Lucy Heartfilia Action Figure – Top 8 Selection!

Lucy Heartfilia is a mage and the main female character of Fairy Tail, joining at the start of the main story line. Are you a fan of her? Then you don’t want to miss out Lucy Heartfilia action figure here!

Lucy is confident, grounded and sexy. All of those are great qualities you’d want to have in a girlfriend. You can also find other products at Fairy Tail merchandise post.

But it’s hard to become a reality, that’s why My Anime Merch has listed top Lucy Heartfilia action figure in this post. 

And here we go! The top action figure for any Lucy Heartfilia fans!

lucy heartfilia action figure
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Good Smile

From Good Smile Company. Lucy Heartfilia figure is based on the cover illustration of the ninth volume of the manga, which features Lucy in a lively pose holding out a key in her hand with her skirt fluttering about. 

Certain parts are also removable for a slightly different pose, but no matter how you choose to display her you’ll always be able to enjoy her energetic personality.

The Pictures speak for themselves, this is a very high quality 1/8 figure that looks exactly like the character from the show. I hope that Good Smile does other characters from Fairy Tail, because the quality of their product has impressed me a great deal.

X-Plus Swimsuit Version

From X-Plus. The heroines of Hiro Mashima’s hit manga are recreated in sumptuous detail! The lovely practitioner of Celestial Spirit Magic, Lucy Heartfilia, stands just over 7″ tall!

The entire presentation is spectacular! The figure even comes with a chocolate coin in the shipping box! Out of the box, the pain job is immaculate and her body is…wow! 

She is a very nice size and despite what the picture shows, she does have white on her eyes. Her eyes are not skin tone with irises on top so that made the figure even better. 

Funko Pop

Her head is huge, and feet tiny (which is the FUNKO Style). 

However, her feet are really close together, so her top-heavy head causes the figure to fall over, unless you lean her against something. 

Figure looked great though. Just the standing her up issue is a real pain.

It’s still recommended figure for any Lucy Heartfilia and Fairy Tail lovers.

Taito Prize

It is a prize figure. Not the same as a regular PVC scale figure. A prize figure has good quality but not as good as a full scale PVC figure. 

She comes on a solid black base to stand on, as do most prize figures come with. These are only available as prize figures. 

It’s in perfect detail and she is a real deal figure. 


An import from Amakuni, Lucy Heartfilia figure is standing around 8 inch tall. Her pose looks so awesome, while holding her key as a spirit mage.

A very recommended product for any Lucy Heartfilia fans.

Swimsuit Version

The other version of swimsuit. If you don’t like the swimsuit above, maybe you can pick up this one.

In this version, Lucy Heartfilia is still wearing the swimsuit but in different model. She is also holding her key as a spirit mage.

This figure is an officially licensed product with approximately height 20 cm. Highly recommended for any Fairy Tail fans.

Orcatoys Cat Gravure Version

Still talking about swimsuit, Lucy Heartfilia figure is now in the cat gravure version. The figure itself is imported by OrcaToys.

This figure is standing around 9,5 inc tall. If you don’t like the white version, it’s also available in black version.


X-Plus Gigantech Series

Gigantic Lucy Heartfilia in a bikini… what more can I say other than AMAZING!!! Lucy is shown here in all her beautiful glory. 

She isn’t the strongest physically, but her spirit is rivaled by none; and that shows in this figure. She stands at around 16 inch counting her base and is quite lifelike. 

Her texture feels like skin and she is of the highest quality figure you will find coming from X-Plus as they make the best Fairy Tail figures on the market.

There are two versions of this figure. The standard which this one is wears a generic non canon pink bikini while the exclusive version has her with more accurate paler skin tone and her canon floral white bikini, but your odds of finding one as they only made 500 are slim to none. 

That being said, for all intents and purposes this is the only gigantic Lucy figure you will find. The price here on Amazon is the best around and let me tell you she is worth every penny.