Naruto Shippuden Characters Action Figure: Most Recommended List

Naruto Shippuden is one of the best anime in the industry. With his popularity and complexity of its story line, the anime comes with lots of characters.

Interestingly, all characters seem alive and have their own story line, despite they serve as the side characters.

Along with their popularity, no matter the protagonist or antagonist, the list of Naruto Shippuden characters come with several action figure.

And here is the most recommended Naruto Shippuden characters action figure for you, according to My Anime Merch

Naruto Shippuden Merchandise

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Do you find your favorite character on this list?


Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure

A renewed edition of the previously released Uzumaki Naruto sage mode!

Featuring repainted colors to enhance the appearance, this is the definitive edition of the figure.

Meticulously detailed and accurate. Especially the faces. I love that they included Naruto’s normal face without the Sage Mode markings.

Very articulated. You can have fun thinking of new ways to pose him.

Has a good number of extra accessories. Aside from the faces, he has the cape, the scroll, a normal Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken.

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Hinata Hyuga Action Figure

From Mega House! The 1st lineup of the “Naruto Gal” action figure series is Hinata Hyuga! 

She is portrayed in a graceful pose with a slightly embarrassed expression. Her distinctive long hair has been sculpted beautifully and her clothes are painted with care. 

The headband hanging from her neck is also recreated in detail, and the fishnet part of her outfit is reproduced with a realistic texture.

It has the official Megahouse logo on it. The paint job is perfect and she’s a nice sturdy statue. Her face is just as cute as it is in the series.

For more choices, visit Hinata Hyuga action figure that we cover up the top lists on Amazon.

Itachi Uchiha Action Figure

From Bandai Tamashii Nation, Itachi comes with specific facial expressions designed to match the final scene with his younger Brother sasuke.

Set includes interchangeable hand parts (x7), interchangeable facial expressions (x3). And he stands around 6 inches in tall.

When you put the coat on, you take off his arms, there’s a joint in the jacket where you attach the hands seen in the photo.

I love the attention to detail and the amount of point of articulation they put to the figure. If you love itachi then I would recommend this figure for you.

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Action Figure Set

These accurately sculpted statues are an excellent novelty gift for Naruto and Japanese anime lovers. 

Measuring about 3 inches (7.62 cm) to 3.5 inches (9 cm), these figurines can be displayed virtually anywhere. Toy recommended for children 7 and up.

You will receive 1 of each chess pieces: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi and Shikamaru.

Removable bases for more secured shipping. Pieces are made of decent quality PVC. Meant to be displayed only.

Boruto Uzumaki Action Figure

From Banprestor, comes Boruto from Naruto Next Generation series. It is officially licensed Boruto figure with approximately 8.6 inches in tall.

Boruto in action figure is gorgeous, large figure with lots of detail, and it’s also affordable.

Well made with great detail Banpresto hardly disappoints.

Officially licensed product bears the Bandai import collection sticker to verify the authenticity and superior quality of genuine products authorized for distribution in the U.S.

Grab this Boruto action figure today!

Deidara Action Figure

From Banpresto, one of the Akatsuki members named Deidara also come into action figure.

The figure is made of PVC with realistic detailing and painting. Deidara stands approximately around 6 inches tall.

Because of Deidaras is a member of Akatsuki, it’s gonna be cool if you display him along with the other members like Hidan, Itachi, Pain, and others.

Deidara in action figure is a great stuff, so if you are a fan of Naruto series, grabbing this stuff would be a great way to show you a real fan to your friend.

It’s gonna be great display on your room!

Madara Uchiha Action Figure

In response to the demand from fans Abroad, the legendary head of the Uchiha Clan named Madara joins s.H.Figuarts!

Includes a “previous life” head and a cracked head with a sneer as seen in his meeting with arch-enemy Hashirama in the Impure World Reincarnation.

Also includes 3 optional hands, crossed arm parts, 2 optional faces, and weapons.

The attention to detail is fantastic. Articulation’s really great too, so you can pose him in all kinds of badass poses.

If you are a fan of naruto this figures are a must, please don’t let them discontinue this awesome line!

Gaara Action Figure

Imported by Bandai Tamashii Nation, Gaara action figure comes with one set includes interchangeable hands (x4), interchangeable face parts (x2), folded arm Part, sand effect, and stand, and gourd.

It’s a Pre-Built action figure. But it does come with other peices if you wanted to change the look of the character.

You know SHF quality, so this product will meet all your needs, painting, details , accessories, joints totally awesome choice.

This figure is amazing, pricey but you definitely get what you pay for, parts are sturdy and high quality, i recommend to any Naruto fan.

Kurama Kyuubi Action Figure

From the tailed-beast type, Kurama, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! 

Stylized collectable stands 6 inches tall, perfect for any Naruto fan!

Detail is great. Somehow Kurama looks cute and demonic at the same time.

It’s angry but cute . The paint and sculpt is great. 

The head can swivel just like every other Funko Pop figure. 

So if you’re a Naruto ( anime or manga fan ) or just a Funko Pop collector then I recommend this piece to you.

Minato Namikaze Action Figure

Includes his custom throwing knife. Also has interchangeable hands.

I like the coat to and the flames really make it shine. Awesome figure, its a must have for naruto fans.

The figure has great details and has a great paint job. It looks exactly like Minato Namikaze.

Articulation is great, and he has some neat technology (Swing out shoulders). His Rasengan looks much better than the one SH Figuarts Naruto has, and his overall painting and sculp are very accurate.


Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure

An import from Megahouse, as the GEM version, Sasuke figure stands nearly 9.5″ tall.

It’s the original, authentic has the logo crest on the back.

The item is brand new and sealed in original packaging. It is complete with all accessories, faces and stand.

It is extremely detailed and a great addition to a figure collection. I’m not sure which is my favorite, this one or the Naruto GEM one. They’re both amazing.

There are 2 replacement head with different eyes, you gonna love it!

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Tobirama Senju Action Figure

Limited Edition figure imported from Luxembourg, featuring Tobirama rising out of the water, ready to perform a jutsu. Made of PVC and ABS. Approx. 188mm (7.33in).

Every piece of this is perfect. The water effects look underwhelming in the pics listed but in real like they are so incredible and capture and reflect light.

The armor paint is so gorgeous with amazing metallic paint. The fur in his coat is terrific.

As the second of Hogake, the highest rank ninja in Konoha leaf village, Tobirama has a perfect pose in action figure.

Jiraiya Action Figure

This highly posable figure lets you recapture off the drama of his scenes on screen, including his traditional folded-arms pose.

The set includes 3 pairs of optional hands, folded arm part, 3 optional expressions, two popsicles, Rasengan ball, and “Dokonjo Ninden” scroll.

Push the shoulder piece up to give the arm more room to click in. A lot of thenJiraiyas have that issue but once it clicks in you’re good for 95% of everything else.

All of the Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts are simply amazing. The box and parts are sturdy, the paint job is perfect, and everything is put together and posed with so much ease.

Akatsuki Set Action Figure

Figures measure approximately 2~3 inch, Set of 11 figurines, Plastic and PVC construction, NON Retail Package, Transport generally arrive within 10-14 business days, Cute and funny for display.

The figures overall are a very good buy. For any Naruto fan this is a perfect purchase. Especially the orichimaru figure in there even though he was only in the akatsuki for a limited time.

Kakashi Hatake Action Figure

From the Megahouse, Kakashi Hatake comes in GEM Series with very cool appearance and pose.

He has 2 heads, with and without the headband. His vest is separate from his body, so you can display him with or without it and Pakkun is also a separate figure that you perch on his shoulder. 

Like a true GEM series figure the detailing and paint job on him is excellent. And yes you will get him shipped from Japan.

If you still want more about the figure, you can see the other list on Hatake Kakashi action figure, those are the greatest list on Amazon.

Rock Lee Action Figure

Includes accessory parts to recreate rock Lee in the stage of opening the eight gates.

Complete set includes interchangeable hands (x8), interchangeable face parts (x2).

Interchangeable head, and interchangeable leg parts.

Lee is crazy pose-able and the detailing in the figure make even the silliest poses look pretty good! 


The attention to detail even extends to his removable parts- his Lotus angry face is red so there’s included extra hands, feet, and even a tiny little angry neck so that the rest of his exposed skin can be as red as his face.

Sakura Haruno Action Figure

This time, Haruno Sakura comes with the figure in the shippuden version. It is imported by Megahouse stands around 7 4/5″ tall.

As a bonus, you will get a perriot sticker with it.

But forget about your pervert mind, because her clothes isn’t removable. lol

However, you will still get the stand so you can display her perfectly on your room.

I recommend this to all Naruto and Sakura fans! This figure is great and it’s the real authentic figure.

Want more? Just check the Sakura Haruno figure which are the top list from Naruto series.

Senju Hashirama Action Figure

Senju Hashirama action figure by Bandai Tamashii Nation. 

Each figure is rendered with gorgeous effects to draw out their characters.

The set includes a stage. The Kizuna is a new way to display their relationships together! It is made of PVC material.

The wooden dragon looks great and it looks great with the Hashirama figure. 

The figure is slightly top heavy, so if you put it on on an uneven surface you should make sure it isn’t going to tip.

Temari Action Figure

From Megahouse. The long-awaited temari finally joins the Naruto gals line! 

Sculpted wearing her signature hairstyle, she features her fan and a dramatic sculpt on her clothing. 

A must have for your gals collection, This temari figure stands about 8.2″ Tall.

It is a brand sold by a maker called Mega House in Japan. It is a regular item. 

Of course, that’s in the box. With the great detail and feminine pose, Temari looks gorgeous in this action figure.

Sasuke Itachi Action Figure

From Megahouse. The latest addition to the g.e.M. Naruto Shippuden series is this 2 pack of a young Itachi and Sasuke! 

Scupted in a dynamic running pose, this 1/8 scale figure is a perfect addition to any Naruto collection.

They’re about 4 to five inches but they are a very good quality figure with some accessories.

Super easy to set up (Bow and 5 Arrows are separate pieces, arrows sit in Sasuke’s open quiver).

Quality of this is superb, definitely not a bootleg. A wonderful addition to any Uchiha/Sasuke fans, and Naruto action figure collector.

Shikamaru Tsume Action Figure

Shikamaru Tsume version, this figure has around 17 cm in size and it’s limited edition. 

If you ask whether is it original? Sure, the seller sells the original product. 

Product is exactly as described. Fast shipping too!

You will definitely love it.

Shikamaru Tsume Mini Figure

The Shikamaru mininja chibi figure is made of PVC, and sold by Toynami.

This is less of a toy and more of an ornament-good to put on shelves looking up to another figure or what have you. 

Just keep in mind, it doesn’t have any adjustable limbs or anything of that sort- so keep that in mind. You get no stand either. 

It’s just that what you see in the picture. But its durable and stands on its own well. Awesome decoration for fan but only a decoration!

Hiruzen Sarutobi Action Figure

Do not ever understimate the old man, because Hiruzen is one of the strongest shinobi from Konoha.

Yes, Hiruzen Sarutobi is the third hokage with also comes as action figure version.

In fact, This Hiruzen Sarutobi figure is a limited edition figure. It is made of PVC and ABS and stands approximately around 16,5 cm.

Tsume makes the greatest figures in my opinion. This one is truly a cut above and a masterpiece.

The only thing I can even imagine additional would be putting an eye on Enma. The base is impeccable. Roof tiles have depth and grit.

His armor is metallic and shows signs of wear. The netting of his outfit it so fine and perfect. He’s amazing.

Tsunade Action Figure

Another Naruto Gals edition, this time is the 5th Hokage Tsunade figure from Megahouse. It’s imported from Japan and made of PVC.

Tsunade figure stands approximately 7.8 inches or 200 mm. 

Things you need to know is you cannot remove her shirt, but the green jacket in her hand is removable.

The pose and face make this figure cute. 

Tsunade in her confident appearance as the leader of the Hidden Leaf village. A must have for Naruto anime fans.