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Kurosaki Ichigo Merchandise! Best Cosplay Costume and Figures on Amazon

Kurosaki Ichigo is the main character from Bleach and he’s the only human who becomes Shinigami in the series.

Ichigo has the zanpaktou named Zangetsu and he becomes the Shinigami in order to protect his family and friends.

As a hero, Ichigo has a huge persona that maybe you already interested in. That’s why, through this post we will cover up Kurosaki Ichigo merchandise, the best on Amazon.

If you are a fan him and Bleach anime, make sure you get these anime merchandise related to Kurosaki Ichigo.

kurosaki ichigo merchandise
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Cosplay Stuffs

Shinigami Outfit

The first Shinigami attire, this costume is wearing by all Shinigami, including Kurosaki Ichigo. If you want to be Ichigo in Shinigami form (not bankai), this costume will suit for you!

The costume is hand-made and high quality product. It is made of uniform material and includes 3 pieces including kimono, pants, and belt. Please note that the sword or katana doesn’t include into this package.

For the price, the costume is not so special, rather it’s really basic. But the simple is better for this kind of costume. Plus of all, the fabric is great enough.

Overall quality is excellent. You can find a button that linked to the white undergarment to keep it in place.

Bankai Costume

The next phase of Ichigo’s power is Bankai! Of course, in this mode, Ichigo’s costume change a lot, which differs from the other Shinigami. 

This bankai costume is hand made and has high quality. It is made of cotton and polyester material that includes 3 pieces including kimono, pants, and belt. But again, the katana doesn’t include into this package.

Tha material itself is very good for the price, and it’s recommended if you want to reuse it several times!

New Bankai Costume

Another phase of Kurosaki Ichigo’s power is called New Bankai. Is not so different with the costume above, but in this mode his costume has so many variations, which is good to see.

The costume is made of uniform cloth or fake leather material and has high quality. 

To order this product, make sure you send your measurements to the seller by email, and you will get size that fit perfectly into your body.

Blonde Hair Wig

An imported orange-haired wig will fit into your Kurosaki Ichigo cosplay. The products include wig and wig cap and made from Japan high-temperature resistant fiber. 

As you can see, the wig has vibrant orange and it looks like to the picture. You can still stylized this wig as you wish if you want a slight variation. But for Ichigo cosplay, it’s good enough though. 

Vizard Mask

In the vizard mode, Kurosaki Ichigo is still wearing his bankai suit but also put on this mask. Not only make him looks cooler, but also gain so much power.

This mask is made of high strength polycarbonate material, and fits on most heads. Get this item for airsoft, cosplay, halloween, or just collection.

The quality of material is great but the downside is its paint. Some people said that it is terrible and out of place in spot. But it’s good enough for your Ichigo cosplay that has monster power.

The monster or hollow doesn’t have to be stable, so do this mask.

Hollowfication Mask

In the berserk mode, Ichigo is seen wearing this mask. It’s not his will, but Zangetsu who make Ichigo has this mask. So, if you want cosplay Ichigo in the berserk mode, make sure you get this item.

It is made of fiberglass reinforce plastic material. Despite it has high price, but it totally is an amazing piece and you can put together and fits well.

Black Hollow Mask

There are lots of transformation Kurosaki Ichigo has, including his mask that turns into black and white color. 

Just like above, this mask is also made of high strength fiberglass reinforce plastic material and fits on most heads.

Of course you can use it for several purposes, like cosplay and paintball. The detail is also superb and it feels comfort to wear.

Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword

If you are wearing bankai costume, then don’t ever forget about this Tensa Zangetsu sword. It has total length of 102 cm and high density foam with fiberglass core.

The katana looks so nice and gonna be a great accessories for your Ichigo cosplay in the event.

Fullbring Sword

Once Ichigo losses his power, but he brings back it after learning how to use Fullbring power, and this Tensa Zangetsu sword is born. 

The sword has total length of 104 cm and is made of carbon steel sword with semi sharp.

This item would be a great gift for your loved ones, and good for Ichigo cosplay. Make sure you get this accessories to complete your cosplay performance.

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Action Figures

Toynami Standard Statue

The 6 inch of Kurosaki Ichigo statue comes with display stand and sword. It has great detail and design and officially licensed product by Toynami.

The figure would be a great item and gift for any Ichigo and Bleach lover. It also be a great addition for your collection.

Kurosaki Ichigo in this figure has very nich color and high quality! Very recommended.

Funko Pop

The funko pop of Bleach main character named Kurosaki Ichigo is also available for you!

It is stylized as pop vinyl and collectable stands 3,74 inches tall, perfect for any Bleach fans.

If Ichigo is your favorite character, make sure you get this item as soon as possible. The quality of this figure is a top notch without painting mistakes. Even the box itself is good for collector. 

Ichigo’s hair is firm and detailed along with his zanpaktou and awesome shinigami attire.

Megahouse GEM Series

Megahouse did a great job by bringing Kurosaki Ichigo into action figure in his vizard mode. It is actually a revised version of the 2011 figure to celebrate 10th anniversary of the GEM series.

Ichigo has newly sculpted head and face and includes display base, so he stands around 8,4 inches tall.

The figure is amazing. The plus side is you will get two heads for this renewed release. Very awesome and cool.


Good Smile company did a splendid job again by bringing this Kurosaki Ichigo nendoroid. It includes 3 face plates for multiple expressions.

As an accessories, it also includes modified soul, kon, in his stuffed lion form. You can alternate lower body parts to create another pose with suitable expressions.

If you are currently looking for a decent figure for your collection, grab this nendoroid already! He has a good quality and condition.

Despite the price is normal, but the nendoroid itself is amazing and well executed. The arm is well connected to his body. So, make sure you get this Ichigo nendoroid before sold out.

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Other Merchandise

Kurosaki Ichigo Jacket

An imported jacket displaying Ichigo’s half mask. Before you buy this item, make sure you check the measurement to avoid unnecessary mistake.

The jacket is made of 70% polyester and 30%cotton, so it is soft and comfortable to wear. Along with hoodie, the jacket will fit on fall and winter season.

You can wash it on your machine. The pattern itself is very clear and printed well, so it won’t fade away through washing.


Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai Katana Umbrella

This Tensa Zangetsu sword is available on umbrella for daily use. 

The product includes nylon umbrella bag with backstrap, so it would make you bring real katana.

If you love Zangetsu and Ichigo, this apparel would be a great choice for you!