Gintama merchandise

The Most Recommended Merchandise for Gintama Fans

What does Gintama mean? Based on its Kanji, it’s mean “Silver Soul”. But also can be mean “silver ball” as a joke. Yups, that’s ball! Men’s Ball! If you are a fan, maybe you don’t want to miss out Gintama merchandise we posted here.

Gintama is a masterclass in comedy writing and variety; a series that grows in originality with each passing episode, so inventive and fresh, dynamic and interesting, it’s no wonder it has become one of Sunrises’ flagship series, not to mention a mainstay of Shounen Jump.

In this post, My Anime Merch will cover up the most recommended Gintama merchandise for you!

Gintama merchandise


The media includes Gintama manga, anime and live action blu-ray, and game for Nintendo DS console.

Gintama Manga Volume 1

Gintama is also a very extraordinary series. Unlike most mangas where the protagonist becomes stronger and stronger as time passes by and ultimately becomes a hero. 

In this series, the protagonist, Gintoki, has been through that stage and is now living in poverty, doing all kinds of jobs to live by. 

It shows us the life of a hero after winning or in Gintoki’s case, being defeated in a battle.

Another thing is that there are no special moves that they’d yell before attacking. Just plain, raw strength and awesomeness. 

I also like how Gintama is being told through mini-chapters. Yes, some of them are just plain hilarious and has no connection to the main story plot but it’s still hilarious, so it doesn’t bother me. 

Unlike the big three anime/manga where the quality is awesome, Gintama has a very simple but clean and detailed.

Gintama Blu-ray Series 3 part 1

Funimation for finally bringing this series to the west, for those that aren’t aware this set starts at episode 266, but don’t let that stop you, you don’t need to watch the previous episodes to enjoy this. 

This is one of the weirdest and most absurd animes I have ever watched, but that, along with its self-aware sense of humor is what makes it so dang hilarious! If you are a person who likes the comedy genre in the slightest, absolutely buy this!

Very funny and can’t wait to purchase the other, more serious half. I really hope that, despite the Funimation-Crunchyroll split, the past and future seasons/series will continue to be physically published in the west

Gintama Live Action Blu-ray

A must-buy for any fan of Gintama. Definitely get the blu-ray version because it comes with the blu-ray and the DVD format (so, two discs). 

It comes with a really nice sleeve, as well. The movie itself is kind of mediocre, even for a Gintama fan. Don’t expect it to be as good as the manga or the anime, of course. 

But nonetheless, it is a fairly faithful recreation of the Benizakura arc from the main series. For the most part, the cast is really great. 

Some of the actors look really close to how their characters are supposed to look while others don’t as much, but it’s still a fun movie. It’s nice to see one of the greatest fictional series in the world gaining so much popularity, especially considering they’ve been cancelled as many times as Futurama. 

The biggest downside to this movie is that it doesn’t come with any extra. No director commentary (although we wouldn’t be able to understand it, anyway), no “behind the scenes,” no bloopers or deleted scenes. 

A real disappointment in that category. But it’s still worth getting if you really love the series just to show support for it. Also get the Gintama Rumble videogame while you’re at it! (Once it isn’t so expensive, anyway)

Gintama Nintendo DS

Do you love Gintama and play video game at the same time? Then this Gintama video game for Nintendo DS console would be a great choice for you!

Despite this game is using Japanese – no English subtitles or released in the west – you still can enjoy the game very well.

Gamer instinct to play without any manual, or even can be fully understand despite it’s written in non-English!

Very fun game and not too hard to figure out, even if you can read no Japanese. I highly recommend for any fans of Gintama. If you own DS this game is definitely worth picking up.

Apparel and Accessories

This section we listed up the wallet, mug, poster, eye mask, bag, and jacket.

Gintama Wallet with Gintoki Cover

It’s a very nice wallet and the artwork is beautiful. It’s Bigger than the average wallet for men/boys by width. 

Beautiful wallet nice and Beefy too lots of space and great like and above all great price,

It’s a good size and seems really durable. Would definitely recommend.

Great wallet for the price!

Gintama Poster

Other merchandise you need to get as Gintama fan is this poster. Buy getting this poster and hanging it on your wall, it will show you that you are the biggest fan of Gintama!

Some of your non-anime friends would visit your house and then wondering about it, and that’s the great chance for you to introduce your favorite anime series!

This poster is an officially licensed product! So why don’t you get this poster as fast as possible?

Gintama Wind Eye Mask

When you wear the sleeping mask, it does a decent job of blocking all light. When the mask is covering your eyes, you will be unable to see through the mask or see light. 

However, a little light may seep through the bottom of the mask because the nose lifts the mask up slightly, which may be avoidable with some additional adjustment depending on the shape of your face. 

Regardless, the mask is thick enough to block light well.

Gintama Bag

It’s larger than I expected after reading the reviews. My small laptop fits in it perfectly. It has so many pockets! Great purchase!

Looks great, stitching is good, it’s made from good quality materials.

Great product, it’s better than you think for the price, good pockets and many of them.

Gintama Jacket Sweatshirt

You can wear Gintama-based costume without a necessary to do a cosplay, because with this sweatshirt jacket, you can wear this Gintama-based jacket everyday!

Exclusively sold by T Shop Japan, this jacket is 100% brand new imported from Japan.

You can choose sizes that fit with your body! It’s also gonna be a great gift for any Gintama and anime fans! Because the jacket itself is nice and comfy!

Gintama Mug

Plain and simple, yet it makes me unreasonably happy. Doesn’t help curb my sugar use at tea time, but that’s not really the point. I just love the fact that it exists.

Solid product for a good price. And for those worrying about the script falling off, don’t because even you wash it several times by hand and nothing has come off. 

Nifty little Styrofoam box it comes in too.

Sadaharu Plush Doll

Super DX Plush doll of Sadaharu, with size around 25 cm.

While little expensive since it’s a japan import, this item is exactly what you might want from a Sadaharu Plush doll and this is probably the best version of it anywhere.

Action Figures

These action figures are the best sold in Amazon. For more options, you can visit the greatest list of Gintama action figure.

Sakata Gintoki Action Figure

Absolutely awesome Gintoki figure! The detail is amazing – from the muscles & veins on his arms to the symbols for Lake Toya on the hilt. 

His facial expression is perfect, too. The only disappointment I had was an odd discoloration on top of his head, which you can see in one of the pictures. 

But the perfection of the rest of him is such that I can get past it, and just pretend Gin got something in his hair, which wouldn’t be surprising, anyway, lol. 

Excellent representation of Gintoki. His expression captures his casual/lazy heroism. His hair, boots, and clothing are all excellent, especially how they sculpted all the folds.

Sakata Gintoki Merchandise

This section is special for Sakata Gintoki fans! We have T-Shirt, plush doll, school bag, dakimakura, poster, and slippers based on the character.

Sakata Gintoki T-Shirt

For the Sakata Gintoki lover, this T-Shirt would be a great apparel for you! As we knew that Gintoki is wearing unusual costume in our community, so wearing that suit would be a problem if it’s not in the cosplay convention.

But luckily this T-Shirt answer that problem. You don’t have to worry about the costume anymore because this T-Shirt could be worn in everyday life, but still give us Gintoki vibe.

Despite it is an imported product, but it is free shipping product. It is worth it and awesome. Smells new and looks great.

Sakata Gintoki Plush Doll

Another great merchandise for Sakata Gintoki-based is this plush doll. Gintoki may has a laid back and bad attitude, but still as a fan you love him so much.

That’s why, you can get this plush doll and hug him as much as you want.

This Sakata Gintoki plush doll is approximately 10 inch and officially licensed product by Banpresto. It’s totally perfect stuff for any Gintama fans!

Sakata Gintoki Bag

You have a kid, and he or she really loves Gintama? Then give them a surprise by giving this Sakata Gintoki bag as a gift! This is totally school bag with Sakata Gintoki acts as a professor or teacher. Great themed for you.

The seller said that this bag is made of super high quality waterproof patent leather, but one of the buyer said that it seems using the low quality material.

However, that’s only one downside. You still can find the other great things on it. Both price and product are totally worth every penny.

Sakata Gintoki Dakimakura

Have you ever seen Oreimo anime? One of the main heroines named Kirino said that Dakimakura could streat your stress, and I this it does.

You can hug your favorite character and you can feel so comfortable and relax. That’s why we also recommend you to get this Sakata Gintoki dakimakura.

This product is 2 way tricot pillowcase that’s made of 85% polyester and 15% of spandex.

Maybe you can find that the image faded from the cheap dakimakura, but this one is different! That’s why we recommend you this stuff despite it has high price, instead of the cheap ones.

Sakata Gintoki Poster

Sakata Gintoki also comes out in poster. So you can have colorful wall in your room.

The poster itself is a fabric printing, no reflection, easy to clean, and waterproof.

It is made of high quality product, and it could be a perfect gift for any anime lovers and Gintama fans.

It has 17.7 X 49.2 Inches, or equal to 45 X 125 cm.

Sakata Gintoki Slippers

Japanese loves to wear slippers at home, how about you? Is wearing slippers at home would make you comfortable? Especially in winter that would make your foot keep warm.

Sure, this Sakata Gintoki slippers is comfy, warm, soft, and cozy. Non-slip for any indoor and outdoor usage. 

It has Sakata Gintoki character print on it, with high definition printing, clear pattern, and so beautiful.