Sakata Gintoki Action Figure – Awesome List

How strong is Sakata Gintoki? According to the series, he is probably the strongest human being known so far. But in this post, we won’t talk about his facts, instead, we have listed awesome Sakata Gintoki action figure to be collected.

Gintoki is a main characters from the series called Gintama, so you can also find awesome stuffs in Gintama merchandise, or other characters figure in Gintama action figure.

In this post, My Anime Merch will only focus on Sakata Gintoki alone. So, let’s started!

sakata gintoki action figure

Megahouse GEM Benizakura Ver.

An import from Megahouse, this Gintoki GEM Benizakura figure includes the sword of Tetsuko. He stands over 8,5 inch tall.

If you love gintoki this figure is a must it captures his personality and expression better than any figure out there of him and it looks just like the picture you will not disappointed!

Requires some assembly. Definitely one of the better Gintoki figures out there. great attention to detail and love the empty face on Gintoki.

Banpresto Break Time Ver.

I simply fell in love with this figure. The price is right, and it is so rare, to see one in this sitting position. 

It is a little smaller than the normal one because it’s 5 inch talll, but you will still love it.

Scooter Limited Edition

I truly love this figure. A classic as you don’t get Gintoki on his scooter with the old helmet and goggles as often.

Great figurine, Gintoki was pretty sturdy, but unluckily that the scooter is hollow but this doesn’t take much away from the product itself. 


Banpresto DXF Ohedobukan

If you have been going through Gintama recently and decided to buy me a Gintoki figure, then this is truly fantastic!

I found it a little strange that the head/neck and left arm had to be attached but once stuck in place it looks amazing. The box it comes in is awesome in itself. I would highly Recommend this to any Gintama fans!

Note: This is a figure for display, joints don’t move etc.

Bandai Mini Figure

As the name suggest, it’s a mini figure from Bandai, around 5,5 inch tall. This is plastic figure with require minor assembly. But it’s not so hard at all to build, as easy as breathing.

With a awesome pose while holding his katana, this Gintoki figure would be a great additional collection for you.

Banpresto Zunbora Seijn Jersey Contest

The zunbora seijn jersey contest of Sakata Gintoki figure, this version is special color edition.

It is real good! Make sure you buy along with Hijikata and stand them side by side! Your desk would be a great view ever!

Banpresto B Prize Shiroyasha

Some figures above are mini version, but this one is not! It is not as small as a nendoroid so I would say it’s at least medium in size.

1 of 4 Ichiban Kuji collectible rare figurines. This goes together with the other 3 joi war Samurai: Takasugi, Sakamoto and Katsura. (sold separately)

I personally prefer this one over the rest. Gintoki’s expression has more detail than the others and his hair is almost glowing, which is beautiful. Also, when you put all 4 pieces together, he is on the front line and he looks ready to run into battle!

Really nice piece. Quality is very good, detail is impressive for the price.

Banpresto Katsugeki Kabukicho

This is another officially licensed products from Banpresto. The figure itself includes the base.

It’s a nicely painted figure. He is easy to put together and he’s beautiful. Definitely worth buying.

Easy to assemble, great quality for the price, and epic because it is the silver samurai himself.

Banpresto Master Stars Piece

This figure is limited quantity, so make sure you get this masterpiece before sold out!

Absolutely awesome Gintoki figure! The detail is amazing – from the muscles & veins on his arms to the symbols for Lake Toya on the hilt. His facial expression is perfect, too. 

Excellent representation of Gintoki. His expression captures his casual/lazy heroism. His hair, boots, and clothing are all excellent, especially how they sculpted all the folds.

Banpresto Kimono Ver.

This gintoki figurine is so cute (and hot). He’s a little small compared to other figurines, but that doesn’t matter to me.

I love Gin, and his paint job is perfect. It takes considerable effort and finagling for the torso to be placed correctly on the legs, but he looked great in the end.

Easy to assemble, nice detailed sword and overall figure design. 

Banpresto King of Artist

In this unique take on the character, Gintoki in battle mode and is seen wielding his Lake Toya sword with a his fierce expression. 

Standing approximately 6 inches tall, collectors will want this one to add a refreshing look to their Gintama figure collection. Minor assembly required.

These King of Artist figures are amazing. And this figure is just that amazing. I’m very impressed by how good the detail is on it and the paint job is really good.

Banpresto Jump 50th Anniversary

Shonen Jump is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 releasing this 50th Anniversary Gintama Figure. Minor assembly required. Approximately 8.26” tall.

He’s a taller and bigger figurine (compared to my others), which is cool. This is a must have for Gintama fans!