Steins Gate Merchandise – Game, Blu-ray, Nendoroid, and more

Is Steins Gate worth watching? Personally, I like this anime a lot. Even I gave it score 10/10 in MAL. As a fan, sure I really want to recommend the greatest Steins Gate merchandise on the internet.

It is a story praised by many, and I think the show is definitely worthy of all its praise: it’s an excellent piece of work. Steins;Gate is, in essence, a unique anime. There’s not a single show that I found to be comparable to Steins;Gate.

That’s why through this post, we listed up the greatest anime merchandise related to the Steins Gate series!

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Okabe claims he has an IQ of 170. For reference, 145 is considered genius level of intelligence.

Blu-ray Complete Series Classic

Complete series of Steins;Gate blu-ray could be the very first Steins Gate merchandise you need to collect. 

This blu-ray is a classic version that compiled up every episode of the original series.

Steins;Gate is an amazing psychological thriller from start to finish. The story is top-notch, the characters are deep and well developed, the animation is beautiful. Also one of the best English dubs out there for those who don’t like subs. 

This anime is very suspenseful. Moreover, the characters are pretty likable. Which makes it easier to develop sympathy and empathy towards them. Because like many things in life, not everything is so cut-and-dried or black and white. 

As the anime becomes more serious, you can’t help but sympathize with the main character. It’s very well done. Even though they are fictional characters, this anime in particular effectively absorbs the audience and leaves them in suspense. 

The Blu-ray features English and Japanese audio, as well as English subtitles. Includes 25 episodes on 4 Blu-ray discs and 25 episodes on 4 DVDs with a run-time of about 10 hours. Rated TV-14 for violence, and sexual content.

Load Region of Dejavu Movie Blu-ray

Load Region of Dejavu is a movie that acts as a sequel from the original series. All the major characters show up from the series but the focus is on Kurisu and Okabe as it should be. 

It was interesting to explore the aftermath of the events of the series and how they affect Okabe as the only one who can recall them. 

I’m probably rating the movie a bit higher than I would have if I had not loved the series as much as I do. 

Compared to the series it did feel like there was quite enough time to fully explore some of the new ideas and questions brought up. And the resolution felt a bit rushed. However, having said that I’m not sure if there would have been enough content to create a whole new 3rd season without it feeling like a rehash of the original 2. 

Overall I did enjoy it and feel it added enough to make it worth telling without detracting from the original.

0 Blu-ray part 1

Steins Gate 0 is the sequel of the original series, but if our main hero decides to give up and create another branch storyline.

It happened when Okabe have chosen not to save Makise Kurisu and thus starts the Alpha world line leading to WW3. I love all of Stein;Gate from VN to anime so you will not find anything negative from me.

0 Blu-ray part 2

Part 2 of Steins Gate 0 is the continuation of the first part of the series above. If you are a hardcore fan like myself, you’ll definitely want to pick this up. Comes with a few goodies too. Very nice quality.

I enjoyed the original Steins Gate so much that I was skeptical about getting into Steins Gate 0 because I was afraid that they’d ruin the entire story for me, but I actually ended up enjoying the story of Steins Gate 0 much more than the original if that’s even possible.

Playstation Vita

Steins Gate game for PS Vita is now available to play! You can experience a twisting narrative where user interaction alters the course of the future.

Forge lasting emotional bonds with the cast of original and hugely memorable characters. Observe an enhanced visual presentation of the unique and masterful art style.

As a fan of the anime, I was so glad to have seen this game getting a stateside release, though it is exclusive to Amazon. I enjoy this game, and so far am several hours into the game.

This game is also visually and musically appealing. It has a nice collection of art and nice soundtrack pieces that really capture the thrilling and emotional moments of the story. It has a simple interface that’s easy to use and it also has an easy-to-access glossary for definitions of words and references that you might not get. These factors make visual novels superior to regular novels in my opinion.

Elite Nintendo Switch

Stein Gate Elite game for Nintendo Switch is a fully animated adventure that indulges in all the beautiful animation from 24 episodes of the original Steins;Gate series.

There is a new way to Time Leap, experiencing the world of Steins;Gate with this remastered and ultimate version that features newly animated sequences for certain endings.

The game has branching storylines that every choice you make has its own consequence, shifting the world line closer or farther from reaching 1% divergence, providing a multitude of animated endings.

This game does an excellent job of living up to its Elite title, rewarding fans of the original game and anime, as well as providing a great experience for newcomers. What distinguishes this version of the game is that unlike the original game (which had a very unique art style, but used stills) and most of the VNs on the market, this game uses animation assets from the anime to add some immersion and flair that keeps the player’s attention. 

This includes new animation built for character routes that weren’t detailed on the anime. The Switch package includes a short 8-Bit side story game, which is cute with good art and a good 8-bit soundtrack but is short and not very deep. 

It’s the anime converted into a visual novel. I haven’t seen a lot of new content compared to the anime so far, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless as a fan. The animated sequences are a refreshing take on the VN formula, and the switch version of this game comes with a little bonus game. Pretty cool.

0 PlayStation 4

Steins Gate 0 continues the time-traveling time but adds Artificial Intelligence as its central hook, and now it is available in PS 4. 

You can help a group of young students to bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3. 

The game itself has beautiful artwork and an engaging storyline for an unforgettable experience. 

It tells the story of an Alternate Wordline when the main character failed the original story. 

Steins;Gate 0 is pretty much a sequel to the original steins;Gate. It explores possible alternate outcomes and gives us a look at what could have been if things went wrong. It’s a decent visual novel with good characters but compared to the stellar writing if the original it just feels bland and predictable. Even with all its flaws it’s still entertaining and has some great moments that really stand out so if you are a fan of the original steins;Gate I recommend it.

This is a great sequel/prequel to my favorite visual novel. Like Steins;Gate before it, this is a visual novel with great writing and strong characters. It still has a lot of funny moments, but Okabe is a much more dour character after his failure to change the past, and the tone overall is much bleaker than before. Anyone who enjoyed the first game or the anime will find a lot to love in this installment.

Action Figures

Okabe gives Kurisu several nicknames over the course of Steins;Gate, only calling her by her real name in serious situations.

Okabe Rintarou Action Figure Plum

An import from Plum, Okabe Rintaro PVC action figure stands around 9 inches tall. Plum’s Rintarou Okabe figure is an amazing piece for the price. At 1/8 scale you get a nice size figure with some decent detailing.

I love it. It’s true that one of Okabe’s arms is rather loose but I’ve mixed and matched the poses so that his right arm is in the swooping mad scientist position and his left is on his hip, and he stays perfectly intact like that. 

Also, it is worth mentioning as others have done that he isn’t secured to his stand but that he still stands up perfectly well on his own. Would definitely recommend for any Steins Gate merchandise hunter.

Okabe Rintarou Action Figure Good Smile

Figma of Okabe Rintarou action figure is imported from Japan by Good Smile. He is a highly articulated figure includes alternate parts that allow for multiple posing options, and optional leather boots and other accessories.

He comes with three expressions including his standard listless expression, a confident expression, and a worried expression. Alternate parts to display him with hands in his pockets are included, as well as the Mirai Gadget #12: “Darling no Baka”. The “Bit Particle Cannon” and Okabe’s cellphone are both included, as well as optional leather boots.

The figure is very detailed and looks perfect next to my Kurisu figma! The faces are really well done and capture the character perfectly. It’s fun putting him in a ton of different crazy poses because of all of the parts that come with it. Just make sure to keep your parts in the little bag they give you because they can be easily lost!

Okabe is a pretty fun figma to mess with, his lab coat comes with a split down the back so you can adjust it to pose dynamically or look normal. Pretty solid figure overall and his faceplates are also great. If there was one problem I had to nitpick about it would be his posture. The figure seems more hunched than he does in the visual novel or show how his neck is placed.

Kurisu Makise Action Figure

Antinomic dual ani statue of Kurisu Makise action figure is an imported product by Kotobukiya. This figure looks amazing. 

The pose is dynamic, the cogs give it a unique aesthetic, and the lab coat is accented with streaks of peach color to give it a more textured appearance. The figure is sturdy and has a nice matte finish that does not feel cheap in quality. 

The stand angles forward to make the action pose feel even more dynamic. Her face also looks good and proportioned properly. The wind effects on her coat, tie, and hair makes this figure interesting to look at.

The figure will come with one of the cogs separate and you would need to manually attach. It comes with instructions for 2 pairs of cogs that you have to attach, so be sure to take a look before throwing it out.

Assembly was not impossible but instructions are in Japanese. Statue was bigger than pictured. Statue looks amazing in my sons collection. Well worth the price!

More options of action figures and nendoroid, please visit Kurisu Makise merchandise.

Suzuha Amane Figure

Suzuha Amane figure is an imported product by Alter in the Mountain Bike version. She stands just over 7 inches tall.

Detail in figures matters. This figure boasts it all, from bike spokes, both rotating wheels, working pedals (although the chain doesnt turn or turn the rear wheel like a normal bike).

Luka Urushibara Figure

Special quality of Luka Urushibara figure is officially licensed  product by Banpresto. She is brand new in box and very collectible by limited. 

She is perfect additional figure for you Stein;Gate collection!

Mayushii Figure

Swimsuit version of Mayushii figure or Mayuri Shiina has body size around 15 cm by Wave. The main production country is China.


The story references and builds upon the real “John Titor case” from the turn of the century. A mysterious Internet persona who posted on Internet message boards claiming to be a time traveler from the future. The CERN research institute and the IBM-5100 computer (dubbed SERN and IBN-5100 respectively) are also both real.

Faris Nyannyan Nendoroid

Faris Nyannyan Nendoroid is imported from Japan by Good Smile. She includes three different facial expressional and optional parts to allow her for multiple poses. Rai-net Access Battlers cards in the Nendoroid scale are also included.

She comes with three different expressions including a smiling face, a winking face, and a smug expression. 

Optional parts include a tray as well as the omelet rice dish with “The world is in trouble” written on it in ketchup. A set of “Rai-Net Access Battlers” cards are also included in Nendoroid size. 

Plus alternate parts are included allowing you to pose her in her trademark “Nyannyan” pose. The adorable Faris is hoping you’ll play with her as much as possible.

It comes with many different pieces such as interchangeable arms and hands, the little plate with the pie, and different facial expressions. The details from her dress to her hair and eyes are all very well done and the figure is practically perfect! 

Mayuri Shiina Nendoroid with Kurisu Makise

Cheerful Japan version of Mayuri Shiina Nendoroid with Kurisu Makise has a height of about 100 mm from Good Smile. They are non-scale ABS and PVC painted moveable figures. They are sculpted by Maruhige.

They come complete with pompons, megaphones, and support flags. Kurisu comes with an encouraging expression as well as a worried expression, while Mayuri comes with a cheerful expression and another face – but it doesn’t matter which expression you use, if you pose the two of them together, they’ll be set to cheer for anyone! 

Plush Doll

Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as a source of evil in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu’s many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate.

Upa Plush

The UPA Plush is highly detailed collectible by Great Eastern Entertainment. It has limited availability and officially licensed products. it’s quite large and very soft good to cuddle

This thing is amazing for a shelf ornament, or to hold it while you read. It is around the size of a basketball and is insanely soft-yet-firm.

Metal Upa Plush

Metal UPA Plush has around 4 inches in size, highly detailed collectible, and limited availability. It is an officially licensed plush doll by Great Eastern Entertainment.

Such a nice little thing to have, it is so cute and it looks a lot like an Oopa. Tuturu!

Other Merchandise

The organization SERN is most likely based off of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, aka CERN.


Large gaming of Steins Gate mousepad desk play mat has size around 40cm x 60cm. It is one of the greatest Steins Gate merchandise to have, especially if you are a big fan of the series while always spending so much time in front of your computer.

Divergence Meter Clock

Divergence meter is one of the popular and unique tools showed in the series. And how if there is a clock in divergence meter-shaped? It’s gonna be awesome for your Steins Gate merchandise, right?

The wooden box stand is lovely the entire unit is made well and so easy to set up. 

Authentic tubes, beautiful woodwork to finish, with battery backup to hold the time. Hand made, so took 3 weeks to arrive, but worth the wait.