Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure: Finest List for you

Uchiha Sasuke is one of the main characters from the Naruto series. He becomes best friends of the other protagonist Naruto and Sakura.

Because of his cool appearance and intellectual, Sasuke gains so much popularity in the series.

Not only by girls in the story itself, also in the audience and Naruto series fans.

That’s why, many collectors also need his character in the action figure version to be able to display on their room. Don’t forget to alse get Naruto Shippuden merchandise.

So, in this article, My Anime Merch will cover up the finest Sasuke Uchiha action figure that sold in Amazon, so you can choose it anytime you want!

Uchiha Sasuke

Funko Pop Curse Mark

First off, let’s see the funko pop figure of Sasuke with curse mark.

When you order, it should come with the sticker on the pop even though it doesn’t show on the Amazon pic.

If you wonder about his left eye with orange color, it’s because it was part of the curse and the color of the eye was only part of a filler episode in shippuden.

So, if you are sasuke fans and punko pop at the same time, then this action figure will be a great collection for you.

I highly recommend it to you, that’s because this figure is reviewed in the first position in this post.

Sasuke and Naruto Figure Set

The second list is the combination between Naruto and Sasuke. 

This time, it comes from the first series, where the two of them still conduct the same mission together.

A limited exclusive figure imported from Japan.

Made of ABS and PVC, stands approximately 5.85″ inches high / 150mm.

And to hold the scroll, There is a clear stick that you insert into the bottom of the stand which connects to the end of the scroll.

The boys remind me of all boys full of fire and life and ready to take on anything. I never fail to laugh with joy when I look at the ornery expressions of both.

Bandai SH Figuarts

Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha “Naruto Shippuden” Action Figure.

Sasuke figure from Bandai stands about 5 inches tall. 

He includes with Sharingan face. Also, he has the special hand for chidori and that hand is separate from the chidori you can attach them together. Its make Sasuke even cooler.

This is the closest to perfection in action figure that I’ve ever experience. Aesthetically, poseability, durability, playability, … everything you would want in an action figure.

The sculpt and paint application is perfectly accurate to the manga and anime.

There are no disturbing visible seams or paint bleeds, as expected of a high quality action figure.

Nendoroid Chibi Figure

There are cool action figure, but there is also a cute Sasuke Uchiha nendoroid for your collection.

Imported by Good Smile company, the nendoroid includes three face plates for multiple expressions.

Optional parts include ninjustu parts and illustration sheet. Also, “Union sign” hand parts for Sasuke & Naruto.

The two sharingan faceplates are the nicest ones of the 3 that he comes with. The susano effect piece that acts as a stand is super cool!!

Sasuke nendoroid is nicely detailed and that’s a plus because brings scenes from the anime to your home.

Susanoo Version

Let’s back to the action figure in the Shippuden series.

This time, Sasuke Uchiha comes in the Susanoo version.

Featuring incredible posing and lots of effect parts.

Set on a wind-swept base that evokes him using his Susanoo technique.

The product box will have a Bluefin warning label, which is proof that you are purchasing an officially licensed Bandai product, distributed by its sole and authorized distributor (Bluefin distribution) for the U.S. Markets.

Though the price is a little too high, but for the Sasuke fans like you, the price is nothing because it’s worth to buy!

Make sure your friends feel envy anytime they see this is as one of your collection on your room.

Megahouse GEM PVC

An import from Megahouse, as the GEM version, Sasuke figure stands nearly 9.5″ tall.

It’s the original, authentic has the logo crest on the back.

The item is brand new and sealed in original packaging. It is complete with all accessories, faces and stand.

It is extremely detailed and a great addition to a figure collection. I’m not sure which is my favorite, this one or the Naruto GEM one. They’re both amazing.

There are 2 replacement head with different eyes, you gonna love it!

Go grab this action figure today before it’s sold out! 

Banpresto Kid Figure

Sasuke Uchiha from the first Naruto series comes with base stand. This is totally official licensed product.

In this figure, Sasuke stands around 10 inches, a little bit smaller than a water bottle.

The figure comes in a solid well packaged box to prevent damage and it includes a blue peg to help him stand. 

You don’t need it if the surface is flat as he stands perfectly without it. 

Banpresto makes the best figures and the price is reasonable.

Banpresto Grandista

Still from Banpresto, this time in Shippuden version. Just like action figure above, this Sasuke figure also includes a base stand. It’s totally official licensed product.

Sasuke is almost 12 inches in height. It’s a really nice figure. Despite it doesn’t have articulation, the face can be switched out and you can put chidori in his hand. Think of it as a statue, not a poseable action figure.

Sasuke Uchiha is a notorious rouge ninja in his grass ninja outfit. He is also notoriously expensive to buy statues of. However, here he is well pictured and reasonable.

Comes with changeable head. Only advantage to non 3 tomo sharingan head is he lacks the slightly errie smile. But the grin is almost fitting to his mental state at the beginning of shippuden.

This is a must buy figure. It was larger than expected which is a nice surprise. The detail is amazing as well as the paint job. The price is such a steal too. It has two faces you can interchange and two hands. I highly recommend this Sasuke figure.


Still from Bandai, this time is figuart action figure. Sasuke comes with an interchangeable face part that is specially made to recreate his final scene with his Brother.

The set includes 10 pieces of hand parts, 3 pieces of facial expressions, weapon parts, and chidori effect parts.

The facial expression includes the regular, the sharingan and the scare face when Itachi hits his fourhead. You can also get the swords for weapon parts.

He is highly articulate, looks very much like his anime arc, and has great accessories. His chidori effect looks great, though they shouldn’t have made it in two pieces and left it one solid piece as it has a tendency to fall apart. The joints are stiff and they did a great job making sure his robes don’t get in the way of articulation.

Accessories, joints, materials, and paints are class 1. Awesome details. If you are a naruto fan you should definitely add to your collection and if you have uchiha itachi figure you can make cool scene with 2 figures.

Next Generation Boruto Version

From Banpresto again! This time Sasuke Uchiha in Boruto series version. He stands around 6.3 inches and includes the base for stand.

About the rinnegan, it is covered by his bangs much like the manga. It’s hard to tell since the bangs are super close to his face and you can’t get a closer look.

The facial expression is really nice and well lined, nothing is out of place.


Funko Pop Sharingan Figure

Beside the nendoroid, you can also get one other chibi version of Sasuke in the form of action figure. That is made by Funko Pop. However, this item doesn’t include the sticker.

If you ask about his orange eye, it is because it was part of the curse and the color of the eye was only part of a filler episode in shippuden, hence why it’s also a shippuden pop and not a naruto from the first anime

This would be a great collection for any Fanko Pop lovers.


Figuarts Zero

From Bandai, Sasuke comes as figuart zero PVC figure. It is imported from Japan with stands around 4 inches tall.

The figure comes in a box. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet I measured about 5.5 inch.

It also comes with an awesome Susano’o stand and the sword is removable. The product is also very well detailed.

Please note that this is not a toy, it is a figure meant for display purposes.

I must say it looks bloody fantastic, the amount of detail that must have gone into making this is definitely worth a collector’s attention. 

If you a fan of Anime in general and your not after a ‘toy’ but a ‘work of art’, look for the ‘Figuarts Zero PVC’s’ they have the most detailed!

He look like he lost all his marbles and waiting to kill. Paint job is excellent. Size of the figure is pretty small but still a nice figure anyways. The sword is a nice touch and the base is cool with the extra art.

Medicom Project BM

It’s pricely, right? It’s because Sasuke Uchiha figure on Medicom Project BM.

The height of this product is about 30 cm or around 12 inch.

This one is like better than the naruto one in every single way, he is about 12 in, and has cloth and fabric clothes, a set of changeable hands and a Chidori effect.

If you ask “Who spends 800 to 1 grand on a toy??“, The answer is people who actually make money do, and are able to afford expensive items.

Very high quality figure. Honestly this figure is better than the Naruto figure, from what’s included to the details. The clothes fit this figure much better than they fit the Naruto. It seems that Medicom put more emphasis on making a better Sasuke figure over Naruto which is unfortunate because the Naruto figure could have been done better.

Raijin GEM

Another rare pose of Sasuke, it’s an authentic merchandise direct from the manufacturer or distributor. It is officially licensed action figure.

As Rajin GEM series, this Sasuke action figure would be another great collection for you, especially if you are a fan of Uchiha clan or Sasuke, and Naruto fan in general.


Akatsuki Figure

Perfect material and awesome.

This handmade Taka hooded robe is specifically designed for Bandai S.H. Figuarts Sasuke action figure. The robe is made with soft fabric for a natural look and adds realism to the figure. 

Since the robe is soft, it will not hinder articulation. The robe is wired to create a floating effect and more dynamic action poses. 


Kabuki Figure

From Megahouse. Series creator Masashi kishimoto’s drawing of Sasuke Uchiha in a kimono is turned into a figure of the G.E.M series! 

The face and coloring of the figure is done with more consideration to the original Comic’s flavor than existing ones in the G.E.M. Naruto figure series which can be seen starting with Sasuke’s handsome features that many fan girls fell for, in the kimono design, and in the way he is posed wielding a Katana. 

The beautiful kimono design and details put into the figure give it a finished taste that is a little different from other figures in the series.


Chidori Action Figure

Awesome figure. Great figure for such a low price. The sword is my only complaint. Not a whole lot of detail and kind of tedious to attach, but all in all the figure looks great. If you’re a fan and are looking for a good figure look no further.

Base stand included, and it’s officially licensed product.


Figure Vinyl

Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden series comes in figure vinyl for you! The material is PVC and the size around 22 cm.


Naruto VS Sasuke Pop Figure

Excellent pop figure of Naruto and Sasuke are fighting each other. The scenes show the legendary moment when Naruto and Sasuke fight life and death and launching their own ultimate skill, Chidori and Rasengan.