9 Recommended Merchandise for Hyakka Ryouran Lovers

Are you a fan or Hyakka Ryouran series? Then this Hyakka Ryouran merchandise is a must have for you.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is the 40th anniversary media-mix project by Hobby Japan, a plastic model / video game magazine publisher.

It has the same genre as To Love Ru as being a harem and light ecchi, but it includes another aspect, action.

This time, My Anime Merch has listed up the top Hyakka Ryouran merchandise sold on Amazon.

Make sure you get them all!

hyakka ryouran merchandise
Hyakka Ryouran Logo


Hyakka Ryouran merchandise includes Blu-ray and poster.

Hyakka Ryouran runs for 2 seasons, it is called Samurai Girls as season 1, and Samurai Bride as season. While 2 episode OVA called Samurai After is also included into sequel for season 2.

Samurai Girls Blu-ray

The plot line isn’t very complex, but it does keep you entertained. Definitely not for the kids, though, since it has suggestive actions in addition to the nudity. 

The disks are the blu-ray version, which appeared very crisp and clear. The artwork needs a bit of description, though. 

It appears to be a cross between Japanese woodcuts and Japanese Sum-e ink drawing. This means that there aren’t any really saturated colors and the perspective is a little flattened. 

The use of ink-type illustration means that outlines tend to be inked in pretty heavily, lending to a little harshness. This gets more pronounced as you go through the show, to the point that some parts of the last episode look more like manga drawings. 

The ink motif is also use for transitions between scenes, where the ink appears as ink drops or brush strokes across the screen. This wasn’t a problem for me, but might not appeal to some people. 

Samurai Girls Blu-ray version has the extras on the second disk, and appear to be a step above the extras with some titles. In particular, it includes very good drawings of the characters in different costumes, and what is essential an ova for each individual character.

Samurai Bride DVD

The Girls are back, So if you haven’t see Samurai Girls. You might want to watch that first.

The fan-service is heavy in this anime, as this may be important to note for some viewers. The story is simplistic as it involves having to defeat new foes that have appeared. 

Nothing complex. Some of the other girls get more attention now since circumstances are a bit different and will essentially create more pressure for them to prevent them from sitting on the side-lines.

Features: English and Japanese audio, as well as English subtitles. Includes 12 episodes on 2 discs that total in about 5 hours. Rated TV-MA due to violence and sexual content. And yes, it is uncensored.

Yagyuu Juubei Poster

Is a great wall scroll from this lesser known series. I like that it is big and that the fabric seems more flexible so there is less chance of damage if you ever need to move it. 

The hooks are movable which is good and bad: good if you have an odd area to cover, bad because they slide around and need measured to be uniform from each other

The only thing that to be a problem is that the colors are a little washes and the fabric is slightly see through. If mounted on a white wall this will be less of an issue but put mine on a blue wall and the colors look less vibrant than they do in the picture.

Hyakka Ryouran Logo

Action Figure

Hyakka Ryouran action figures includes main characters including Yagyuu Juubei, Yukimura Sanada, and Tokugawa Sen.

Yagyuu Juubei Action Figure

This figure is absolutely beautiful! It is very detailed and the coloring is perfect. 

Since it is an Alter figure, there are no visible seams and the form is very appealing. Yes, these aren’t cheap as they usually ship from Japan, and yes, it is terrible waiting for them, but the product is more than worth a little extra patience in my opinion. 

There’s not much negative to say about this figure. Alter by my opinion it is one of the best Japanese figure companies that I know. 

Attention to detail, the paint quality, the quality control is top notch. I know they can be a bit pricey but when you get the product then you realize that’s why.

I would say this is the best representation of Jubei Yagyu in my opinion. There are other Jubei PVCs such as the swimsuit ones, but I still liked this one over those. 

I would recommend this if you’re collecting Hyakka Ryouran figures. Specially, when you have the alter ones. 

Want more? You can check 7 greatest collection of Yagyu Jubei figure.

Yukimura Sanada Action Figure

Another ‘grail’ figure of Hyakka Ryouran. She’s expensive but in my personal opinion worth it. There are multiple things that I love about this figure. 

I love her dynamic caught in action pose. She seems to be getting ready to summon her air attack. The fans are huge and the gold decorations on them are a nice detail. 

Speaking of details. This figure is abundant with them. Everything from the flowery designs on her hat and outfit to the design on the bottom of her raised shoe screams perfection. 

You can even see that they added writing on the front of her one piece swim suit (not sure what else to call it). Alter is great at making really well done figures. 

Really the only thing I’m not totally crazy about is the base. It’s adequate but besides the gold flower designs and writing it’s just another plain ole’ base. 

If you’re a fan of the Samurai Girls series and of great figures then I recommend a purchase!

Tokugawa Sen Action Figure

I have mixed feelings about this figure. Dont get me wrong, its sexy and well designed however its small. 

The stand looks big and even though description says she is 1/7 her actual size is close to about 1/9 to 1/10. 

The rest of her, however, is high quality and she is defo one for your display cabinet. Very sexy, very cute (and her top can be ‘un-done’ for the closet perverts out there).

All in all, I was very pleased with the delivery and the model.

Gotou Matabei Action Figure

From Alter, Gotou Matabei in this figure is holding her brush as a professional calligrapher.

The figure looks as it does in the photo. Nicely detailed. The brush that she holds takes a moment to fit in her her hands, I was afraid that I was about to break her arm off, but once it was on everything was good.

Despite the price looks great, but it’s worth every penny because the detail is so nice. Very recommended for any harem fans and the series itself.

Naoe Kanetsugu Action Figure

She is a user of ‘Naoe river warrior mortar’ that wields a fist over the length of a girl. She was cheerful and she was a bit scary, expressing a cute little smile attractively. 

The big twin tail flew away softly, with plenty of lively dynamism. While holding a precisely molded Otaru with one hand, her posing is totally appealing. 

The hammer is incredibly detailed with floral design, has a rich gold paint job & naoe look perfect. With her over bearing love hammer. 

if your a fan of samurai girls or bride I would definitely recommend adding this statue.

Yagyuu Gisen Action Figure

This Yagyuu Gisen statue is amazing and the paint job is flawless. Good smile company is also a another great figure company. 

So let’s get back to the statue. Her pose is sexy and her school uniform is very detailed and her stocking are nice. The sword that she comes with is cool and very detailed. 

The cool thing about the sword is it can be posed in different ways. The statue comes with a extra head if you don’t like the one eye patch 

Overall excellent statue and alter did another great job.