still very good in its own way.

Great color and good paper quality.


Illustration Book Juicy

I know the price is crazy, but as you know that, for any To Love Ru fans, this illustration book is worth every penny.

safe packaging, nice quality.

Great artbook of the popular fan-service romcom series.

I highly recommend this artbook for you! Especially if you already owned the art books above.

Action Figure

To Love Ru action figure and nendoroid could be a great collection for any To Love Ru fans after owning the Blu-ray, DVD, and art book.

Choose your favorite character starting from our main heroine Deviluke Lala to Sairenji Haruna.

Deviluke Lala Action Figure

From Good Smile Company. The main heroine of Love-Ru, the slapstick comedy love story with a sexy twist which has been airing as a TV anime since spring, Deviluke Lala Satalin makes quite an impression with her energetic pose and unusual outfit. 

Holding her wand in one hand and smiling happily, she gives off the same adorable energy from both the manga and TV series.

Her right hand can also be replaced for another, wandless pose.

The figure itself is excellent. Very colourful and lively. Good quality and sculpt. Would definitely recommend for the price.

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Sairenji Haruna Action Figure

From Max Factory. From the anime series To Love-Ru Darkness comes a 1/6th scale figure of the heroine who has strong feelings for Rito, Haruna Sairenji! 

Just like the previous figures from the series, she has been sculpted wearing sexy lingerie and a bridal veil that uses translucent parts to recreate its see-through appearance. 

The veil can also be removed for a slightly different look. 

While the design is rather simple, the detail on her lingerie and the tight feeling of the outfit makes for a very sexy Haruna for fans to enjoy by their side!.

Good quality even down to the smaller details. Hair, face, and clothing are well made, painted and textured. The stand is small but nice, and overall a great item.

Very nice figure colors are vibrant and the pose is cute. Well worth owning.

Yuuki Mikan Action Figure

From FREEing. The ideal little sister, Mikan Yuki wearing a sexy orange bunny girl outfit! 

The figure is an impressive 1/4 scale in size and features net tights made from actual fabric for a more realistic appearance! 

Super pretty and super detailed. Well worth the cost.

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Kotegawa Yui Action Figure

From Alter. The tense head of Sainan High School’s disciplinary committee struggles to hold her skirt down in the breeze that catches her hair for this fetching 9″ tall figure.

Perfect. Another wonderful figure from Alter. As expected. More so than pictures. The quality of fig is amazing.

The sculpt really captured the on screen Kotegawa likeness. The eyes on this one is amazing. Most offers dull colors for the eyes, but this one was done perfectly. 

The overall figure looks really really dynamic despite its kinda boring pose and outfit. It actually offers a lot. More so than you think. This fig is really just the best Kotegawa figure up to date.

Golden Darkness Action Figure

From FREEing. From the anime series with a second season coming in July 2015, To Love-Ru Darkness comes a figure of Yami-chan, also known as “Golden Darkness”, transformed into her forbidden Darkness form! 

The figure has been intricately sculpted by the proficient sculptor, Abira. 

Her long hair flowing around her is complemented by the pose that makes her appear to be floating in the air. 

Her rather sinister horns and claws are starkly contrasted by her cute expression and very revealing outfit, creating a very naughty looking Yami-chan for fans to enjoy in their collection!

Perfect, zero imperfections except for some tiny paint imperfections. Even the box came with no imperfections at all, not a single scratch or dent

Great looking figure! If you’re a fan of Golden Darkness(Yami), you’ll definitely will want this figure. Overall it’s beautifully designed and detailed.

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Nana Astar Action Figure

From Vertex. Nana’s figure has every bit of spunk of her personality and then some. Note that her D-Dial is not an included accessory. No matter, she is still sure to call out your inner animal!

Nicely made.

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Momo Belia Action Figure

The first in the series is Momo Belia Deviluke wearing a lovely pink bunny girl outfit and placed in a cute sitting pose hoping you’ll come and sit by her side – the perfect entrance into the bunny girl paradise! 

The figure is an impressive 1/4 scale in size and features net tights made from actual fabric for a more realistic appearance filled with highlights to enjoy!

The paint is well done looks great nice detail. Good size for your desk.

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Kurosaki Mea Action Figure

This sixth figure from the series is the cute and mischievous Mea Kurosake. No harem would be complete without the innocent yet provocative Mae. 

The figure is an impressive 1/4th scale in size and features net tights made from actual fabric for a more realistic appearance!

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Tearju Lunatique Action Figure

From Vertex. An absolutely stunning figure of To Love-Ru’s Tearju Lunatique in a provocative black bikini that shows off plenty of flawless skin, as seen on the anime To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd. 

You’ll love her long, golden hair and shy expression, so cute on this amazing figure. Order this awesome figure and you can ogle her body any time.



Other Merch

Golden Darkness Stuffed Plush

From Sega, now this cute and collectible Golden Darkness will be yours in stuffed plush version.

You can hug her everytime you want, because it is soft and cuddly.

Her hands don’t extend past her outfit’s sleeves, but she’s soft and cute so that’s okay.

It also would be a perfect gift! Grab as fast as you can, because the availability is limited!

Mikan Body Pillow

To Love Ru body pillow of heroine Yuuki Mikan is made of peach skin pollowcases aterial. 

It is 100% real peach skin pillowcase texture. Double sided printed using high quality image painted by Digital Sublimation Printing with the finest ink.

The picture came out great, and it’s nice and soft!