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Ochako Uraraka Merchandise! Best 29+ Uravity Costume, Figure, and More in Amazon

Ochaco Uraraka is the first person who becomes Deku’s friend at Yuei High School.  Do you love her? Here are the best Ochako Uraraka merchandise to grab!

She is also Deku’s classmate and both are in class 1-A. 

During their journey as Yuei students, Deku and Uraraka have gone through a lot together.

Today, we will cover up Ochako Uraraka anime merchandise from Amazon. 

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ochako uraraka merchandise
My Hero Academia

Cosplay Costume All Outfits

Hero Costume Outfits

Ochako Uraraka hero costume outfit is made of spandex and PU leather.

The package includes bodysuit, 1 pair of bracelet ornamets, waist decoration, and neckwear.

It’s very comfortable to wear because the costume is made of breathable and stretchy fabric.

You can zip it up at back allowing for easy wear.


Ochako Uraraka wig is designed for cosplay! It is stylized as a short brown bob with bangs.

This wig is easy to wear and take it off, saving you more time for cosplay preparation.

The material is made of 100% high temperature heat resistant synthetic fibers.

The cap size is adjustable, which fits for most adults and children.  

School Uniform

Ochako Uraraka school uniform is made of uniform cloth with button closure. 

You can wash it on machine wash, as well.

The uniform costume includes 1 blazer, 1 skirt, 1 blouse, and 1 tie.

Good quality for the most part. This product was great value for the low cost! Very recommended!

Cheerleader Costume

Ochako Uraraka cheerleader costume is a machine wash and easy to wear.

The set includes a top, skirt, and choker. They are made of high quality uniform cloth and cotton.

Vibrant color will not fade from wear or washing. But handwashing and air drying is still recommended for the best results. 

Gym Uniform Training Outfit

Ochako Uraraka gym uniform is great for both cosplay and training. It’s a zipper closure.

The product is hand and machine washable. But make sure you wash it in a gentle cycle and hang it up to dry. Don’t ever give it bleach or iron.

The gym uniform includes 1 pact top, 1 pack pants, 3 pack anime character keychains as bonus.

It is made of polyester, neat, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and comfortable material.

You can use it as a daily wear, cosplay, theme party, halloween, carnival, christmas, easter, new years eve party, stage, and much more. 

Summer School Uniform

Ochako Uraraka summer school uniform is made of uniform cloth material. It is a zipper closure.

The package includes 1 vest, 1 shirt, 1 skirt, and 1 tie. It is a totally good quality product for your Ochako Uraraka merchandise.

As for summer clothes, the material is breathable and durable. It is easy to wear because there is a hidden zipper closure at the back of the skirts that makes it easy to wear.

You can wear it at several occasions including halloween, cosplay, comic cons, theme parties, and much more.

Please note that the shoes and wig are not included!

Ochako Uraraka Kimono

Ochako Uraraka kimono is a costume made and sizes from S to XXL are available for you!

So, make sure you choose the correct size which has been listed in the product description after you click the ‘order now’ button.

For customized size, you can email the seller about your height, weight, chest, waist, hips, and shoulder width.

Overall, the kimono is suitable for a Halloween or theme party. Photo shoots also become more colorful. 

School Shoes

Ochako Uraraka school shoes are rubber soles. The upper material is made of artificial leather and the sole is  non-slip rubber.

Many buyers said that their favorite thing about them was the color and style of them!

These shoes are beautiful, comfortable, and overall well made.

The shoes look amazing and exactly like the pic.


Ochako Uraraka boots fit in your hero costume version. This is a pair of prop shoes, just used for cosplay.

The shoes will be a little different from everyday shoes, it cannot be worn everyday, so please read the instructions carefully before you buy and be careful with your purchase.

In addition, the shoes will smell a little like leather and glue after receiving, because they will be shipped as soon as they are finished, it’s a normal phenomenon.

So, make sure you put them in a cool and ventilated place, then the smell will be gradually reduced.

My Hero Academia

Action Figures

Chibi Nendoroid

Ochako Uraraka chibi nendoroid is a Good Smile company import. She includes three face plates for multiple expressions.

This nendoroid faithfully recreates her unique hero costume. You can pose her with additional hand parts, visor parts, and float.

It’s adorable, well crafted, and comes with a lot of variety to change it up whenever you feel the need.

Banpresto Multiple Colors Figurine

Banpresto Figurine of Ochako Uraraka action figure comes with the base stand. The package is only 2 pound so it won’t drain your money for the shipping package.

This figure is well worth money. stand up nice and as well it is very nice to look at.

The quality it’s so good for the price, and not only because of the price, the figure texture feels different to others and premium, her face is very accurate too.

You will love this Ochako Uraraka merchandise for sure!

Good Smile Pop Up Parade Statue

Good Smile Pop Up Parade Statue of Ochako Uraraka action figure is an imported product.

She is wearing her U.A. High School uniform and is created in a dynamic pose with an adorable smile on her face.

Be sure to display her with the Pop Up Parade figures of Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki.

Funko Pop

Funko Pop of Ochako Uraraka action figure is stylized pop vinyl from Funko.

She is stylized and collectable stands 3,75 inches tall, perfect for any My Hero Academia fans and Ochako Uraraka merchandise collector.

This figure is now nestled in among other My Hero characters, rounding out her little collection of these amazing characters.

Good Smile Pop Up Parade Hero Costume Version

Pop Up Parade Hero Costume Version​ of Ochako Uraraka action figure is a Good Smile company import.

She is totally an affordable, easy to collect series of figures.

Recreates Ochako with an energetic smile on her face, charming, and dynamic pose.

Be sure to add her to your shelf as one of the best collections. 

Banpresto Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes of Ochako Uraraka action figure is an official product from Little Buddy or Banpresto.

Awesome quality for the price! And she goes great with Age of Hero’s figures All Might and Deku!

This “Plain Jane” girl is hard to collect. She will be worth a lot of money for your collectors of Ochako Uraraka merchandise in the future.

Banpresto The Amazing Heroes Vol. 7

The Amazing Heroes volume 7 of Ochako Uraraka action figures is an official product by Little Buddy or Banpresto.

She looks so good! The paint is wonderful. She even has the little pink pads on her fingers.

Absolutely amazing quality for the price. The figure looks exactly as advertised. Definitely get this if you want a quality MHA figure for a great price.

McFarlane Wave 2

McFarlane Wave 2 of Ochako Uraraka action figures is an incredibly detailed 7 inches scale based on the My Hero Academia anime.

Designed with ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing, it makes really great Ochako Uraraka merchandise.

She featured in her iconic Hero Outfit and comes with an alternate hair piece with helmet, alternate quirk hands, and a flight stand with base.

Bandai Spirit Ichibanshou Go and Go

Bandai Spirits Ichibanshou Go and Go of Ochako Uraraka action figure is expertly crafted and meticulously sculpted to look like real Uravity from their respective anime.

She is standing at approximately 6.69 inches tall, so make sure you collect this and enhance your display with other incredible Ichibanshou figures.

The quality is outstanding with little paint flaws and a scratch on her boot that bothered me but not noticeable from a distance, overall totally recommended for anyone being a fan of this cute character.

Banpresto Q Posket Ver. A

Q Posket Version A of Ochako Uraraka action figure is from Banpresto and the base stand is included.

This Ochako Uraraka merchandise is an officially licensed product, so you don’t have to worry to buy this figurine.

Despite putting it all together it is hard but it fits and for sure won’t fall apart!! 

Bell Fine Hero Suit Version

Hero Suit Version of Ochako Uraraka action figure is a Bellfine import. She comes dressed in her pink and black hero suit.

Foot is attached to the base with a clear plastic part to make it appear as though she’s actually levitating.

There are some optional parts so you can display her with her helmet on or off.

What you will notice with this figure is that Ochaco’s skin is paler compared to other big name brand figure producers but it hardly changes the level of detail and quality.

The Loyal Subject Vinyl

The Loyal Subject Vinyl of Ochako Uraraka action figure has a size around 3.25 inches and comes with multiple points of articulation.

As one of the Ochako Uraraka merchandise figures, it also includes accessories and collector’s cards.

You can display it on her window box, as well. The package is totally great and high quality.

Funko 5 Star Vinyl

5 Star Vinyl of Ochako Uraraka action figure includes the main item and one randomly inserted trading card.

The 5 Star line boasts several unique features including up to three points of articulation, allowing the figures to be mildly posed, window display box packaging that mimics the opening of a book and situates each character in their unique world.

Artfx PrePainted PVC

ArtFX Prepainted PVC of Ochako Uraraka action figure is developed with the concept of “a moment to confront the enemy Villan”.

Please pay attention to the floating model that reflects Ochako’s personality, “zero gravity” (zero gravity).

It is also possible to replace the parts to make a costume with a helmet.

It’s super clean, it was packaged well, it’s definitely the promised size.

If you love Ochako Uraraka merchandise as a character and collecting figures, this is worth your money. 

All in all, amazing quality for the price.

Funko Pop Vinyl Masked Limited Edition

Vinyl Masked Limited Edition of Ochako Uraraka action figure is approximately 10 cm in size, but over-sized versions are also available.

The product is supplied in its original window box.

The mask looks cool on her and the figure (and the box she came in) look perfect! She also came with an extra pop box protector so that was a pleasant surprise.

My Hero Academia

Other Merchs

Uravity Hat

Uravity Hat is an officially licensed Ochako Uraraka merchandise. It is totally brand new and never worn by anybody.

This officially licensed hat features an Ochaco themed design with her Hero name embroidered on the front and an image of Ochaco featured under the bill. Go beyond with this stylish hat.

The colors are vibrant and the brim of the hat has a shiny kinda holographic type material, with a beautiful print of the character underneath!

Uravity Socks

Uravity socks are made of polyester and spandex. The size is able to fit both men and women.

The product is officially licensed and 100% authentic. It uses 200 needle artwork construction or a crystal clear, totally detailed design.

Item is exactly as described. The socks are thick and well made.

Ochako Uraraka Jacket Hoodie

Ochako Uraraka Jacket with hoodie is a cotton blend material. You can check the size, so please choose carefully.

The costume itself is perfect for daily wear, halloween, theme party, cosplay, on the stage, and much more.

The pattern is printed in the correct places, it washes in the washing machine well.

It’s warm and the knit is tight; it’s a great quality product of Ochako Uraraka merchandise.

Ochako Uraraka Plush Hero Costume Sitting

Ochako Uraraka plush for hero costume sitting version is an officially licensed merchandise.

It measures 8 inches and limited availability. Made of all new materials, including polyester type.

Super cute! Looks just like her! She looks perfect on your shelf!

The quality of the plushy is amazing overall this was a great purchase!

Ochako Uraraka Plush School Uniform Standing

Ochako Uraraka plush wearing her school uniform is an officially licensed merchandise by Great Eastern Entertainment.

This Ochako Uraraka merchandise is a high quality product, cute, collectible, and of limited availability.

Has string attached for easy display, and comes with a tag containing official licensing information.

Good quality looks adorable! It’s nice to hug her in a plush version!