Overlord Evileye Figure

Top 2 Overlord Evileye Figure – Nice, Cute, and Well-Made!

Overlord Evileye Figure is a nice, cute, and well-made anime merchandise to collect! 

At first, I thought the box was in tatters, but I’m happy with that kind of processing.

So, through this post, we would talk about the Legendary Vampire Lord or Evileye figure from Overlord series.

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Without further ado, let’s talk a look at our top 2 recommended Overlord Evileye Figure on the internet. 

Phat 1:7 Scale PVC Multicolor

From the popular anime series ‘Overlord’ comes a 1/7th scale figure of Evileye, a member of the Adamantite-class adventurer guild ‘Blue Rose’. 

Evileye is based on the original character design illustration by so-bin, emphasizing the vampire side.

Her blond hair has been recreated with pearl paint for a glossy and gorgeous look. 

The mask is removable, so you can enjoy it either on or off. 

Please add it to your collection!

Kotobukiya 1:7 Complete

The figure arrived, looks great and nothing is broken. 

However, my one gripe with her is the fact that Amazon had no bubble wrap or protection around the box. 

The figure’s box was a little crushed in places, but that’s a minor detail.

Aside from the Amazon service, the figure itself is well made and cute!

If you’re an Overlord fan, you should buy this.

Not only Evileye but also the longsword is great.