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Lala Deviluke Figure – 8 Best List

Huge fan of Lala Deviluke from To Love Ru? Then this Lala Deviluke figure list will be a great collection for you!

Princess of Deviluke. Ran away from home so she doesn’t have to get married. Uses many self-made inventions. 

At first she was pretending to love Rito to keep from getting married, but eventually she fell in love with him. 

She has physical abilities far beyond that of a human and also has a distinctive tail coming from her back (which is very sensitive).

Lala Satalin Deviluke Figure

For any fans of Lala Satalin Deviluke, My Anime Merch will cover up the best action figure sold in Amazon so you can choose the best one without doing too much exploration!

Good Smile PVC Figure

From Good Smile Company. The main heroine of Love-Ru, the slapstick comedy love story with a sexy twist which has been airing as a TV anime since spring, Deviluke Lala Satalin makes quite an impression with her energetic pose and unusual outfit. 

Holding her wand in one hand and smiling happily, she gives off the same adorable energy from both the manga and TV series.

Her right hand can also be replaced for another, wandless pose.

The figure itself is excellent. Very colourful and lively. Good quality and sculpt. Would definitely recommend for the price.

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Sega Little Girl Version

Officially licensed by Sega, comes with Little Girl version of our main heroine, Lala Deviluke! 

Great premium figure, It is perfect in everyday. The way they made the figure it looks like she came right out of the show. Great workmanship.

The item is very well detailed. The base has the name of the anime name, To Love Ru Darkness 2nd, printed in the base.

she is so cute her paint job is amazing and the figure had no flaws. she makes a very nice addition to your collection.

Good Smile PVC Figure

From MAX Factory. The playful troublemaker and first princess of Deviluke in her lingerie!

Just like the previous figures from the series, she has been sculpted wearing lingerie with a wedding theme! 

Lala’s beautiful long flowing hair and the intricate frills of her outfit have all been carefully detailed, with gradient paintwork featured on various parts of the figure and pearl paintwork used to create a silky looking texture. 

The translucent veil can be attached and removed allowing for a different appearance!

Be sure to add Lala to your collection and enjoy her gentle smile by your side whenever you like!

Shueisha Xmas Girl

From Shueisha, comes with the Xmas Girl version, to give a vibe of warm winter with her smile!

She is extremely cute and sexy. Comes with two bodies that you can pop the arms, legs, head, etc. on to. 

The other torso is dressed a bit more skimpy with cleavage and midriff showing. 

She is painted very well in bright, bright Christmas colors. She has her trademark happy Lala face which is very well done

Furyu Yukata

I was impressed to find a figurine of Lala in a traditional custom rather than her normal Peke attire. 

Since To Love Ru is all about fan service it’s unusual to see Lala in clothes at all. 

Personally I love the story-line and plot and find Lala to be a very lovable character and this figurine is a nice addition to my growing collection. 

Very pleased with the details and how the PVC managed to survive being used as a soccer ball by USPS. Definitely worth the price!

Lala looks beautiful in her kimono this is an awesome piece you’ll be happy with it, just be very careful unpacking and removing the protective film some of it is in very tight places.

Furyu Noodle Stopper

FuRyu has developed PVC figures at the right weight and size to perfectly hold down your instant noodle cup lid with Otaku style!

That’s correct, these figures have been specifically designed to hold down that paper lid.

This is Japanese ingenuity at its finest!

This noodle stopper features an officially licensed version of Lala from To Love-ru Darkness.

Very good quality figure with no noticeable flaws in painting or design. Good to use for cup ramen lid holding or simply as something to display on the edge of your desk or shelf.

Dress Version

From QuesQ. Lala Satalin Deviluke from to Love-Ru darkness wears a classic white halter neck dress for her new figure from quest Q! 

Lala’s smiles sweetly as she holds her dress down against the huge gust of wind blowing by for that classic 50’s pose! 

The many folds of her dress along with her flowing hair create for a dynamic and fun figure that’s hard to keep your eyes off of. 

Order today, and enjoy this adorable figure of LaLa on your shelf!

Swimsuit Version

Still not enough? And here we go the last figure we recommend to you!

The swimsuit version!

Summer is a great season to tanning your body, which means that the swimsuit.

In the anime, beach episode is a must! To Love Ru also has one, with Lala Deviluke wearing her swimsuit!

Grab this figure today and add to your collection, especially if you are a huge fan of Lala Deviluke from To Love Ru series!