Shirai Kuroko Figure Review – 7 Recommended List

Kuroko Shirai’s feelings for Misaki Mikoto basically disprove Shakespeare’s “Love is blind” saying because Kuroko’s eyes are partially what have made her perverted. Still as a huge fan of her? Then Shirai Kuroko figure would be a great collection for you!

Kuroko would absolutely love to see Misaki naked. Plus, Kuroko genuinely loves Misaki.

This time, My Anime Merch will cover up the recommended list of Shirai Kuroko figure from A Certain Magical Index sold on Amazon.

And let’s get started!

shirai kuroko figure

Shirai Kuroko Nendoroid

Kuroko Shirai nendoroid comes with various optional parts such as handcuffs and her schoolbag including her iron arrow holster – allowing for a selection of poses from everyday scenes to combat scenes! 

She even comes with an “Onee-sama?” expression as well as some Gekota panties to show just how much she loves Mikoto! 

Be sure to display her with the previously announced Nendoroid Mikoto Misaka and recreate your favorite scenes from the series!

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From Kotobukiya, comes Shirai Kuroko figure with school uniform while holding her school bag.

She would be a great collection for you, especially if you are into twin-tail anime girl.

This is an excellent product. It’s easy to mount and very beautiful.

Very nicely made and well detailed. A bit pricey, but I think it was worth it!

Maid Version

An authentic and officially licensed product, Shirai Kuroko figure now in maid clothes version, ready to serve you as her Goshuujin-sama.

The figure is good quality and it is adorable. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. Railgun is a great anime and the figure represents the character well.

It fits the textures just like it showed in the picture. If you’re a fan of this character or the to aru kagaku no railgun OR to aru majutsu no index series, then you’ll be putting your money to good use on this.

Freeing Bunny Version

From FREEing, comes a 1/4th scale figure of Kuroko Shirai, the Judgment member who attends Tokiwadai Middle School together with Mikoto Misaka. 

She is dressed up in a bunny girl outfit with tights made from real fabric, and her trademark twin-tails have been faithfully sculpted together with a sexy pose that really lets her to show off her body! 

She comes with two different expressions – her standard expression, as well as a expression with a broad grin across her face, allowing you to choose which expression you prefer! 

Shirai Kuroko bunny version! What more can I say? She looks perfect next to the matching Misaka equivalent.

Real one actually looks better than the image. Especially the face proportion, everything is perfect. The stocking is also very well made.

AmiAmi Exclusive

From AmiAmi, the other version of Shirai Kuroko wearing her school uniform while holding her school bag.

You can choose one of this version with Kotobukiya above, or simply gram both of them.

Shirai Kuroko figure never failed to make us smile, because of her character, nature, and trait.

Grab this awesome figure today!

Wave Swimsuit Version

Finally, one of the popular character from the series has her own swimsuit version.

By wearing black swimsuit, Shirai Kuroko looks so sexy and gives us vibe of summer feeling.

Summer episode is one of the most important aspect on any anime, that’s why the swimsuit version is a must have for any Shirai Kuroko fans.

Penguin Parade

From Penguin Parade, Shirai Kuroko figure is posed holding her school bag in one hand and pulling out a load of metal arrows with the other, ready to jump into some action. 

Careful detail has been given to even the smaller parts of her sculpting, including her Judgement armband as well as the hidden metal arrows around her thighs. 

Also be sure to display her together with her beloved Misaka!

The stand is a bit flimsy (only has one peg to attach to the character), and the uniform is of a darker shade than Railgun figures of other makes, but it stands and looks fine – if you have Railgun figures from other makes just put this in a slightly darker location away from the others and it’ll fit in perfectly.