Takashi Natsume Merchandise – Action Figures

Natsume Takashi is the main protagonist of the series who, like his deceased grandmother Natsume Reiko, has the ability to see ayakashi (spirits). 

He inherited the Book of Friends from her, a book of contracts binding ayakashi to servitude when they were defeated by Reiko.

Are you a fan of Takashi Natsume from Natsume Yujinchou? Then this merchandise would be a great collections!

We give you a list anime merchandise related to Takashi Natsume below.

Takashi Natsume merchandise

Action Figures


First thing first, let’s start with this Takashi Natsume action figure! This is standard version of him.

Alter Renewal Edition

Renewal edition of Takashi Natsume action figure is an Alter import. He is in 1:8 scale and includes detachable kimono, along with super detailed 3D base.

Natsume’s face and the expression is very well painted, something I hardly see in PVC figurines. Even Nyanko Sinseh is well designed. Alter managed to capture his personality, in his simple depliction of struggling to climb up the branch.

Banpresto Single Item

Festival version of Takashi Natsume action figure is a Banpresto import. 

It’s a BANPRESTO brand product. I’m not sure who the official makers of licensed Natsume Yuujincho merchandise are, but this product comes in box from Japan and appears to be an authentic product.

Banpresto with Fox Child

Award B along with fox child, this Takashi Natsume action figure is a must-have. An imported product by Banpresto.

The colors are exactly as shown. A very nice size yet not heavy, it looks very nice amongst books on the shelf. It came with a postcard featuring many of the main characters and supporting yokai.

It truly is so cute and adorable. It is excellently made and the butterfly on the flowers is such a nice touch. As a lover of the book of friends anime, I am so happy to have this.

This is a grateful figure detailed went of the review and the were deaf on a must-buy for any fan of the anime.


Tsurezeru 3 inches tall of Takashi Natsume action figure is a stylized design statue with a blanket. A huge white animal squatted on a blanket, sitting in a boy in his arms.


Kotobukiya turns to Natsume Book of Friends for their next ARTFX J. Natsume poses ready to return a name inscribed in the Book of Friends, with the page on which the name is written in his mouth. 

Madara, best known as Nyanko-sensei when in his sealed lucky cat form, stares gallantly from behind while guarding Natsume.

This ARTFX J statue stands at 215mm tall, sculpted in detail from Madara’s fur and flame to the folds in Natsume’s haori jacket.

Other Merch


Takashi Natsume backpack bag is a really great item for any Natsume’s fans. It is made of super high quality oxford fabric material, which means that this is much more durable than other general backpack. 

It’s a cool bag and he gets a lot of compliments. Plenty of room inside.