15 Best Merchandise for Heavens Lost Property Fans

What is heaven’s lost property about? Simply put, ecchi anime like To Love Ru. And you probably want the Heavens Lost Property merchandise if you are into this thing.

That’s probably what most Jap male do if they had Icarus. Cliche as it’s but I only could laugh it off and enjoy the content.

Anyway, do you know Icarus? She’s one of the main female characters who becomes the root of the story.

This time, My Anime Merch will cover up the merchandise including the media, accessories, and action figure.

We review the best product on Amazon! Enjoy!

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Let’s start it up with the media. There are several blu-ray release starting from the season 1, the Forte, and 2 additional movies as the sequel.

Season 1 Blu-ray Classic

Let’s start it up with Heaven’s Lost Property blu-ray. Any fans of it should have this collection.

Fun, humorous, a little trashy, childish, and heart felt. Heaven’s Lost Property is a story that just made me feel good.

All the characters on here are top notch and there really is a light heartiness to this series. 

Maybe I am being bias because I do enjoy this series but if you enjoy anime and love fan service with dashes of drama with comedy as the icing on top, than this series is for you.

Forte Blu-ray Classic

The Forte series, also known as the second season, is the continuation from the series above.

this is a simple anime to relax and enjoy. Has plenty of silly situations that can make for some laughs. 

Fan-service heavy, so if your tolerance for such things is low, it would be wise to stay away. 

Otherwise, enjoy the show for its fairly light-hearted tone, and whacky character interactions, not to mention the waifus.

The features include of English and Japanese audio with English subtitles. Includes 12 episodes on 2 DVDs, and 12 episodes on 2 Blu-rays. Approximate run-time of 5 hours. Although there isn’t nudity, this is rated TV-MA for strong sexual content.

The Angeloid of Clockwork Blu-ray

Despite it’s confirmed that there is no third season for this series, but it doesn’t mean that Heavens Lost Property won’t have any continuation.

Instead, there is a sequel called The Angeloid of Clockwork in the form of film.

If you love “Heavens lost Property,” then you’ll most likely like this movie as well. 

The first forty minutes of the movie sort of shows all that happened from series one and two while bringing in a different character. 

Then towards the end it starts to pick up a bit. So it was not that great of a movie, but I liked it because I’m a fan of the show. The trailers not too bad at all either, give that a watch before buying. I hope they come out with a third season soon.

Final: Eternal My Master Blu-ray

The film above is the bridge of the second season and this movie, which make it becomes the final of the story.

But please be aware that this film doesn’t have any subtitle. It’s pure Japanese dub.

While the animation is great the colors a bit brighter then we’ve seen in this series thus far.  The story feels very rushed, this may be due to the 50 minute runtime or the complete chaos that is the story in this film. 

If you haven’t read the manga you will be absolutely lost as to what is even going on in this movie. It is still a touching and humorous film on par with the rest of the series, I just feel this was a terrible way to end the series. 

There is a continuation of the story using the voice actors and the manga in the special features I believe this could have been animated and added to either this film or perhaps a new film but as of the time of this review I don’t see anything on the horizon.

The other collection including the wallet, poster and patch for the huge fans of the series.

Ikaros Wallet

The wallet featuring Ikaros is fully licensed product and made with high quality materials.

If you are a fan of this series and love Ikaros as your favorite character, then you have to have this.

It’s also be a great gift for any anime lovers.

The design is great, including the fabric and the texture are very impressive.

Ikaros and Nymph Fabric Poster

The other merchandise or stuff related to the series is fabric poster. The poster featuring Nymph and Ikaros is officially licensed by Great Eastern.

This fabric poster is very nice looking. It is large, high quality, affordable, and easily transportable. 

I like that since it is fabric, it is easy to move around and travel without without damaging it whereas normal posters tend to suffer more wear and tear from transporting them. 

In addition, it is very easy to hang and does not require a frame to preserve it.


Wing Symbol Wallet

The symbol for this anime is a wing, and now is printed on the wallet.

High quality, fully licensed wallet, which is sure to make any Anime fan thrilled. Sturdy construction, high quality graphics, and fully functional.

Also be a great gift for any lovers, especially if she or he a fan of the Heavens Lost Property.

Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

If above is featuring two main characters: Nymph and Ikaros, while this fabric wall scroll poster featuring almost all important characters from Heavens Lost Property series.

It is decorative wall poster, extremely durable and better than traditional posters. 2 hanging hooks are also included.

Ikaros Patch

Love Ikaros? Then this patch is a must have! Awesome quality in this patch! You will totally love it!!

The patch was beautifully sewn. The colors are very vibrant! Very nice!

heavens lost property logo

Action Figure and Nendoroid

Action figures is a must have for any Heavens Lost Property fans. You can get the figure of your favorite characters in the series.

Kotobukiya Ani-Statue

Joining Kotobukiya’s world famous Ani*Statue lineup is Heaven’s Lost Property. The first Ani*Statue comes from the film “The Angeloid of Clockwork” and captures the Beta-Type Electronic Warfare Angeloid with two miniature companions, NYMPH with IKAROS and ASTRAEA. 

Nymph is posed innocently in mid-step with one foot raised up, her hair floating on the wind and her right hand shyly raised to her chin. She even comes with cute mini-figures of Angeloids Ikaros (with watermelon) and Astraea. 

Sculpted by Kei Tanaka, Nymph stands 7 ½ inches (1/8 scale) on a special display base, and her two little friends stand about 2 ½ inches.

This is not a toy it is a statue or alter if like. It has no movable joints and the head only looks in one direction but does come off to remove collar. 

There are magnets in the nendorids heads to attach them to there bases that are also magnetized, so don’t put them on a t.v. or other electronic device. 

Over all nymph looks great (best character in the series no discussion) she is very very detailed right down to the underwear thing she wears. 

This figure is probably the best non perverted nymph for the money.

Ikaros Action Figure

The next collections that should be owned by the fans is the action figure. First thing first, Ikaros, the main female characters from the series.

Unfortunately, there are numerous product pages associated with this figure due to the spelling of the name, which makes people wondering whether they are authentic or not.

But this seller giving her a right name, and it’s 100% authentic.

I wholeheartedly recommend this figure for fans of the series.

Nymph Action Figure

You will absolutely love this figure. The quality is superb and the colors used are nice and vibrant. 

Although it will not tip over easily it is still extremely fragile; particularly the hair, the figure requires you to assemble it. 

It also comes with a pillow you can use to set the figure down on so the bottom will not get dirty or scratched. 

I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the anime or likes to collect these types of figurines.

Astraea Action Figure

From Plum. This gorgeous figure of Astraea stands approximately 10 1/4″ tall!

This is a great collectors item for anybody who likes the series. Very high quality, worth every penny. The view of Astraea brings a smile to fans every time!

This beautiful and greatly detailed figure of Astraea is perfect for any fan of the show. The expression on her face in hilarious, her weapons are great in detail. 

And don’t forget about the Heavens Lost Property nendoroid. The chibi character with cute appearance, you can have Ikaros and Nymph as your collection.

Ikaros Nendoroid

From Good Smile Company. Ikaros comes with a load of optional parts allowing for a range of poses – from a relaxed and simple Ikaros embracing her beloved watermelon down to her combat form as the ‘Uranus Queen’ – even complete with her ultimate weapon, the ‘APOLLON’. 

The difference between the two poses is unbelievable, but it leaves you to decide how you’d prefer to see her displayed by your side!

Amazing detail for such a small figure. She has a lot more interchangeable parts than Nymph does, so you have a bit more variety in posing! 

She comes with lots of accessories for plenty of ways to display her. There are three different faces, three sets of wings, and her beloved watermelon. For the ultimate display, her Apollon bow to transform her into full Uranus Queen mode. 

Her wings are a royal pain to attach. They attach to the nendoroid stand, which in turns attaches to her back, and the stand is inserted from below. 

This whole contraption tends to come off if you look at it sideways, so you’d want to avoid moving her too much once you’ve finally set her up. 

Nymph Nendoroid

From Good Smile Company, Nymph comes with three expressions – a standard smiling face, an angry face struggling to hide her embarrassment and finally a chibi face, for all the famous chibi scenes from the anime. 

She also comes with optional parts including a packet of chips for her to munch on, as well as a choice between her normal wings and her cut wings – giving you all sorts of different ways to display her!

She is cute, and with all three faces, you can set it up to reflect which ever side of Nymph’s personality you like best. 

You can even decide what part of the story line you want her to be at by changing her wings from normal to torn. Her cape is removable as well.