Momo Belia Action Figure – 11 Best on Amazon

Momo, the lovely yet, not so innocent twin sister of Lala, and the third princess of Deviluke, possesses the special ability to communicate with alien plants and even summon them using her phone on occasions. Fans of her? Then you need to get Momo Belia action figure right away!

It’s hard to find the best figure out there, that’s why My Anime Merch will help you by covering the best Momo Belia action figure on Amazon.

With a single glance, you can find the figure you want! And here we go, the figure of the main character from To Love Ru series.

momo belia action figure

Freeing Bunny Version

The first in the series is Momo Belia Deviluke wearing a lovely pink bunny girl outfit and placed in a cute sitting pose hoping you’ll come and sit by her side – the perfect entrance into the bunny girl paradise! 

The figure is an impressive 1/4 scale in size and features net tights made from actual fabric for a more realistic appearance filled with highlights to enjoy!

The paint is well done looks great nice detail. Good size for your desk.

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Bandai Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts

Momo Velia Deviluke, the “Third Princess of Deviluke” from the To-LOVE-ru Darkness manga series joins the S.H.Figuarts series clad in Sainan High school uniform and with Devilukean tail, D-Dial and vine. 

Vine is constructed with soft material to portray the character’s plant control powers and can be used with separately sold S.H.Figuarts Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness). 

Two interchangeable facial expression parts, as well as interchangeable hand parts (3 left, 4 right) are also featured in set to depict a variety of situations. Special display stand also included.

It’s a cute little figure. It is cheap. Articulation is good. Accessories are a bit light. Mainly her phone, some faces, fewer hands then normal and an obscene looking green hose.


From Alter. The slightly bold Third Princess of Deviluke. From the anime series Motto To Love-Ru comes a 1/8-scale of the gentle-looking schemer, Momo.

Momo comes with the original box, which means that it is a legal version.

The box has Alter as the brand, a known PVC figurine manufacturer, and there is a sticker right next to the MFG name which on certain brands, as a label of authenticity.

Pulchra Gym Uniform

From Pulchra. From to Love-Ru darkness comes a figure of Momo Belia deviluke in her gym uniform! 

Her expression is cute and innocent, while her pose displays her naughty side that she only shows to certain special individuals. 

The pose allows you to admire her slender legs, while her short pants give you a very teasing peak at what’s hidden just beyond the fabric. 

Be sure to add this cute but sexy figure of Momo to your collection!

Paint is great. Figure is proper scale. Not a cast off, but might as well be. Plays off of the sense of a teasing reveal as the shorts were separately molded and attached to the figure to reveal panty view.

Freeing Yukata

From FREEing. From the popular anime series To Love-Ru Darkness comes a figure of Momo Belia Deviluke wearing a beautiful yukata! 

The yukata is opened out at the chest and legs to show off her soft skin and youthful body, with a pose that teases just how much you can actually see. 

It’s a cute and sexy figure that fans are sure to enjoy by their side. 

Furyu Yukata

If above from Freeing, here from Furyu. Even both of them wearing yukata, but the version and style is different!

Momo looks awesome in the Kimono. The fan she holds is a nice touch. For the money it’s a very cute piece.

Fan has great detail. The stand says To Love Ru darkness! It’s overall a cute figure. 

Good Smile Wedding

Momo has been sculpted in a rather risqué bridal outfit, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and a bridal veil. 

The pure white lace, clear material used for the drape of her veil and detail put into her bouquet of roses all come together to create a very intricate figure for fans to enjoy. 

She’s dressed up as a bride and ready to charm anyone that comes her way.

A bit pricey, yeah, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Especially if you love Momo.

The detail is very good, everything from her vale to her tail to the detail on the corset looks perfect.

Furyu Noodle Stopper Navy

From Furyu, Momo also comes in noodle stopper version with navy colored swimsuit.

Just like the other noodle stopper figure, momo also needs minor assembly.

Amazing there’s no noticeable paint/mold errors and it’s pretty well detailed.

If you’re a Momo or To Loveru fan I highly recommend.

Furyu Noodle Stopper White

There are always two versions of noodle stopper figure, so does Momo Belia. This time she’s wearing the white swimsuit.

Just like the above version, this also needs minor assembly.

Her hair is more detailed and the tail is extremely fragile. 

The swimsuit is shiny and not dull, and fits perfectly into a noodle cup. 

Well made PVC figure, looks good sitting on books or cups of noodles. This is an original legitimate UFO prize and not a knock off counterfeit.

Furyu Gym Uniform

Officially licensed by Furyu, this high quality designed and highly detailed of Momo Belia action figure is available in gym uniform version.

Sure, this version is cheaper than the Pulchra above. Makes it worth for any fans who want to get Momo Belia in gym uniform in a affordable price.


Furyu School Uniform

There are lots of version of Momo Belia above, but don’t try to even forget this school uniform version.

This momo figurine is a must for the die-hard to loveru fans. The details are very nice.

In terms of figures that you can get for cheap, they’re usually very lacking in the looks department. 

However, this one has crisp and clean looks, and most importantly, it looks like Momo.

Usually, inexpensive figures will come and you will hardly even be able to distinguish the character because of how horrid the details are. This is not the case.

She stands about six and a half inches tall and balances perfectly on her included base. Her face is done really well, and the tail is made of flexible plastic-like material.

If you’re looking for a nice Momo figure for your collection, and don’t want to shell out the cash for one of the 1/8 scales, I recommend this. Even if you do have a 1/8 of her, I’d still say this figure is worth it. You can get all of the main girls in this uniform, and they look nice together.