Nyanko Sensei Merchandise – Plush, Bag, and much more

Madara was sealed in a shrine until he was accidentally released by Natsume. Are you fan of this cat? Then this Nyanko Sensei merchandise from Natsume Yujinchou will suit your taste.

Because Madara was trapped in a material form for so long, Madara ordinary takes on the shape of a maneki neko (lucky cat), leading Natsume to nickname him Nyanko-sensei.

This time, we will give you a great list of anime merchandise related to Nyanko Sensei.

nyanko sensei merchandise

Action Figures

Tsumikore Stacking Set

Tsumikore stacking set of Nyanko Sensei actin figure is a product by Happinet.

Tsumikore finally debuts “Nyanko Sensei” is, [Features] extreme popularity! “Nyanko Sensei” will debut in Tsumikore! 

The debut puss teacher, gained from “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, a decoration, it can laugh, new sense Figures “Tsumikore” series! 

If Nokkere, silhouette cute expression is three enough to Nokkeru! There are two kinds of secret (eight + + secret black puss teacher x) full fun one set [Buy] 10 body into.

Plush Doll

Banpresto Big Stuffed

Big stuffed Nyanko Sensei plush doll looking away version is approximately 40 cm long. Officially licensed by Banpresto.

It is an authentic stuffed Nyankosensei that you can get in Japan from crane games and the sort which would likely cost even more than outright buying it online. Plus it saves you the need to find space in your suitcase as well.

Eating Dango

Eating dango of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is 12 inches tall and imported from Japan. Officially licensed Natsume’s Book of Friends plush by Banpresto. The plush itself is extremely soft, cuddle, and adorable. 

Takara Tomy Nap

Napping version of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is soft and cute. It is made of high quality material and its size around 7.6 x 5.1 x 5.0 inches.

Banpresto Open One Eye

An opened one eye type of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is a cute huge stuffed with puss teacher and flower garden. It is cute and lovely, and very well made.

Banpresto Halloween Mascot

Halloween 2017 mascot of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is set of 3 with height about 110 mm (4 inches). All three are super cute.

Cleaner Purple

Cleaner purple of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is an officially licensed product. It is so fluppy and you can wipe a PC screen, TV, desktop, and others easily using this item. He has adorable face and shipped directly from Japan.

Banpresto with Costume

Huge stuffed of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is wearing his black costume. This is such a cute addition to my Natsume collection. the height is about 20-25 cm. You can take the hoodie off from his head but clothing does not come off. 

It is very soft, smooth and fluffy. Original tag was on and the package is from Japan. Definite buy of you are fan of Nyanko Sensei.

Takara Tomy Sit

Sitting version of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is branded product by Takara Tomy.

Banpresto Marriage Story Award

Tribute Gallery stuffed and a marriage story award of Nyanko Sensei plush doll is a lottery and imported from Japan.

It’s fluffy and feels good. The size is also good for holding.


Messenger Bag

The backpack shoulder of Nyanko Sensei has enough pockets for your use. The material is made of super high quality soft waterproof PVC. The size is around 33mm*22cm*8cm.

This Nyanko Sensei messenger bag is perfect for anime Natsume Yuujinchou fans collections! Its messenger bag is made by high quality waterproof PVC, so it is much more durable than other general messenger bag.

Messenger Bag Canvas

The canvas messenger shoulder bag of Nyanko Sensei is equipped with enough pockets for your use. The material is made of high-quality soft canvas. The size is around 31cm*26cm*7cm.

You will love this product.

Satchel Bag

Satchel messenger bag of Nyanko Sensei is made of super high quality durable canvas material. It is also a great gift for anime cosplay fans, let’s crazy for it. 

Backpack Bag

Backpack of Nyanko Sensei bag is 11.4 inches shoulder drop. After absorbing sunlight, the color of Nyanko Sensei logo will change in the evening as the picture. 

The size is around 29L * 44H * 14W. The material is made of super high quality canvas and PU leather. 

Other Merch

Watering Globe

Nyanko Sensei watering globe for both indoor and outdoor plants. It provides a simple and effective way to water your plants when you are on vacation, business trip, or just forgetting to water them. With this, you can grow healthier plants by preventing over or under-watering.

Lovely cat design hand blown glass watering globes, add vitality to any of your mini gardens, great gifts for anyone who likes gardening, budding gardeners, and even lifelong horticulturists.

It is made of high-quality material. Genuine hand-blown glass design, high transparency, no bubbles, and not easy to broken, you can observe the amount of water inside.

It is easy to use. Just fill with water, insert the stem into the plant soil, soak the soil, keep plants hydrated for a long time. The amount of water may vary depending on conditions, soil, or plant type.

Coin Bank

Nyanko Sensei coin bank has a size of about 12 cm. Sensei came in the cutest box too, it looks like a shrine!

The design is on paper inside the box, so you can keep the papers and tossed the box. He can sit in his home and still be usable. 


Nyanko Sensei mug is a single item of Banpresto prize and a Japan import. 

Sweater Hoodie

Nyanko Sensei sweater hoodie is made of high quality uniform cloth material. Please note that this is a pre-made. 

Slippers Winter

Nyanko Sensei slippers is an anti-slip and warm indoor shoes for winter. They are soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable. The image is using high definition printing, pattern clear, and beautiful.

They are also an adorable gift for a special someone or for yourself. 

Purse Wallet

Nyanko Sensei purse wallet is a cute PU leather purse for female. There is enough pockets for your use. This wallet is perfect for anime Natsume Yuujinchou fans collection! 

Really great quality wallet, I absolutely adore mine! The material feels nice and not cheap, which is important to me considering the price.

Bento Box

Nyanko Sensei bento box is made of plastic and official licensed product. It comes with divider or snap on lid. It is totally Japanese style bento box that shipped directly from Japan.