Kurosaki Mea Action Figure Review – 8 Top List on Amazon

Mea has a laid back and mischievous personality bordering on psychotic at times. If you are a huge fan of her, then adding Kurosaki Mea action figure is a must have.

She is rarely not smiling particularly in combat and acts friendly to friend and foe alike. She seems to enjoy messing with and teasing people, particularly in regards to Yuuki Rito and all the girls that have feelings for him.

This time, My Anime Merch will cover up the top list of Kurosaki Mea action figure from To Love Ru sold in Amazon! 

And here are the list…

kurosaki mea action figure

Freeing Yukata Version

From FREEing. Kurosaki Mea is posed with a lovely smile on her face while wearing a yukata for a cute and sexy appearance that is sure to brighten up your summer! 

With her little smile and red atmosphere because of her hair and yukata, it gives a vibe for any Kurosaki Mea fans!

Make sure you display her alongside with the other To Love Ru character! Make the harem world for yourself because you are sure better than Rito.

See also: Mikoto Misaka figure.

Furyu Noodle Stopper Black

One other of noodle stopper figure from To Love ru. This time, Kurosaki Mea wearing the black swimsuit.

Just like the other To Love Ru noodle stopper figure, Kurosaki Mea also needs minor assembly.

This figure would be a great for cup noodle or ramen lover. However, you can also sits her up in other places, just like TV, PC, table, and others.

Make sure you get this figure especially if you are Kurosaki Mea fans!

Furyu Darkness

At first glance this figure may seem like one of the lesser quality ones, but I was surprised to find, this figure is actually one of the better ones.

The paint is well done, the model itself is actually pretty good too! 

The only bad thing I have to say about it is I guess it is a bit small at only 7 inches tall with the stand being 1/2 an inch tall it’s smaller than average. Aside from that I think it’s perfect.

Absolutely stunning figure. In my opinion it is severly under priced. Colors are rich, and she seems to be grade A quality. I highly recommend purchasing this figure.


From Alter, Kurosaki Mea stands just over 8 inches tall with sultry pose.

Despite it’s little pricey, but the quality of the figure itself is stunning and she looks gorgeous in this pose.

There are several figure with the cheap price, but it is based on the quality.

This Alter Kurosaki Mea figure would be a great display and collection in your room!

Vertex Swimsuit

From Vertex. Mea getting into her school swimsuit with her transform ability!

Perfect Product, really good color, perfect details, it’s identic to the anime version.

It’s rare to find Kurosaki Mea in swimsuit version out there, except the Furyu noodle stopper version.

That’s why, this figure is a must have. It has great quality and great price!

Good Smile Lingerie

An import product from Good Smile company, Kurosaki Mea figure is in 1:6 scale and dressed in lingerie.

Her light blue panties feature transparent frills, which contrast beautifully with the long red hair wrapping around her leg. 

Her cute expression also shows off Mea’s personality perfectly, bringing out her innocent charm to the fullest!

In this figure, Kurosaki Mea looks so gorgeous and sexy! A must have for any harem lover like To Love Ru series.

Furyu Noodle Stopper White

If above is in black swimsuit, the other version is in white of Noodle Stopper figure.

Pretty neat Mea figure, facial expression still off a bit but overall great, especially for the price.

It has a great detail and recommended for any cup noodle lovers.

If you love noodle and Kurosaki Mea at the same time, this figure would be a perfect collection for you!

Freeing Bunny

This sixth figure from the series is the cute and mischievous Mea Kurosake. No harem would be complete without the innocent yet provocative Mae. 

The figure is an impressive 1/4th scale in size and features net tights made from actual fabric for a more realistic appearance!