Renji Abarai Merchandise – Best Action Figures on Amazon

Renji Abarai is a Shinigami and lieutenant of the 6th division under Kuchiki Byakuya. Previously he joined the 11th Division under Zaraki Kenpachi. 

But after Rukia was adopted by the Kuchiki clan, he decided to join the 6th division in order to surpass Byakuya and gain his recognition.

Are you a fan of his? Here are the best Renji Abarai merchandise you can get in Amazon.

renji abarai merchandise
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Action Figures

Toynami 6 inch

Renji Abarai figure from Toynami is 6 inches PVC statue, comes with disokay stand. It has great detail and design, so be sure to add him into your collection. 

It’s officially licensed product and will be a great addition for your Renji Abarai merchandise.

His sword is on Shikai mode, and you’ll gonna  love it.

Funko Pop

From Bleach, Renji as a stylized pop vinyl from Funko, that collectable stand around 3.73 inches tall and perfect for any Bleach fan! His sword is on shikai mode.

He looks exactly like the picture and it was a pretty good deal. Everything is perfect, and the paintjob is on point. A wonderful addition to the collection for every Renji/Bleach fan. Totally recommend!


Renji Abarai is painted finished product with scale around 1/8. It’s a Megahouse product and meant for 15 years old or older. 

Despite it is nice figure, but sometimes it’s hard to put Zabimaru to stay still in Renji’s hand. Maybe you will need some times to do so. The sword itself my very poorly made, but the figurine itself is awesome.

He has great quality and detail. NIce painting and quite well done. It comes with sun-glasses (scene when he is chasing Rukia in human world).

This is defiantly the best Renji figure to get.

Funko Pop Exclusive Bankai

Still on Funko Pop, this time Renji Abarai is on bankai mode and prepared for the battle. It’s exclusive product so make sure you get this item ASAP.

Huge Bleach fan and this one does not disappoint. Solid base and Zabimaru around Renji is awesome. The pop doll itself is in perfect condition.