Best Merchandise and Action Figures for Oreimo Fans

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or also known as Oreimo in short is a Japanese anime series based on the light novel with the same name.

Because of its popularity, Oreimo also has so much fans that seeking for the Oreimo merchandise as part of their collection.

Just like To Love Ru, it’s really hard to find Oreimo merchandise and accessories, especially if you are new to an anime.

But don’t worry! My Anime Merch will cover up the best Oreimo merchandise and accessories you can get today!

These lists are the best products sold in amazon!!

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We have several merchandise you can get today including artbook, blu-ray and poster.


Do you love Oreimo anime and light novel? Then don’t forget to get this artboook into your collection.

This artbook is a Japanese Edition that’s written all in Japanese. But you don’t have to worry about it, because the art is a universal language.

If you wondering about the image, well, the real book cover shows Kirino and Kuroneko in very skimpy bikinis. Honestly, the art of this fan service is really worth every penny. 

The Oreimo artbook includes 20 page gallery of illustration that most of them are full page. 

There are also 20 pages of photographs of the seiyuus or voice actress.

You can also get the character guide section in the book that includes the photos and interviews.

The most important thing is, this artbook doesn’t include the adult content. Yes, the cover seems fishy but it’s only to catch fans’ attention.

Get this Oreimo artbook, and it would be a great Oreimo merchandise for any fans.

Season 1 Blu-ray Box Set

Tired for buying the separated blu-ray? So, this Oreimo Blu-ray box set would be a perfect items for you, it’s because the blu-ray includes 4 discs that could make you watch Oreimo all nightlong.

This boxset contains the first season of Oreimo from episode 1-12, plus the OVA episodes 1-4. 

For the special features, there is character commentary for all episodes. But please note that the anime is using Japanese dub with English subtitle. 

Kirino and Kuroneko Poster

Let’s say you already owned the artbook and Blu-ray, but you still want Oreimo merchandise that could be seen everytime, also with your friends!

So, we have a great item for you! This is a Oreimo poster with high quality graphic that includes the hanging system or rods. Plus, this item is fully licensed product.

The wall scroll is fairly big so be prepared to give up some wall space.

Also, the Oreimo poster would be a great gift for any anime fans! Make sure you get this item if you have friends who really fond of anime, especially the anime called Ore no Imouto Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai!

PSP Game

Not only you can watch this anime on your TV through Blu-ray, but you can also play everytime you want, because this anime has game version for the PSP console.

This Oreimo game is a limited edition and work for any PSP. But please note that this game is only on Japanese, no English translation on it.

Even so, the game is still enjoyable. Fact that this limited edition also comes with a mini poster, special booklet, limited edition DVD, and additional game. 

If you don’t have time to go to Japan to only buy this game, then order from Amazon is a great choice.

Street Snapshot Jigsaw Puzzle

The picture looks very nice and it’s extremely crisp and clear. This is definitely something worth mentioning since some puzzles can have pictures that are far more faded looking than its box cover. 

This is likely because it’s an official licensed product by Great Eastern. The pieces were well cut, although I did run into an issue where a few of them would fit into the wrong pieces, a common issue for puzzles.

Overall this was a wonderful puzzle. This is a bit expensive, but worth it if you really want something with an anime character on the puzzle.

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Action Figures

This section will cover up Oreimo action figures based on its characters.

Kousaka Kirino Action Figure

This time Kirino wears a fun outdoor outfit consisting of a blue tank top, short black skirt, thigh-length stockings and tall two-tone brown boots.

The Akihabara memories version figure is imported from Japan by Kotobukiya. Sculpted by Hiroshi and stands almost 8,5 inches height.

This statue captures everything that is Kirino. Beautifly sculpted and fits perfect into your collection.

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Aragaki Ayase Action Figure

Relatively inexpensive for the very high quality figure you are getting.

The Face/Hair/Body/Paint is 100% spot on and great quality, as Figma is well known for, you get a high quality product when you buy a Figma figure and don’t have to worry or expect something defective when opening the box. 

The Hair on Ayase is soft rubbery like plastic that’s smooth and allows some give so to speak when moving her head around for a pose. 

Her articulation is very versatile because there’s little in the way of her good design that blocks range of motion- her skirt is flared out a bit and short so her legs can be posed wide open or closed, however you want.

Her butt sculpt/white panties part is well designed looks cute & sexy. Her thighs/legs are designed so that they don’t have too much of a gap at the butt/panties area when posing with legs at various angles.

She comes with a School bag that can store handcuffs & Cell Phone Hand. The School Bag is neat because the interior is colored too so it really looks like a school bag and not a piece of plastic that holds things. The Handcuffs are a fun accessory that you can use to play abduction/bondage/kinky scenes for dioramas or story telling.

The Stand is included of course as with all Figma figures and plugs into a tiny hold in the back of the figure, excellent quality and design as always.

Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Action Figure

First thing first, she is so darn cute. She comes with two little blank pieces that are for the DVD and manga stickers that you put on your self which is not that hard to do. It is in the back side of the packaging so be sure you find it. 

Second, there’s a chair included with a second pair of well. Her legs basically from the waist down for the chair to sit in, you take off her legs to put on the chair ready waist if you will.

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We also include several nendoroid for you! 

Aragaki Ayase Nendoroid

Nendoroid of Aragaki Ayase is very cute! The box is very pretty, and Ayase comes with many accessories, and two stickers.

Every part was inside the package. It is easy to position and comes with everything it needs.

She came with her pieces and accessories, and her circle stand is pretty cool. Posing her up is simple and easy.

She’s just so damn cute! Highly recommend to any Ayase fans and Oreimo fans.