Naruto Shippuden Cosplay Costume: Choose Your Characters Now

When it comes to choose which Naruto Shippuden cosplay costume you want, it’s pretty daring because sometimes we don’t know which characters that would fit for you.

Naruto series comes with a huge number of characters, which means that you need to selective which character you have to choose if you want to cosplay.

That’s why, My Anime Merch will cover up the popular characters costume on Naruto Shippuden series, before you decide which character you choose.

Hope it’s useful for you!

Naruto Shippuden Merchandise

And, by the way, to find the optional stuffs like accessories, you can visit our page on Naruto Shippuden merchandise. It also covers up the best merchandise sold on Amazon.


Cosplay Costume

These are the huge list of cosplay costume of Naruto characters.

Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay Costume

This full set of 12 pieces (Men’s 12 pieces: coat, oak trousers, wig, bitter, white bitter, red bitter X3, accessories, white bandage, black and white endurance bag, black protection, black Ninja shoes, frog wallet).

The shoes are made according to the size list. If you have different sizes, you can send them by email.

Clothing is suitable for a series of performing activities such as exhibition, stage performance, holiday party, Halloween costumes, etc.

This costume is on set, so you don’t have to search the other stuffs. Very recommended if you don’t have much time and cash.

For more options, just visit Uzumaki Naruto cosplay costume.

Akatsuki Robe Cosplay Costume

These Akatsuki Rob costume can be used if you want to be one of the Akatsuki members.

As a bonus, you will get the Konoha’s headband and the ring for Itachi. Please don’t wear the headband if you decide to cosplay the other Akatsuki members.

The robe costume was made of uniform cloth, alloy. 

It is lined with red fabric, and the red clouds are have white embroidery. The headband has a metal plate, and is not just printed fabric.

The cloak hangs nicely and is flattering even though there is plenty of room in it.

Overall a great purchase for the price!

Naruto Chuunin Cosplay Costume

Not only for adult, your children can also be Uzumaki Naruto today! This cosplay costume  includes the jacket and pants in the first series of Naruto.

Uzumaki Naruto started his journey in the series when he was around 12 year old, so this costume will fit for you child, not for adult.

As a parent, maybe we don’t watch the anime so much, it’s different with your children. So make sure you get this children costume as a gift.

He will surely love it, especially if your children are the fans of Naruto.

Order now you can get it before halloween surely.

Hokage Costume Minato

Minato is Naruto’s father, and also the 4th Hogake in Konoha Leaf Village. If you want to cosplay him, make sure you get this cloak.

The costume is made of soft and breathable material. There are several size, including for adult and kid.

But don’t forget to also get the robe and Konoha headband that sold separately. Don’t worry, we have shared the items above.

Minato is a cool characters. He is strong and smart, so if you cosplay him, you will get Naruto fans’ attention. 


Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Costume

Sasuke is one of the main characters from Naruto series, and also he is Naruto’s rival at the same time.

He has cool appearance, strong in combat, and smart at the same time. That’s why so many Naruto fans (especially female) are love him.

And it’s time for you to become Sasuke by getting this costume. The costume itself is in Shippuden series.

Very well made for the price. The skirt is even lined. The belt was of high quality and plenty large enough. 

Wrist bands are thick and comfortable. The pants could even be worn casually.

Not enough? Here the other list of Uchiha Sasuke costume for cosplay.

Gaara Cosplay Costume

Gaara is one of the classic heroes from Naruto series. Because of his popularity, it’s also worth to cosplay him.

The costume includes a overcoat, belt, a jacket and trousers. 

Costume is good quality. Pants are decent, not lined though. 

Jacket is heavy weight and lines and the zipper seems to be good quality. 

Comes with everything shown besides wig and shoes.

If Gaara is your favorite character and you want to cosplay him, this costume would a great purchase for you!

Let’ get another Gaara cosplay costume that we cover up for you!

Hatake Kakashi Cosplay Costume

Hatake Kakashi is also one of the supporting characters but with a huge of fans and popularity. That’s why it’s not strange at all if you want to try to cosplay him. I mean, people will recognize the character right away.

The inner shirt and pants are made of t-shirt material which is soft and bendable. The vest is full of cotton. The inner shirt with two logos on each shoulder, pants and the vest with a logo on the back are included.


The vest is good quality and the shirt and the trousers are just plain almost like long johns without any pockets. The fabric looked really comfy. The seller seems really nice and helpful so if you just keep the sizing in mind it should work.

If you want to get full set or other options, just visit the Hatake Kakashi costume page.

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Costume

One of our heroines. Hinata is surely one of the best female characters for Naruto. Sure, you can be Hinata today by getting this costume.

However, since it doesn’t come with the leg accessory or the netting shirt, you need to buy them separately.

However, the set includes jacket and pants. The pants are super soft and the waist band is stretchy too.

The pants are actually really comfy cotton with an elastic waist. The white is an off white, kinda like gray. Looks weird when you take it out the bag, but when you wear it, it’s fine.

If you want more option, you can visit Hinata Hyuga costume page. We listed all outfits from part 1, shippuden series, to the Last Movie version and kimono.

Jiraiya Cosplay Costume

The Jiraiya costume is made of 65% cotton and 35% rayon. 

It includes the vest, kimono, t-shirt, pants, handguard, armguards, leg-guards, and sash.

Because of the costume is made of cotton, it makes the outfit and pants feel soft and comfortable for your skin.

Jiraiya is one of the legend characters from Naruto series. Cosplaying him will also make you stand out.

As a Naruto fans, they will know this character right away. So, make sure you wear this costume and let’s be Jiraiya today!

Visit Jiraiya costume page to get another option of Jiraiya cosplay, including the headband and jacket hoodie.

Rock Lee Cosplay Costume

Despite the item doesn’t write as Rock Lee costume, however, this one is very fit for you if you want to cosplay the character.

The costume is high elastic it’s because made of 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex. 

The seller is providing 26 different colors but I recommend you to choose the green because you want to cosplay Rock Lee, right?

This bodysuit was perfect! The material is very soft and the zipper up the back glides very easily.

Rock Lee is also popular character from Naruto series because of his cloth and Taijutsu combat.

Sakura Haruno Cosplay Costume

And the last one, I give you the costume with the cute cosplayer. Sakura is one of the main characters from the series and she gains so much popularity as the member of 7th team along with Naruto and Sasuke.

The costume itself is handmade but still high quality product. It is made of uniform cotton.

This item is one set, includes T-shirt, elbow guards, skirts, shorts, and gloves.


Something also worth mentioning is the quality of the outfit. The material is nice and thick, and looks very well made. 

More costume, you can visit Sakura Haruno cosplay costume page, that listing from first series to mother version.

Shino Aburame Shippuden Jacket Costume

Naruto series comes with great characters, so you will have great numbers of options, just like Aburame Shino.

Yes, you can also be a bugs controller by wearing this costume.

Shino Aburame costume is made of uniform cloth or fake leather. 

But please note that this costume is a custom made that weapon, shoes, and other accessories aren’t included.

However, the quality of the costume itself is impressive. It is very well made and perfect for your cosplay as Kiba’s and Hinata’s friend.

Ino Yamanaka Cosplay Costume

Ino Yamanaka is one of the sexiest girls in Naruto series. Because of her charms, many Naruto female fans want to try to cosplay her.

If you get this outfit, you can be Ino Yamanaka perfectly in the cosplay event. The costume is high degree of reduction. 

To cosplay as Ino, you don’t need the headband, because she’s wearing it as a belt. Also, the costume has included the belt with Konoha logo on it.

After you buy this costume, the only thing you need is to get the wig and shoes. You can buy them separately.


Tsunade Cosplay Costume

The costume for the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, is made of 35% polyester.

Please be aware that this set is not included with Ninja sandals. The shoes in the picture are not correct for the character anyway. Just grab a pair of black strappy sandals with heels and you’ll be set.

But overall, It’s a very nice costume composed of 3 parts. The pants are dark blue and the ends are opened up around the knee. 

The shirt has 4 strings inside that you zig-zag across each other. Then, you get a large dark blue string that you wrap around the entire shirt. Then you cover it all up with the jacket. The jacket is a very nice fabric. 

Sarada Uchiha Cosplay Costume

If you love the combination of Sakura and Uchiha clan, then Sarada would be a great cosplay for you!

This package includes jacket, shorts, socks, and elastic headband.

The material of the costume is soft and comfortable to be wear in the Halloween event or cosplay party.

But please check the size before you really order this costume.

If you want to become Sarada from Boruto series, don’t forget to ask your friend to become Boruto!

Tenten Cosplay Costume

Tenten costume for cosplay is made of high quality material, exquisite workmanship, and highly reductive. 

The package includes 4 pieces, including coat, shorts,rubber pants, and gloves. 

There are several size starting form children to adult female. Youc an also ask the customized order.

Get this costume and you can be Chinese girl Tenten from the Naruto series!


Itachi Uchiha Cosplay Costume

Right, Itachi is one of the most popular characters in the series, no wonder many cosplayers are allured by him. 

In order to become Itachi Uchiha, you can get this Akatsuki cloak along with the accessories included.


Kiba Inuzuka Jacket Hoodie Costume

If you are a dog lover and a Naruto fan at the same time, maybe you want to try to cosplay as Kiba Inuzuka! He with his ninja dog always seeing together, both in free time and battle.

This Kiba Inuzuka jacket costume is a hoodie type, just like in the anime. It is made of high quality material, highly reductive, and exquisite workmanship.

The package includes jacket and pants. The color as seen in the picture. There are several sizes you can choose. Just click order, and you can see several sizes that may feet into your body perfectly.



The accessories are supporting stuffs to make your cosplay looks more real. They include kunai, headband, shoes, and mask.

Weapon Kunai and Headband

100% Brand New and High Quality Material. Kunai Size: 26cm*5.5cm*1cm; Headband: 100cm*6cm. Almost 100% the same as the model you see in anime.

It’s great the head bands fit perfectly and the knives are well balanced and well made.

The headbands include 2 types, the scratch and the regular.

The scratch you can use for Naruto and Itachi. While the regular you can use for all the Ninja from Konoha Leaf Village.

Ninja Shoes

Almost all ninja in the Naruto series is wearing this shoes. So, it’s also a must for you to get this awesome shoes if you want to be one of the characters from the series.

Make sure you read the description and the size available first. Some buyers complaint about how small the size it is. Ask to the seller regarding your size.


Obito Mask

Alrigth, you wanna be Obito right? That’s very easy.

The only thing you need is Akatsuki costume that we have shown above, and then grab this mask!

The combination of the Akatsuki costume and this mask will make you to be Obito, one of the antagonists from Naruto series.

The mask is made of resin, elastic band with buckle. Mask with elastic band and buckle is easy to carry and wear.

It also has adjustable straps so you can tighten so it doesn’t fall off your face due to the weight.

It’s extremely well made, definitely worth the price!



Enjoy the variety of unique stuffs from Naruto!

Akatsuki Girl Cosplay Costume

If you don’t like to wear the Akatsuki robe because it’s too manly, then you can grab this girl version costume. It’s a lolita kimono costume for you!

It is made of satin matte material and the package includes top, skirt, and belt.

Make sure you ask about the size because it is using Asian size, not USA. It’s so well made great quality. 

Also if you have any questions the seller replies promptly. Based on the buyers, the item also arrived on time.


Bijuu Jacket Hoodie

It’s not for cosplay actually, but you can use it as your daily lives as Naruto fans.

It’s a Naruto bijuu costume mode, but in hoodie version. So, it won’t feel strange when you use it everyday in daily activities.

It’s use American size, but there are also Asian sizes, so make sure to get one size bigger than what you are used to wearing.

Super comfy and good material plus the design looks awesome.

Its not too fluffy to cause sweating in not-so-cold days! The design is splendid!

Get this jacket hoodie today especially if you are Naruto fan.