Sakura Haruno Cosplay Costume: All Stuffs and Outfits

Sakura Haruno is one of the heroines from Naruto series. As the only female from 7th team member, Sakura also gains so much popularity.

As a cosplayer, you must be considering to cosplay her, right? But in case you don’t know how to get the costume or where to buy them, we will try to help you out through this post.

First thing first, Sakura has 3 version, which is the Chunin version, the Shippuden version, and the mother version in the Next Generation series.

Haruno Sakura

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And here are the Sakura Haruno cosplay costume you can choose today!


Main Costumes for Girl

The main costumes include her chuunin version, shippuden version, and also in the Next Generation.

Chuunin Kid Dress

In the first Naruto series, Sakura Haruno appears with this kind of costume. At that time, Sakura was still around 12 year old, so this costume would fit for younger cosplayer. 

But sure, there’s also adult size for the costume.

This costume is high degree of reduciton. To pursuit of wearing effect, the standard size is slim style. Please compare the measurements on the product description carefully when you order it. And the same when you order the plus size.

This outfit comes with the black shorts and it is made from uniform fabric and polyester leather.

If you want to be Sakura Haruno from the first Naruto series, this costume would be a perfect choice for you!

Shippuden Version

If you don’t like the product above, then we have another options for you. This costume is hand made and high quality, made of uniform cotton material.

The package includes T-shirt, elbow guards, skirts, shorts, and gloves.

Before you buy, please always check the size chart or ask the seller.

Picking a costume size online is always a daunting task. You never know how it’s going to fit. But luckily, through this seller, you can get sizing guide.

Something also worth mentioning is the quality of the outfit. The material is nice and thick, and looks very well made.

The pants are baggy gym shorts though so we’d recommend getting yoga pant shorts. Everything is sewn on so well. The buckles on the skirt are actually metal, not a plastic.

The zipper looks like it can withstand some abuse, so it’s not cheap. This costume doesn’t look or feel cheap at all.

Overall, a very cute Sakura cosplay!

One Set Full Costume

After the Naruto Shippuden series has been started, Sakura Haruno changed her appearance to become sexier than the previous series. Despite she’s little wild, though.

But she still acts like her age. That’s why we recommend you to choose this version if you are a teenager or adult.

The costume comes with full set includes coat, short skirt, rubber shorts, elbow X2, glove X2, wig, bitter, white bitter, red bitter no X3, accessories, white bandage, red protection, and black Ninja shoes.

We definitely recommend buying this if you are looking for this cosplay. It comes with everything you would need.

US Size

If you not sure about the size, how about the US size. It’s definitely would fit with your body perfectly.

This package includes zip up jacket, skirt, gloves, underwear shorts, and wristbands.

The costume is made of cotton and nice uniform to makes you feel comfortable.

For the size, you can also check the US size chart after you click the button below the image. Please be careful during ordering. There’s also no support for custom size.

There’s an after-sale guarantee. It’s unconditional free return and exhange service.

However, this package doesn’t include the shoes. You can get it separately.

Overall, pretty good stitching quality especially for the price. Order a size up when you purchase.

Costume Skirt with Headband

Another one package of Haruno Sakura in the Shippuden version. In this package, you will get T-Shirt, skirt, black render pants, 1 pair short sleeve, and headband.

The costume is amade of high quality material, fine texture, soft and breathable.

The headband is made of durable stainless steel.


Next Generation Version

And after several years passed, Sakura Haruno made her appearance again in the Next Generation series, where Boruto becomes the main character.

As a mother, Sakura still looks sexy in this outfit. And of course, this costume will be fit for adult who want to cosplay Sakura.

The costume is available for any size, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It also comes with Konoha headband as the necessary accessories.

So, get this sexy Sakura Haruno costume and you can be Sarada’s mother from Boruto series.



The accessories include wig and boots. If you want to get usual ninja shoes, you can check them out in Naruto Shippuden cosplay costume. You can also find the kunai and other interesting stuffs there.


Just like her name, Sakura, she has pink-colored hair with cute style. At first, Sakura’s hair is long enough in order to give good impression for Sasuke.

However, because of one incident in one of the episodes in the series, Sakura cuts her hair by herself.

This wig is cute, and it would make you more looks like Sakura Haruno from the series.


Let’s say you buy a package without the shoes, so we provide you the best Haruno Sakura boots in the Amazon that would suit well with your costume.

The boots is made of good quality PU leather. Aside from the recommended size, you can also custom made. 

The only thing you need to do is tell the seller about your gender, shoe size, foot length, foot around, calf circumference, and boot height.

If you decide to choose the package above that without doesn’t include the boots or shoes, then it could be a great separate item for you