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Tiger and Bunny Merchandise – Action Figure and more

How many seasons Tiger and Bunny? There is one season so far with movie as a sequel, while the second season is unknown when to be aired. If you are a fan, ensure you get Tiger and Bunny merchandise here.

Tiger & Bunny is definitely not your average action anime. Actually, it is more akin western superhero comics than to the shounen and seinen that make up most action anime.

This time, we will list up anime merchandise related to the Tiger and Bunny.

tiger and bunny merchandise
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Fact 1: The anime was created before the manga.

Set 1

Set 1 of Tiger and Bunny blu-ray should be the first merchandise you need to collect. It’s because it is a core of your item you need as a fan of the series.

this English dub was first vied on viz’s new stream “NEON ALLEY” along with others such as blue exorcist, Inuyasha, fairy tail, etc.

this blu ray set 1 has roughly 12 episodes and is in high quality while having 2 disks, at least 9 ep on disk 1 and disk 2 is ep 10-12 with special features. this is the common format as done by Sentai Filmworks and Funimation releases.

Set 2

Tiger and Bunny series has 24 episodes, while the set one is only compiled of the first half of the season, 12 episodes. So, set 2 is needed to complete your Tiger and Bunny merchandise collection.

The second half of Tiger & Bunny is where I really came to love this show. The first half is fun, but the second half is great. The storyline is much more exciting and smoother (no side stories to break it up). Anyone who was annoyed by Tiger in the first season will appreciate his character growth in the second half.

Special Features: Additional Scenes, Production Sketches, Storyboards.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

Movie the Rising Combo Pack

The combo pack of Tiger and Bunny movie the Rising is the sequel of the first season of the series. If you are a huge fan of it, make sure you watch its continuation.

Overall, felt like a long episode to add to the series. It was not the best movie, no, but I would recommend seeing as it did have some redeeming qualities and strong animation, and was a pleasure for fans of the original series. 

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Video Games

Fact 2: In Japan, there was enough demand for Kotetsu’s Nice Hat that Sunrise decided they’d just go ahead and sell it. Soon enough, Barnaby’s jacket and the Christmas pin were also made into real items.

Aired Jack PSP

Besides on watching the anime, as a fan, you can also enjoy the series through video game. This aired jack series is for PSP.

To start off, even if you don’t have a good grasp on the Japanese language, you can still play this game without much trouble. The tutorials are complete with pictures, and if you’ve ever seen the anime you’ll know exactly what’s happening in the plot when it happens.

This game’s mostly about the missions. You play as Tiger, and your goals are pretty much the same as they are in the TV series

Each map I’ve played so far has been different, with lots of little nooks and crannies to explore. There are various “happening” points that allow you to keep your viewers entertained while you scramble after the suspects, and you actually have some incentive to get them. 

People become less impressed with what you’ve got to show the longer you walk around or the more hits you take. As another feature, you can get one of the other heroes to cut in for you and raise your audience rating or take some damage for you. This is REALLY helpful during boss battles.

Hero's Day PSP Limited Edition

The other game based on the series is Hero’s Day of limited edition.

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Action Figures

Fact 3: The staff was told to give up on the anime and to make the series about two young guys — they refused.

Kotetsu Kaburagi Wild Tiger Action Figure

Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure in Wild Tiger form includes good luck mode parts. It also includes a special display stand and corporate logos accurately reproduced.

This figure is so good that I can’t put it down! If you are a mature collector (15 and up), I urge you to give this figure a try. The figure is a beautiful combination of die-cast metal and plastic components that blend together flawlessly. 

I am blown away by the detailed sculpting and poseability. I can’t wait to get my hands on another figure in this series!

Very high quality for the price. Heavy, solid, great paint, nice articulation. (Although it could stand to be a little more flexible so it would sit more comfortably on the Chaser.) Looks awesome with the Barnaby hero figure.

For more products about this character, please visit Kotetsu Kaburagi merchandise.

Barnaby Brooks Bunny Action Figure

Barnaby Brooks action figure in Bunny form includes good luck mode parts with special display stand. The corporate logos accurately reproduced including Bandai and Amazon.co.jp.

Overall articulation is very standard like most S.H Figuarts. His arms can’t go above his shoulder without moving his entire elbow. 

His two jetpack things on his back are on ball joints so they are easy to move to pull off some cool poses. 

The left leg on my figure keeps coming down on the hip joint for some reason which is annoying but I can fix it with a bit a force, not sure if other people had the same issue.

Heavy, nice paintwork, articulation is okay (although it could stand to be a little more flexible too, sit better on the Double Chaser, which is sold separately), extra parts are nice to have.

The paint and coloring is spot on, and the little details like the tiny bunny emblem on his chest, movable jetpack things on the back, and even a piece to change the logo on one of his arm guards really take it to the next level.

For more figure, please visit Barnaby Brooks merchandise.

Origami Cyclone Action Figure

Origami Cyclone action figure is corporate sponsor logo accurately replicated. It includes interchangeable hand parts and special stand.

Bandai put a lot detailed into this Origami Cyclone figure. I love all the extra hands and weapons to pose Origami Cyclone with.

The color is solid and there was no fading or chips in the paint. The figure is extremely flexible.

The Figuarts line does know how to paint details, and wow there are a lot of them. While his outfit/armor does make a few poses more than a little difficult (not to mention slight balance issues with the geta), he still has a full range of motion and some pretty great accessories for all kinds of dramatic poses.

Double Chaser Action Figure

Double Chaser action figure is snap together and no glue required. It is colored plastic and no paint required. It includes 11 pieces of runner, foil sticker, tetron sticker, and manual instruction.

The instructions are all diagrams, so they are easy to understand with no knowledge of Japanese. Be careful not to miss any steps because these are a pain to take apart once they’re done. 

There are extra pieces to combine the bikes, so keep that in mind as well so you don’t loose any pieces. This kit is much cheaper than the Figuarts bike, but you do need to put some work into it. I would recommend it if you are short on money but want the bike for sure. 

Ivan Karelin Action Figure

Ivan Karelin action figure is fixed pose high detailed figure with interchangeable face parts. It is Tamashii web exclusive that includes special display stand.

Really cute and the details on the clothes are really nice.

Sky High Action Figure

Sky High action figure is an interchangeable hand part. The special display stand and jet pack effect parts are included.

The bottom part of the coat can be moved for easier posing. His signature SKY HIGH pose can be proudly displayed for all other figures to see. 

His size is the same as Tiger and Bunny figuarts. Sky High also comes with a different helmet that includes a chip. Most people who purchase the figure don’t know that it’s from the episode with Sky High Vs Jake Martinez, his helmets horn breaks in that scene. Nice of them to add the helmet.

The articulation is above and beyond anything I’ve encountered before but, then again, I’ve never had any experience with a purely decorative figure. 

The included hands are very expressive and easy to remove and adjust, as are the optional “jet flames”. An interesting and surprising touch is the “horn” on his helmet–this particular figure comes with a removable facade for the helmet with the option of a full or “clipped” version. The actual difference is almost unnoticeable, but a nice touch is that they actually include the separate, tiny shard missing on the “clipped” version. This mimics a scene in the actual show and was an unexpected but very thoughtful touch.

This set includes an easily-assembled clear holding stand with a triple-jointed arm. The grip of the arm is decent, but the figure itself is rather bottom-heavy, and it’s difficult to maintain a straight bodyline if you’re, say, going for a “Superman” horizontal pose. With some careful balancing, it can be done, but it’s not particularly stable. The skirt is, as other reviewers have mentioned, a two-piece affair, but the range of motion is actually pretty good, and it can look surprisingly natural in some configurations.

Other than the relative instability of the core in maintaining a straight bodyline when horizontal, this figure is a joy to pose, and they captured the animation and exuberance of the Sky High character very well.

Lunatic Action Figure

Lunatic action figure contains die-cast parts. It also includes a special display stand and blue flame effect parts.

Comes with a lot of accessories not shown here. This is a wonderful figure. Very very well done and definitely well articulated too. No QC issues. 

The flame effects actually come apart, which I think is awesome as they had an additional two pairs of hands. Four flame effects, two crossbows, holster, and two different cloak effects.

Rock Bison Action Figure

Rock Bison action figure is diecast and plastic masterials. Includes interchangeable left and right hands and comes with display stand.

The size on the figure is pretty huge. Fitting that he is also gigantic in the show. He comes with nice hands for his signature poses, The box included the pipes that go in the back of the helmet. 

A nice touch. For a hero who uses a catapult to move. Sadly they never made the catapult (javelin?) a thing to purchase. His bottom coat also moves and is actually not a bad figure to pose without a stand. 

Rock Bison is a pretty solid action figure. The paint apps are spot on and the articulation is a lot better than one would think based on the product photo. 

The skirt of his costume is actually 3 flaps that all move and allow for a nice range of motion for his legs. Most of the articulation for this figure is hidden which is a very nice touch. In addition to the figure you get a spare set of hands(open hands), an extra pipe thing for connecting his head and back(I’m not sure what purpose the extra one serves), and a base with a flight stand. 

Blue Rose Chibi Art Figure

The Chibi Art of Blue Rose action figure includes interchangeable face and arm parts. The Japanese catch phrase speech bubbles and includes special display stand.

Beautifully crafted figure and excellent quality for the price. Very grateful for such an awesome deal – she comes with a bunch of fun accessories.

Dragon Kid Chibi Art Figure

Dragon Kid action figure includes interchangeable face and arm parts. The Japanese catch phrase speech bubbles. It also includes special display stand.

Dragon Kid comes with three heads, multiple arms, some VERY cute accessories like a bag of chips and an AWESOME Dragon Staff! She also comes with a wicked great stand that works better than most stands for these types of figures.

Like Nendoroid figures, Chibi Arts Dragon Kid does not have joints at the elbows or knees, so her posing options are limited. 

She can move her arms at the shoulders back and forth and has pretty good rotation on her legs at the hips. She is a bit bigger than Nendoroid figures, approximately 3 1/2 to 4 inches tall and is very sturdy.

The figure is decent size for a chibi and the detail is great on her. Plus I love the changeable pieces! The figure is very cute and should make all those who collect such figures very pleased.

One Set Petit Figures

One set of petit figure of Tiger and Bunny includes 8 pieces of characters. 

The crime-fighting celebrity heroes of Tiger&Bunny join the Deforume Meister Puchi (DMP) series in characteristically cute DMP style. 

Trading figure set includes 8 figure types: Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Blue Rose, Dragon Kid, Origami Cyclone, Rock Bison, Fire Emblem, and Sky High! Mini-figures include special stand with corporate sponsor logos.

Dragon Kid Action Figure

Dragon Kid action figure has size approximately 13 cm in height. This is SH Figuarts and totally different with the chibi art above.

Blue Rose Action Figure

Blue Rose action figure includes 3 interchangeable faces and 2 freeze guns. It also comes with display stand.

Her sculpt is gorgeous and looks just like her anime counterpart. She comes with 3 extra faces and 3 extra pairs of hands in addition to the expected accessories(her ice guns and a stand). 

She’s considerably smaller than the other Tiger & Bunny characters released so far but considering she is a teenage girl and the other figures are all full grown men it’s to be expected. 

Unlike the other Tiger & Bunny figures that featured some sort of diecasting, usually in the feet, Blue Rose does not have any. The paint job came out great and the Pepsi Nex logos on her costume are clearly readable.

The design is really great and the articulations, the extra hands and faces give you the opportunity of creating cool poses.

Fire Emblem Action Figure

Fire Emblem action figure includes effect parts and interchangeable hand parts. There is also special display stand.

Another exceptional quality Tiger & Bunny Figuarts. Excellent range of motion, two extremely shiny capes (one for standing poses, the other for action poses), and 9 interchangeable hands, one with fire. 

So glad Bluefin brought him over from Japan. It takes a little extra work to get him to stand alone due to those heels of his, but it’s more than possible.

Fire Emblem’s articulation is great and allows a wide variety of poses. His legs are especially articulated compared to some of the other Tiger & Bunny figures since his costume is a standard superhero spandex costume compared to the mech-line costume found on most of the other Tiger & Bunny figures. 

The paint on this figure is also excellent. The cape has a metallic red, yellow and orange finish looks great and the rest of the paint on the figure is just as accurate as on the show. Fire Emblem features his “animate” logo from the early episodes rather than the Domino’s logo he wore in later episodes. Personally I would have preferred the Domino’s logo. 

Fire Emblem comes with a variety of extra hands: open palms,flat hands, a pair of his signature hand gesture, and a single of his signature hand gesture with a flame attache to it. He comes with two capes: one flowing cape and one regular cape and a figure stand. The figure stand is clear which I found to be a little dull. I feel like an orange or pink stand would have been more appropriate for Fire Emblem. Overall, the figure is great and a must-have if you like Tiger & Bunny and collect the S.H. Figuarts line.

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Others Merch

Fact 4: Originally, the series was supposed to be much darker and more morbid in its theme and mood, with heavy drama and tragedy and different personalities for both main characters. The creators later decided to go for a more lighthearted story with an overall comedic theme accompanied by some drama; traces of the aforementioned serious tone can be seen in the second cour.

Origami Cyclone Wall Scroll Poster

Wall scroll of Origami Cyclone poster has high quality graphic. Includes hanging system or rods, and it’s fully licensed product by Great Eastern Entertainment. The package dimension is 36x6x6.

This beautiful, high quality, fabric wall poster is sure to please any fan of the Japanese Cartoon Style known as Anime. This fabric poster makes a beautiful wall hanging and comes compete with its own plastic hanging rods. Just take it out of the package, unroll the wall scroll and its ready to put up on any wall.

Alpaca Plush Blue Rose Cosplay

Alpaca coslpay performing cosplay of Blue Rose is approximately 12 inches tall. She is cute and cuddly plush to own!

Cosplaying Alpacas? they used to only be sweet, and cuddly, but now they’re awesome and action packed. Carefully crafted, highly evolved, consistent with Tiger and bunny character detail. For fans of cuteness and fans of the hit show, the cosplay Alpacas are the best of both worlds. Brought to you by Yes anime and viz media.