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Misaka Mikoto Action Figure Review – 19 Top List

Nicknamed “Biribiri” after the sound of static electricity, Mikoto is certainly a sparky one. Huge fans of her? Collecting Misaka Mikoto action figure would be a best thing you do.

Though outwardly a feisty tomboy, she harbors a secret love of cute things. 

Underestimate her, however, and you’ll find out exactly why they call her “The Railgun.” Misaka’s many sisters are equally as moe as she is.

This time, My Anime Merch covers up the best Misaka Mikoto action figure from anime called A Certain Magical Index sold on Amazon.

And here are the list.

misaka mikoto action figure
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Let’s start with Misaka Mikoto nendoroid from Good Smile Company.

Misaka Mikoto comes complete with a number of cute optional parts which feature her beloved “Gekota” character, including her schoolbag with a Gekota strap as well as her Gekota themed cellphone! 

She also comes with electric effect parts for both her head and the front of her arm, allowing you to display her in her element. 

The coin used for her trademark Railgun attack is also included! 

All these optional parts can be used to show off the “Electric Princess” in a range of poses from epic combat scenes to cute embarrassed scenes, allowing fans to decide which they prefer!

If you love the Raildex franchise, and if you love cute collectibles, this is for you!

This product is an adorable, chibi PVC action figure of Railgun Misaka Mikoto. It comes with several different items which you can use to pose her in different ways and 3 interchangeable facial expressions to show her feelings.

Honestly, It’s perfect for any anime fan or nendoroid collector.

Furyu Special

Officially licensed by Furyu, Misaka Mikoto in this figure looks so cute.

She is high quality figure with highly detailed product. Grab today because it’s very limited.

Please also note that minor assembly required.

Get this Misaka Mikoto action figure from Furyu, and display her in your desk or side by side with your other collections.

Freeing Bunny Version

Misaka Mikoto from freeing comes a 1/4th scale figure. She is wearing a cute, white bunny girl outfit with net tights made from real fabric for a realistic effect. 

The chair she sits on is also included, and allows you to display her sitting comfortably with one hand up near her breasts in a slightly suggestive pose. 

She comes with both her standard expression as well as an embarrassed expression, allowing you to decide how you’d rather display her!

Looks great, nice and weighty too. Excellent paint job. She also looks fantastic next to the Bunny kuroko. 

Only problem may occurs when you open up the box. She must have been in the box for too long, so there is a possibility that she smell pretty strong. 

But the smell will go away after about 3 days or so.

Kotobukiya Beach Side Ani Statue

The Ani-Statue Misaka Mikoto action figure -BEACH SIDE-. The electromaster takes a day off from work to frolic on the beach and she looks adorable as she steps into the water. 

Playfully splashing as she goes, Mikoto wears a cute white polka dot bikini that’s embellished with beautifully sculpted lifelike ruffles. 

The Academy City esper is frozen in a fun pose as she kicks up a small wave and the ripples and wave effects of her water base are phenomenal. 

Of course, Mikoto’s beautifully smiling face will capture your attention and your heart. 

Sculpted by Yuzo, Mikoto Misaka stands over 9 Inch tall (1/7 scale) on her unique integrated display base. 

Whether you display her alone or with the other Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Ani*Statues from Kotobukiya Mikoto is sure to stand out.

Sega Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

One of the Misaka Mikoto action figure with the fighting pose, that is from Sega Dengeki Bunko’s fighting climax version.

Despite the angry expression shows on her face, but at some point, she still looks so cute.

In this action figure, her height around 17 cm.

If you love biribiri girl, don’t forget to get this figure.

Sega Premium

Manufactured by Sega, Misaka Mikoto also comes in action figure with casual clothes.

With the fighting pose, she shows her esper power of lightning.

Very nicely made and well detailed. A bit pricey, but I think it was worth it!

Swimsuit Version

The other version of swimsuit. This time, she’s wearing the white one.

With the playfully and bright smile of her, there is no reason for anyone to decline her as one of the collections.

Grab today with the great price!

Sega Stage Clothes

Japan import by sega, this figure is Misaka Mikoto from the movie version titled The Miracle of Endymion.

By wearing stage costume, she has a great pose to make your day!

This figure would be a great collection for any fans who love Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, especially if you are a huge fan of Misaka Mikoto.

Also, if you are someone who into idol group, this figure also would fit for you!

Penguin Parade

Misaka Mikoto has been posed in a determined looking pose to bring out her confident personality.

She also comes with replaceable parts that allow you to change the figure into one of her ‘little sister’ clones! 

Even a giant sniper rifle for the little sister to hold is included – it’s like getting two figures in one! 

Be sure to display her together with the Kuroko Shirai figure that is due to be released at same time!

Banpresto Premium

From Banpresto, the other Misaka Mikoto figure with the cheerful mood and bright smile, bring you the happiness.

While holding her crepes cake and her school bag, Misaka Mikoto is ready to become one of your collections.

Good Smile Statue

Another favorite. Again Good Smile Company does a very fine job of capturing the character. 

Misaka Mikoto comes in 2 poses, her original pose or you can change out the left arm, so she is holding a dirt sword.

Good quality comes with 2 diffrent stances of her left arm and one has a sword.

Extremely high quality paint work and detail, even more so than similar figures, though it has a slight seam line on the legs, but it’s still worth to get.


This figure was made beautifully, it was well painted and beautifully detailed, under her vest they even added her belly button in a location that cannot even be seen unless you really check.

A very nice 1/8 scale figure, nice detail and a very good detailed paint job. It’s as depicted and well worth the price if you’re a fan of Misaka. 

It’s neat and brilliant, the detail as perfect as the picture.

World Uniform Strategy

Officially licensed by Anime Wild, this World Uniform Strategy of Misaka Mikoto is also a worth buying.

She is officially licensed product, great painted, and a pre-assembled figure.

Just look at her smile, she’s so cute in a high level.

Get this figure today, and display with the other collections you had.

Kotobukiya Swimsuit Version

Kotobukiya also released Misaka Mikoto figure in her swimsuit version.

With the polkadot swimsuit, and playing with the frog toy, it will bring the summer feeling and atmosphere in your room.

As you know that summer is a must scenes in any anime that has cute girl characters, including Toaru Majutsu no Index or Railgun with the cute main character, Misaka Mikoto.


There is a slight molding seam in the leg but the paint is nearly perfect. Except for the shoes which are supposed to be shiny it has a nice mat finish so it doesn’t look like cheap plastic. 

And the sculpting matches the promo pictures. Very nicely made and well detailed. Well worth it!

Very nicely made and well detailed. Well worth it!

Beach Queen

this figurine is wonderful. 

She has fine detail on the face and the bracelets. 

And the detail on the swim suit is very great. 

I would recommend this to any one who is a fan of A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Taito Prize

This is a great statue. Its much taller than I the usual ones and it is just beautiful. 

It looks just like Mikoto Misaka and is pretty nice with pretty good detail. 

It is a fantastic addition to any collection!

S.K Series

What do you expect from the mini figure? It’s totally cute in the next level!

The S.K Series of Misaka Mikoto action figure has around 13 cm in talll.

Excellent quality made figure! Not a knock off or a fake. 

If you are a huge Index/Railgun fan like myself, you will love it!!

Gravure Style

From OrcaToys. The heroine of the “To Aru Majutsu no Index” series heads to the beach for a long overdue vacation! 

Mikoto Misaka looks cute in her orange polka-dot bikini with a sweet smile on her face as she waits for you to join her! 

She measures about 18cm tall and includes a base.

The relief of the the hair from the face creating shadows and her face alone, are the best quality.