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Sakura Haruno Figure: Top List from Naruto Series

Haruno Sakura is one of the main characters from Naruto series. She’s the member of squad 7 and had become the best friend of Naruto and Sasuke.

If her friends, Naruto and Sasuke, are very capable in combat and battle, Sakura can also rely on her brain.

However, she gains so much power after become the 5th Hokage’s pupil.

Because of her position as main character, Haruno Sakura has also gain so much popularity, though there are still haters out there.

Haruno Sakura

However, because you’re here, you must love Sakura so much, right? That’s why My Anime Merch will cover up the top list of Sakura Haruno figure to choose for your collection!

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Let’s start with nendoroid. This item is sold and imported by Good Smile.

She comes with two alternate face plates (for a total of three), alternate arms and legs, and a display plate of her summon Katsuyu.

The figure is well made, well painted, and is the great quality that you can expect from the Good Smile Company.

However, Sakura was a pretty boring character. It appears that they had a hard time finding any decent accessories and parts to create for her. But in  the end, the part could getting along with it so well.

Highly recommended to get this cute nendoroid if you’re a fan of Sakura!


Megahouse Naruto Shippuden Naruto Gals Sakura Haruno PVC Figure

This time, Haruno Sakura comes with the figure in the shippuden version. It is imported by Megahouse stands around 7 4/5″ tall.

As a bonus, you will get a perriot sticker with it.

But forget about your pervert mind, because her clothes isn’t removable. lol

However, you will still get the stand so you can display her perfectly on your room.

I recommend this to all Naruto and Sakura fans! This figure is great and it’s the real authentic figure.

Looks even better in person. She’s a pretty good size as well.

Which is your favorite? The Sakura Haruno figure list above will be update if there are brand new stuffs on Amazon. Hope you like it!

Banpresto Grandista

From Banpresto, Sakura Haruno in this figure is very tall. 

Being very particular about features, I can guarantee you that grandista figurines are worth every penny. And if you like Sakura then do go for it!

Sakura Shippuden version is really huge, approx my arms length. It came in three parts which can be joined easily. The standee is pretty stable 

The quality is really good too. Overall I’ll really recommend it if you’re planning to buy.

Megahouse Version 2

The other version is from Megahouse of Naruto Gals version 2.

In this form, Sakura has a great pose as always seen on the series, with the mark in her forehead.

She stands approximately 8 inch tall and the display base is included.

If you are a huge fan of Sakura Haruno, make sure you get this version! The price is a little high, but it’s worth every penny.

Siyushop Naruto Gals

If you feel Megahouse version above has high price, then how about this? From Siyushop and imported from China, Sakura has the same of pose and version.

However, I don’t too recommend this version because it’s better if you choose the Megahouse if you like the authentic one.

Made of PVC, this Sakura Haruno figure has realistic texture skin, realistic engraving and clarity make the action character more vivid.

stands around 21 cm tall, the display is also included.

Megahouse Splash Version

From MegaHouse. The next release in the NARUTO Gals series! Sakura Haruno is headed to the beach! 

Sakura, the main heroine of the story, is sculpted with a slender body and a refreshing smile. She shields her eyes as she walks down the beach in her cute red suit! 

Sakura comes with a sculpted base for display, along with a hat and fan accessories to complete the scene!

You will get hat and fan to gives more summer vibe!

Pop Figure

I think they did a really good job on Sakura’s pop design! It comes with no paint flaws and the box is perfect. 

All of her colors are perfect and her headband is the best part!! The one thing that I wish they have for her is a clear stand. Well I mean she does stand perfectly its just a clear stand would make it complete because it is easy to tip these type of figures over

Definitely recommend this pop for Naruto or Sakura fans!